A brief trip down memory lane

There’s an ongoing debate as to whether I’ve always had an elongated parietal bone, or whether it’s a very recent development. The implications of the latter possibility, which I hinted at regarding Goethe three years ago, would be great fun to explore.

To help answer this question, I hunted down my original typing pictures:


These were taken only a couple of months after my initial discovery of Koanic’s blog. I still enjoy reading that thread every now and then.


Looking into that kid’s big eyes, I can see why Patrick has always teased me for being like a little puppy. There’s distrust, but also an endearing straightforwardness. And you can also see the seed of what would become these eyes:

Picture of me 3

Those are the eyes of a man who is no longer asking “why”, only “what”. I feel them changing again, even more quickly this time, to eyes that ask “how”, and soon I expect they will burn with the quintessential fanatic’s question: “where”. And so I bid farewell to little Aeoli, who TBH was a little crazy, and say hello to big Aeoli, who is an absolute madman.

About Aeoli Pera

Maybe do this later?
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8 Responses to A brief trip down memory lane

  1. vejiortan says:

    Regarding the old picture: Maybe the low.quality coupled with the unevenness of the hair makes the upper skull outline above and behind the ear appear lower than it actually is, while making the frontal outline appear higher
    Above and behind the ear: Is that the background shining through the hair or not ?
    Frontal outline: Is the hair masking a less steep frontal?

    Note that the question whether the head is tilted upwards in the new picture is important, too, in order to determine which kind of dualback you are.

  2. I’m proud of you. ;)

  3. mobiuswolf says:

    You have stego-head too!!!
    Whyn’t ya say so? ;o)

  4. Patrick says:

    Artist’s impression of me and Aeoli out to rek your whole shit.

  5. Boneflour says:

    You Can Do It!™

  6. TM says:

    Massive change in appearance. Basically, from beta aspie to alpha autiste. :^) Don’t go back, you wouldn’t be doing yourself any favours.

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