Not entirely full of shit

(This was in reference to my post As I drive these broken roads.)

Kensuimo: Hey, look, you weren’t full of shit =D
Actual pothole in Michigan


I’ve always thought that should be the epitaph on my gravestone. “He wasn’t 100% full of shit.” Great Reddit thread though. Best comment: “Eh, Michigan is a weird place. There are areas you go south to get into Canada. Eventually you just stop paying attention.” TBH, I still absolutely love it here. It’s gotta be nostalgia though because it’s like there’s a thin layer of mud over everything. Again, not making that mud thing up, you can tell a Michigander that and they’ll be like “yeah, it is kinda”.

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16 Responses to Not entirely full of shit

  1. Gabriel Lorca says:

    Its like this everywhere and been this way for years. People are starting to notice now because more people are living paycheck to paycheck. Saps just be complaining he cant take shorty out cause he gotta buy a new tire.

  2. ACC says:

    You should read the Ender’s game series. Start with Ender’s game and read until *The Children of the Mind* and then comlpete the shadow series about the supergenius. You’ll love it, the author likes to jack off christians (he’s one himself) and you’ll find a lot of great thal/melon/SC references.

  3. ACC says:

    I haven’t seen a worse blog on the internet. If this is what passes for “self-improvement advice” for you then you seriously need to reevaluate your head.

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