Against radical nonjudgmentalism

Radical nonjudgmentalism is my term for a false doctrine preached by well-meaning but obstinately retarded evangelicals. In brief, it’s the idea that we may not form opinions about other people, because Jesus said turn the other cheek and to do otherwise pre-empts either God’s mercy or his vengeance. This is merely the Enlightenment ideal of tolerance justified by facile exegesis, which serves the believer to abnegate their moral responsibility to others (both inside and outside the church). This sermon by Greg Boyd ought to serve as a good representative of the idea.

As with all incorrect theses, much of what he says in support is correct. But the absurdity of the statement “You ought not to have any opinion about another person except that they were worth Jesus dying for them” may be demonstrated very easily. Let’s say you have to hire a babysitter, and one of the applicants is a convicted child molester. Is it moral in this situation to judge? Even evangelicals can figure this one out, though they will twist and turn to square the circle with this ridiculous idea that human exercise of judgment is unChristian, i.e. not Christ-like. (Which, stated explicitly like that, is obviously false: Christ judged people constantly.) So judgment is good in at least one context: thinking and acting in a way that keeps your kids safe from sexual predators. Clearly there is some confusion here, and where confusion reigns self-deception flourishes.

This confusion can be traced back to the distinction between moral and amoral judgments, and the valuation of all people as equally deserving of both trust and benevolence. Both are addressed by Jesus’ admonition “Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.” Radical nonjudgmentalism inverts this through the relentless self-deception of affective naivete:

2018-03-03 11_39_15-The 48 Laws Of Power - Robert Greene - Google Books - Pale Moon

2018-03-03 11_39_53-The 48 Laws Of Power - Robert Greene - Google Books - Pale Moon

2018-03-03 11_40_07-The 48 Laws Of Power - Robert Greene - Google Books - Pale Moon

2018-03-03 11_40_21-The 48 Laws Of Power - Robert Greene - Google Books - Pale Moon

2018-03-03 11_41_36-The 48 Laws Of Power - Robert Greene - Google Books - Pale Moon

2018-03-03 11_41_50-The 48 Laws Of Power - Robert Greene - Google Books - Pale Moon

(Excerpts taken from the introduction to Robert Greene’s 48 Laws of Power.)

As with most things that are wrong with Christianity in the West, the anti-realistic attitude that opinions are immoral can be traced back to the gnostic attitude that it is sinful to be wise in the ways of the world. In reality, this is typically a mere affectation: the people who profess this are more often than not quite worldly, yet they profess naivete in order to appear classy and high status.


“You still have a TV? I haven’t even heard of television. Me, care what other people are interested in? How ineffably bourgeois! Now if you’ll excuse me, I left my couscous on the stove.”

Such a disingenuous person reveals himself in the thousands of value judgments he makes every day. “I felt the Spirit was convicting me to get a well-compensated sinecure in a church ministry in a walkable city with a heavily white school district.” Such an odd coincidence that the Spirit is always leading people to health and wealth!

Be careful though, there really are people who believe this shit—these are the most dangerous of all, and the least amenable to reason, because the harm they cause themselves has invoked their investment bias and probably a martydom complex to boot. You’ll know that type by their psychological Shadow’s masochistic desire to pursue more and more reckless expressions of anti-realism. The only good news is this will quickly remove them from the breeding pool somewhere in South Detroit.

The root cause of this anti-realist attitude is psychological projection by normies onto God, because their beliefs are so inexorably determined to avoid social shame that they only believe in taboo. A normie’s response to the trolley problem is to let the trolley kill the five people (preferring the sin of omission with larger stakes) because they can’t possibly be blamed for that outcome, whereas they could be blamed for murdering the fat man. Imagine someone possibly thinking they aren’t good people. The horror! (And nevermind the damage they cause in their endless pursuit to be thought well of.) But the correct and 100% amoral answer to the trolley problem is obviously to push the fat man.

And that is why you don’t need to feel led by the Spirit to say no to the pedophile who wants to babysit your kids.

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19 Responses to Against radical nonjudgmentalism

  1. Boneflour says:

    10/10 gr8 poast

  2. bicebicebcie says:

    “The root cause of this anti-realist attitude is psychological projection by normies onto God, because their beliefs are so inexorably determined to avoid social shame that they only believe in taboo.”

    Big if true, also why Trump won. A paradgim shift, “politicians” Leaders like Trump telling the truth and acting on it, and normies not being able to carry the heavy burden of saying no to eating poop, as if that is something you need to think about everyday, finally bursts their mental dams and start eating shitholes on a daily basis so much so AIDS is legalized in commiefornia.
    To this creature, this is a burden and something you need to think about all the time, how to not be bad and retarded.

    If you have autism, this wrong way of flipping switches will irk your shithole like you wouldn’t believe, this is just the way of the normie, pay them no heed. Imagine being genetically programmed to solve problems and make nice but you are not your ancestor and can only do it at a 50% level instead enabling shit behavior. A prime example is Sweden and the entire Anglosphere.

    “He meant well, sometimes children do get run over by trucks because jesus loves everbody also *humms latest ASS ASS ASS tune form jewywood* i really like the latest capeshit btw im going to church tomorrow, I feel like i don’t have a gender, my name is Super Mario”.

    So what do you do with the people who genuinely feel they need to do good but you Know are not capable or equipped to do anything other than enable satans kingdom? This is what happens when society goes full retard and enables women soyboys and foreigners in general. And it all evolved from the roaring Hyweute 20th century full of tech and wealth.

    Maybe it was God who erected the iron curtain over eastern europe…as ironically as that sounds.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Boneflour, I need my bice interpreter again.

      • Boneflour says:

        Even an ooga booga can understand that eating shit out of a butthole is bad news, but normies have to think really fucking hard about it.

        Eventually the normie brain gives up and just goes with it… to the point of legalizing AIDS in California. “To this creature, this is a burden and something you need to think about all the time, how to not be bad and retarded.”

        If you are not a normie, feeling like you’re in Idiocracy will frustrate you to no end, but that’s how it goes. They don’t make humans like they used to.

        Average nice church lady: *horrible, preventable accident happens* “Whoops guess that happens sometimes, jesus luvs truck attackers too. #judgenot ” *does like 8 degenerate things but it’s okay, she’s going to church tomorrow* HELPING

        What do you do with people who want to help, but keep turning everything to shit when they “help”? Tough problem, symptom of societal breakdown, weird that it came out of an environment of massive technology and wealth created by fucking huWhyte males.

        Maybe it was better to live in the Soviet Union under the iron curtain rather than be infected with the degeneracy of the West.

        Sound about right Bice? Also tell me more about the Trump thing.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          Thank you sir, always a pleasure to understand the local prophet.

        • bicebicebcie says:

          “They don’t make humans like they used to.” big if profound and we actually have the graphs for that, declining archaic genes! Now then, That question, is der ewige “cannibal kike-thards eating people it is much better nowadays”, or not.

          The thing about eastern europe is that it is rural-european culture, the west is just empire building but civilizing the natives at home instead of abroad, western europeans feelz the need to do that for some reason, I suspect Melonery maternal/paternal instincts regarding sapes along with jewish golem-magic. It is pretty fucking weird, it is basically copy-paste of American colonial times with cotton-boogas.
          I highly doubt it is even legal to begin with. But under the banner of good-feelz anything goes as we all know by now.

          When Trump started to speak nice to the people and with the people because he agreed with the people being of the people, like politicians never do because they are international hybridized mostly gay-jews (h/t Ophi), for some reason that sent the leftist brain overboard. That should not have had happened IMO, a very American man of the people should have been embraced by all of the people even the naysayers, instead of simply just disagreeing with him as another politician, if rejected as a leader/atleast a man of the people, instead made them eat feces and legalize aids. There is a Koan here of keeping up a never ending stream of truth until the opponent starts doubting his own worldview and agree with you, or, amygdala breakdown. But they broke themselves.

          I don’t think just sapery can explain this, I really don’t know what is wrong with them, they simply exposed themselves as insane people and Trump popped their facade of normality not really doing anything out of the ordinary, really.
          They eat tidepods, they resemble gay goblins, they act so erratic even homo erectus looks like a pillar of civilization in comparison.

          Itz the dry version of spontaneous combustion.

  3. Fox says:

    One of the main distinctions between christians and churchians:
    The former believe that evil inhabits this world (and even dominates it), the latter don’t believe that evil is native to this world. So someone talking about evil is, fom the churchian perspective, akin to someone creating evil where there was none before! More generally, from a modern leftist perpective, bad things only start to exist once someone starts to talk about them!
    Most of pc can be summed up with: “Don’t mention bad things!”.
    On another level, the fact that someone believes that bad things exist (for example, someone believing that psychopaths exist), is, from this perspective, a bad thing itself (and it belongs to the only kind of bad things that exists). The crom thinking here is: “Don’t even think that bad things exist, because doing so creates bad things”, and: “without this kind of thinking, bad things wouldn’t even exist”
    From this perspective, political correctness and attempts to indoctrinate people make sense!

  4. says:

    >But the correct and 100% amoral answer to the trolley problem is obviously to push the fat man.

    I remember being accused of being a psycho by my coworkers for answering that you have to kill the fat guy without much hesitation. If you’re the only person around and you can’t somehow sabotage the trolley or the track or hit the brakes or something and all you have access to is the lever then fatty must die. It’s not so much that the person being asked the question is evil so much as it is that they’re being put into an evil situation by being asked the question.

    >Imagine someone possibly thinking they aren’t good people. The horror!

    “Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

  5. Heaviside says:

    Fat people aren’t much of a loss anyways.

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