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The whore

I visited a worship service in a random church, somewhere in suburbia, led by a young woman with the most beautiful voice you can imagine. The old men in the audience were staring at her love-struck, because although she was … Continue reading

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Churchpoast V: The poast cries out as it strikes back

Ravi Zacharias and William Lane Craig are among the few remaining intellectual heavyweights Christendom has to offer today. They’ll be addressing the following questions: 1) What is the meaning/purpose of life? 2) What good evidence is there for the existence … Continue reading

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Diana Mitford, female arch melon

This is what an apex predator looks like, if you have a sense for such things. You get the feeling that she wouldn’t eat you only because you’d be so terribly bland. She was very pretty in her prime, like … Continue reading

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Reminder: Discord discussion tomorrow

In the meantime, you may be interested to know why I want to root the Judaizers out of Christianity. Watch this video (or read the transcript) to understand why I view the religious situation as desperate: I don’t think Anderson … Continue reading

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The hormonal trinities of Alpha and Beta

Here’s a clue: We’re sight-hunters but women are bloodhounds. Doesn’t really matter all that much how much money you have, how you look, any of those material factors. Those, interesting eyes, the ability to sing, only get you in a … Continue reading

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Re: Antinatalism

Not to pick on Z in particular, I’m just using his comment as representative of the utilitarian ethos. There are three widespread sins of which the church itself must confess and repent: … 2) The antinatalistic attitude that it is … Continue reading

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Blessed are the fornicators, for they shall inherit the West

If sarcasm isn’t your thing, maybe do a quick double-take before spamming the comments. Millennials Are in No Rush to Marry Contrary to what we would expect, given normal demographic patterns of adolescents’ movement into early adulthood and family formation, … Continue reading

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Two percent of women are worth the risk of marriage

You have heard it said, NAWALT, you can find a good girl if you’re a super-Alpha and you look in the right places. Both Vox and Free Northerner have proposed that, if you can find a high-religiosity, college-educated gal, chances … Continue reading

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Nothing to add

But let’s look at Mike Tirico instead as an example of how rare it is in modern non-Hispanic America for somebody who appears to be kind of black not to claim to be black. I won’t call him “the exception … Continue reading

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A brief trip down memory lane

There’s an ongoing debate as to whether I’ve always had an elongated parietal bone, or whether it’s a very recent development. The implications of the latter possibility, which I hinted at regarding Goethe three years ago, would be great fun … Continue reading

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