Discord sprint this Saturday

Same time, same channel, same rules. Remember, I can’t trust anyone’s opinion on changing the world for the better unless they are committed to changing themselves for the better. Post the constructive thing you’ll be doing in the comments for full credit.

Here’s a lightly edited discussion from Discord to whet your appetite, if you aren’t on there already. (Posted with permission from anon.)

anon – TBH Michigan has the worst roads possible.

anon – Does this make Michigan the most libertarian state possible? :thinking:

aeoli.pera – “I wish”, said Aeoli as he watched a Selfridge flyover.
True story.
Michigan’s problem is a massive drop in IQ from successful racial integration. But we still follow Ford’s philosophy of manufacturing applied to social engineering.
So we have the worst of all worlds: stagnating industry, 2nd world infrastructure Nd government, 2nd world schools, etc.
Pre-collapsed, as Vox says about Italy.

anon – Yeah, it was more of a joke I guess.
Still can’t shake this weird premonition feeling.

aeoli.pera – What’s it about?
Near future?

anon – No idea. Got my focus back but just, weird feeling.
Like “disturbance in the force”.

aeoli.pera – Dog before earthquake feeling?

anon – Yeah.

aeoli.pera – Time to narrow possibilities.
Your IQ makes it possibly good intuition.(edited)
Eating, exercising, sleeping good?

anon – Yeah, everything is nominal.

aeoli.pera – Mental diet?
Spiritual diet?

anon – That stuff is good too. I even watch funny videos to balance.

aeoli.pera – Socializing normal?

anon – Yeah, well, missed Church this week due to car problems (got that taken care of).

aeoli.pera – Spiritual disciplines should be holding that up though.
Okay, probably genuine intuition.

anon – It doesn’t help that I used to have, what’s it called, future dreams when I was younger. So I have a history of prediction.

aeoli.pera – Pre-Christian or post?

anon – Post.

aeoli.pera – Hmm, bad juju.

anon – Exactly. I’m not exactly worried about it…but it’s weird.

aeoli.pera – Let’s pretend you’re worried about it for a hypothetical.
If you were worried, what would you be worried about?(edited)

anon – Hmmmm
Dude, I just figured it out I think.
One sec.

aeoli.pera – Damn cliffhanger, lol.

anon – Ok, it’s related to the school shooting. Human sacrifice. It’s like a spiritual imbalance thing.

aeoli.pera – Who sacrificed those kids to whom?
Alt: was it a false sacrifice when somebody expected a real one?

anon – Think about it on a political level.
Left/media sacrificed them for agenda.
Which translates to devil worship.

aeoli.pera – I gotta go meet somebody for a few minutes.

anon – And now I’m angry.

aeoli.pera – Use the anger to tell me things please.

anon – That’s all I got I think. Must be uneasiness due to human sacrifice. This kind of thing is never good. Reminds me of researching for pizzagate.

someone else – Also wouldn’t human sacrifice create a (perverse) peace?
Rather than disorder?

anon – I mean, if whomever you are sacrificing to isn’t a liar.
Fuck, getting frisson now.

aeoli.pera – Sacrifice is an act of worship.

anon – This is woo on a whole nother level.

aeoli.pera – Decalcify those pineal glands, kids, the ride never ends.
I can explain a bit further.
“Love” is a two-way street.

anon – Yea. The acv regimen lately has been helping.

aeoli.pera – It requires a weakness or need in the inferior partner.

anon – Plus new water filters.
Not even joking.

aeoli.pera – This need is met by charity.
Or if you like, cognitive and emotional empathy expressed in action.
The recipient responds with affection (i.e. worship).

anon – Tfw you legit believe “interdimensional demons are turning the frogs gay”.

aeoli.pera – This affection is expressed through sacrifice in order to bring the superior partner closer.
Love between peers is when two people are charitable to each other’s particular needs.
Apply to spiritual situation.(edited)

anon – Yea, basically my understanding as well.
That’s what made pizzagate so scary to me.

someone else – The inferior partner sacrifices in order to receive favor/power/action from the superior partner?

aeoli.pera – The impulse is solipsistic, but basically yes.
Think Cain and Abel.
God never asked for sacrifice, but he took it in the intended spirit.
Sacrifice is ultimately self-expression of dedication to a thing or person.

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3 Responses to Discord sprint this Saturday

  1. Aeoli Pera says:

    I’ll be reading a short, 140-page book that I want to finish before leading a group activity this weekend, so I’m not flying by the seat of my pants.

  2. Boneflour says:

    Probably making this one. Will be getting a website hosted on AWS, maybe hooking up my contact page to a mailer API.

  3. lflick says:

    I have a philosophy of science paper to read, maybe something to write about that, and an unrelated comment to write.

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