Field guide to the culture wars (everybody please read this)

But it’s time to admit it: the United States is in the middle of the worst culture wars I’ve seen in my life, either in my 20 years in the US, or in the previous 20 years in India (which in the 90s saw equally ferocious, but less digitally mediated, culture wars). And for once, you can’t blame Trump. He’s more consequence than cause.

To endure through a war without either retreating from the fray, or developing crippling PTSD from losing too many poorly picked battles, you need a good map of the battlefield, a sense of the movements of various combatant groups, their objectives, tactics and strategies, awareness of recent battles and their outcomes, current live battles, and emerging flashpoints. Here’s my first draft attempt.

Venkatesh Rao
A Quick (Battle) Field Guide to the New Culture Wars

Read the whole thing please.

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13 Responses to Field guide to the culture wars (everybody please read this)

  1. bicebicebcie says:

    I don’t have time to read that bucko shit just got real, Koanic vindicated again! I’m putting all my goldings into Eden. Is Koanic the chinese rasputin? Is he the man behind Emperor Tjingus Pingus?

    ITZ happening!

  2. Ø says:

    I like how it’s just now dawning on him that he’s in a war.

    All divisions and clashes in the picture are downstream of the racial (i.e. anti vs pro-white) divide as unintentionally denoted by the blue vs dark red text

    • Ø says:

      Well I guess that lower left blue tech-autist quadrant around point 8 is more neutral. His conclusion that they’ll somehow win is wrong exactly because of said neutrality, however.

      “Hold them back! Do not give into fear! Stand to your posts! FIGHT!”

  3. Heaviside says:

    venkat’s errors:

    1) having “security state” less authoritarian than “Davos World”/finance
    2) not recognizing that “Tech”, “Academia”, “Mainstream Media”, and “Entertainment Industry” are all organs of “security state”
    3) putting “CRYPTO” and pro-crypto ideologues on the opposite side from finance
    4) putting China next to “#MeToo”

    • Ø says:

      1) They’re probably on the same tyranny-tier
      2) Agree
      3) I agree that the extremes of the auth/lib axis probably do horseshoe around and meet each other, or at least have the potential to. Same goes for the left/right Sino-Russian axis.
      4) There should be more space between that upper left Hollywood shitlib cluster and China but I’m guessing he didn’t have enough room

    • Gabriel Lorca says:

      He forgot Vox Day and his Evil Legion of Evil

  4. __é*__ says:

    Venkat’s site plays the host to quite a few of (usually very white) anti-white signalers who enjoy trumpeting and supporting the only allowed type of racism.

    Better avoid anything not posted by himself.

  5. Sunnybutt says:

    Rao seems to be a man of many true words and little understanding of Truth. His map may be accurate (sort of) but I don’t see how it’s useful.

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