Spinning plates – a cure for shy bladder?

I’ve mostly moved away from the esoteric psychological observations that are my stock in trade, when I’m not off on some kind of crusade, but sometimes I can’t help but wonder out loud about something.

I’ve had shy bladder for as long as I can remember, and I’d speculated that this may be an Omega trait, by analogy to the animal impulse of “marking territory”. Scott Adams has possibly noticed this as well.

Alternatively, it could be due to a feeling of vulnerability when in the presence of others. I’ve tried a number of things but it’s a very strong instinct, akin to being unable to think deeply while someone is playing the “I’m not touching you” game. It’s not much of an inconvenience anyway, because at worst you can wait for the stall instead of using a urinal.

Today I learned that if I’m busy thinking about ways to keep my plates spinning and which one I prefer for which reason, the accompanying abundance mentality cures the shy bladder.


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20 Responses to Spinning plates – a cure for shy bladder?

  1. spigot says:

    Will you ever move back? They’re always very interesting.

  2. says:

    First sentence

  3. Aeoli Pera says:

    >Will you ever move back? They’re always very interesting.

    I hope so. I’m only doing the other stuff because to my knowledge no one more qualified is. How silly is it that our greatest living preacher is a Canadian liberal arts professor?

  4. spigot says:

    People are realising how silly it is. I think the church has reached a kind of nadir, and people have picked up on this, and they’re working on fixing it now.

  5. spigot says:

    Maybe God sent Modernism as a famine of faith to starve out the Protestant heresies. Look at this graph: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christianity_in_Australia#/media/File:AustralianReligiousAffiliation_2.svg

    Catholicism has been at ~25% here since early colonisation.

  6. says:

    >People are realising how silly it is. I think the church has reached a kind of nadir, and people have picked up on this, and they’re working on fixing it now.

    Steven Anderson’s eyes burn with the flame of someone who has realized that he and his should have opened fire 50 years ago

  7. Aeoli Pera says:

    He’s not wrong. The church has been running from internal struggle for too long, shadows of its id purity-spiraling at the fringes of centralized dysfunction..

  8. Aeoli Pera says:

    Do not play on our divisions, outsider, there are too many idiots here who will jump at the chance for me to allow it. I will only warn you once.

  9. spigot says:

    I am honestly not sure what you mean, what divisions?

  10. spigot says:

    It’s also probably better to inform me of these divisions and ask whether I knew about them rather than doing the “OOGA BOOGA BEGONE OUTSIDER” thing and implying I’m setting out to destroy you, which is a real turnoff.

  11. Aeoli Pera says:

    Sect differences, common doctrinal disputes, Sunni vs. Shia, that sort of thing.

  12. Aeoli Pera says:

    Ignorance of a culture will not save you from its antibodies, no matter how well or neutral-intentioned you may be. One responsibility of a leader is to maintain some semblance of order, which means restricting the damage done by old feuds.

  13. spigot says:

    Also my point is you’re being a bad antibody ie. to the extent that you’re chasing off

  14. spigot says:

    Accidentally posted – to the extent that you’re chasing off potential help because it’s not a part of your established clique. It’s not like I’ve come to save you and solve your problems single-handedly or something, but I do think you could do with a fresh pair of eyes. You lose nothing by taking a gentler approach, at least initially.

  15. Aeoli Pera says:

    I tend to be as genteel as the situation allows, and often moreso. You lack understanding of the situation. I will not host an unprofitable riot that could be avoided by a little good police work.

  16. says:

    I wasn’t disagreeing with Spigot. The West is pretty much screaming for a religious revival, renewal and restoration. Either that or just go ahead and start revving up the RFID chip installers cause we couldn’t even last a pitiful 2000 years on Mr. Satan’s Wild Ride

  17. says:

    This probably came off more BRÜTAL than I intended but still, the West needs Jesus

  18. says:

    Along with everybody else

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