Evidence for manbonobopig theory of melonheads – 100 kya behavioral revolution coincides with genetic divergence

Longest title so far on da blergh! My mom says she’s very proud of my poasting career.

Manbonobopig theory is how I jokingly refer to one of Koanic’s last major blog posts, where he explained macroevolution of species through miscegenation/bestiality and backbreeding. You may remember that I also speculated the behavioral revolution of 100 kya in South Africa would coincide with the admixture of homo sapiens’ ancestors and homo heidelbergensis, a race of man-eating giants, which backbred into and effectively eliminated heidelbergensis to create homo denisova. (This result, if true, also predicts that heidelbergensis would have been a master/predator race and the proto-humans would be a slave/prey race.)

1) Behavioral revolutions correspond to hybridizations (reasonable).
2) There was a sophisticated artistic, bonesmithing culture in South Africa 90 kya that relied heavily on fishing (Katanda, Blombos). http://d1vn86fw4xmcz1.cloudfront.net/content/royptb/366/1567/1060/F1.large.jpg
(Google for “Blombos cave art”)

I’m proposing that Denisovans were giants born of Heidelbergensis (fairly reasonable). Their migration pattern suggests that they (or their hybrid descendants) preferred to stay near the coasts and were capable of crossing big water (e.g. Madagascar). It’s reasonable to suggest that they (or their hybrid descendants) became a culture of navigators with a spiritual connection to the stars and astronomy.

Speculative origin story for melonheads

H/T Mobius Wolf:

Human line ‘nearly split in two’
By Paul Rincon
Science reporter, BBC News

Ancient humans started down the path of evolving into two separate species before merging back into a single population, a genetic study suggests.

The genetic split in Africa resulted in distinct populations that lived in isolation for as much as 100,000 years, the scientists say.

I take this as correct prediction even though this article is from 2008, because I’m personally feral and uneducated and didn’t know about it. More speculations here.

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11 Responses to Evidence for manbonobopig theory of melonheads – 100 kya behavioral revolution coincides with genetic divergence

  1. Both you and Koanic left out an important part in the chain: alien genetics.

    The reason why some of us are Melons could be because of this.

  2. Milk says:

    There’s this guy, Max Spiers, who died recently in mysterios circumstances, he claimed to have been subjected to MK-Ultra programming to become a “super soldier” for the NWO, and as far out as the things he say are he seems to be a sincere guy, like I don’t really doubt him on most of what he says, and one of the things he said is this: pigs are a cross between humans and wild boars, it happened thousands of years ago, it was done by Atlanteans or something.

    It certainly seems more plausible than Koanic’s “imago Dei” shattering theory (and why does Koanic have such a penchant for horribleness? Know what I’m saying? I mean no ill, I’m just pointing it out. Like this inclination towards super messed up theories.)

  3. bicebicebcie says:

    from my genographic:
    Your Deep Ancestry
    (1,000 Years – 100,000 Years Ago)
    Your maternal haplogroup is shared by 0.3% of all participants in the project

    Your paternal haplogroup is shared by 1.0% of all participants in the project

    Your Hominin Ancestry
    (50,000 Years Ago & Older)

    1.5 Thal (1.3 average)
    2.7 Denisvoan ( 2.1 average)

    “As our modern human ancestors migrated through Eurasia, they met other hominin species and interbred. These “cousin” species, like the Neanderthals, are now extinct, but the genetic makeup of nearly everyone born outside of Africa today includes 1 to 2 percent DNA from these hominins, living relics of ancient encounters.”

    Geno is pretty good and really shitty at the same time, they have sales for 70 dollers instead of the whopping 200 bucks I paid years ago. If 23andme diddled peoples results to “trolL” raycists then geno must be ten times worse. Great concept and nice infograpics, soaked in sjw-pee pee poo poo.

    Also, when do I get my reparations? Why did the big-head Tyrants want to merge humanity it only resulting in tons of different peoples ripe with strife and illness? EDEN IS REAL!

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