Conservative Crisis Response Flowchart

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Conservative Crisis Response Flowchart

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4 Responses to Conservative Crisis Response Flowchart

  1. Tom Kratman says:

    Not necessarily. Some of us attack ab initio and counterattack viciously when attacked.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I know. And, full disclosure, conservatives are often the most physically courageous folks around. But just as often they lack Game, and so have no idea to fight in feminine ways like politics and social maneuvering. That’s part of why we mock them; so they’ll snap out of the bounded cognition and really *see*. The lack of prescriptive philosophy is only half the show.

      • Tom Kratman says:

        Well…I only said “not necessarily.” There seems to be a kind of conservatism – hard to say if it’s majority or minority – that derives from timidity, that actually is, as the left claims, afraid of change and whose politics are driven by that fear.

  2. says:

    Please clap

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