The plan

One of my advisers is concerned that I’m insane and says what I’m trying to do will never work, and he doesn’t want me to burn out and become disillusioned. So he assigned me a homework project: treat the One Thing like it’s a business, and write up a business plan. I don’t know how to do that, so I’ll just make it up as I go.

My One Thing is to enable the existence of a breakout white nation within Generation Z, somewhere in the continental United States. Preserving the Christian concept of charity from rich to poor is a necessary means to this end because it’s the basis of monogamy, which enables intratribal male cooperation, and a worthy goal in its own right. That is, enabling Christianity in the large is a means to this end. However, my own deep-seated Christianity supplies the motive psychology behind this effort, because I don’t owe these damned white people a red cent. Expending my considerable talent on their behalf is an act of worship not unlike Frodo’s mercy toward Smeagol, because I see the resemblance of kinship in their wretchedness. This is a solipsistic act of self-expression by which I convince myself that God forgave me for my sins while I was still a wretch.

There is no such thing as a white nation without Beta (Delta) males in it, because these are the men who create the indoor plumbing in peacetime and jump on grenades to save their squads in wartime. To enable the existence of a breakout Gen Z nation, I need to achieve a critical mass of 10% young men (15% to be safe), cooperating as a high-trust tribe with clear boundaries. For this, I need to train a critical mass of Gen Z Alphas to act against their biological self-interest, soft/hard polygamy, as an act of unrequited charity toward the Beta males in their tribe. It would be an easy sale if they were rational actors (group strength preserves the individual’s legacy, whereas individualists are overrun by tight-knit tribalist cultures), but it is incredibly difficult to teach a moral precept that runs counter to a person’s sociosexual rank. If successful, the restriction of female sexual options (given rein, they would prefer polygamy with the Alphas) will enable the Betas to take their focus away from status competition, where they are weak, and focus on trading provision for their genetic legacy. The supply of Beta males willing to cooperate in such an environment is not in question (they will go where the Alphas are), but in the last 300 years Alphas have returned to their natural ideology of assumed moral superiority and detachment (see ch. 3 of Status Anxiety by Alain de Botton).

Convincing people of anything—much less convincing the rich in spirit to give up their status—is an impossible task, which you’ve noticed if you’ve ever tried it. Recently I pointed out that Generation Z does not even believe in belief itself, having been reduced by attachment disorders to a coalition of egoists. I’ll repeat the megalomaniac’s conceit: “All is known to me and simple. There is only Truth, and those too weak to grasp it. No mystery remains, no need for further discussion. For me, all that remains is navigation—a game to acquire the power I need.” Or, as Jordan Peterson puts it:

Lucifer, in Milton’s eyes—the spirit of reason—was the most wondrous angel brought forth from the void by God. This can be read psychologically. Reason is something alive. It lives in all of us. It’s older than any of us. It’s best understood as a personality, not a faculty. It has its aims, and its temptations, and its weaknesses. It flies higher and sees farther than any other spirit. But reason falls in love with itself, and worse. It falls in love with its own productions. It elevates them, and worships them as absolutes. Lucifer is, therefore, the spirit of totalitarianism. He is flung from Heaven into Hell because such elevation, such rebellion against the Highest and Incomprehensible, inevitably produces Hell.

To say it again: it is the greatest temptation of the rational faculty to glorify its own capacity and its own productions and to claim that in the face of its theories nothing transcendent or outside its domain need exist. This means that all important facts have been discovered. This means that nothing important remains unknown. But most importantly, it means denial of the necessity for courageous individual confrontation with Being. What is going to save you? The totalitarian says, in essence, “You must rely on faith in what you already know.” But that is not what saves. What saves is the willingness to learn from what you don’t know. That is faith in the possibility of human transformation. That is faith in the sacrifice of the current self for the self that could be. The totalitarian denies the necessity for the individual to take ultimate responsibility for Being.

That denial is the meaning of rebellion against “the most High.” That is what totalitarian means: Everything that needs to be discovered has been discovered. Everything will unfold precisely as planned. All problems will vanish, forever, once the perfect system is accepted. Milton’s great poem was a prophecy. As rationality rose ascendant from the ashes ofChristianity, the great threat of total systems accompanied it. Communism, in particular, was attractive not so much to oppressed workers, its hypothetical beneficiaries, but to intellectuals—to those whose arrogant pride in intellect assured them they were always right. But the promised utopia never emerged. Instead humanity experienced the inferno of Stalinist Russia and Mao’s China and Pol Pot’s Cambodia, and the citizens of those states were required to betray their own experience, turn against their fellow citizens, and die in the tens of millions.

Jordan Peterson
12 Rules for Life (Rule 8)

I’ll also take a moment to repeat myself: convincing a rich man to give up his riches is impossible, yet everything is possible with God. How does this transformation occur?

The egoists will tell you it’s Truth, Truth, Truth. After all, isn’t this an aspect of Jesus (“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life”), so that the Christian must be absolutely dedicated to speaking brutal truths to wretched sinners at all times? I propose that no one ever turned to Christ because of facts, evidence, or reason. Rather, the devotees of Truth have missed the mark because they neglect the Way and the Life—these are what convince people because they speak to the heart. What is more convicting than observing a person who lives in a way that, according to our mental models for reality, should not be possible? I’ll demonstrate this using the biography of Josh McDowell, the man who literally wrote the book on the truth of Christianity.

During the Together 2016 event on the National Mall on Saturday, the 76-year-old bestselling author revealed to thousands gathered in the audience that between the ages of 6 and 13, he was raped on a weekly basis by a man his mother had hired as a housekeeper, according to the Christian Post.

Because his mother ordered him to obey this man, simply known as “Wayne Bailey,” or face severe punishment, McDowell was unable to fight back. Even worse – his own father was abusive and an alcoholic who was largely absent from his life.

When he was 9 years old, McDowell finally told his mother about the sexual abuse, but she refused to believe him and took him out to the back yard to beat him with a stick. Finally, the little boy screamed “I’m lying” to get her to stop.

The abuse went on for several years, until the little boy was finally big enough to defend himself. At the age of 13, McDowell finally grabbed the predator’s throat, shoved him against the wall, and said “If you ever touch me again, I will kill you.”

Evangelist Josh McDowell Shares How Love of Christ Allowed Him to Forgive Man Who Sexually Abused Him
The Gospel Herald Ministries

See also: Moira Greyland’s book The Last Closet.

I grew up in Union City, Michigan, and by the time I went to the university, I was very bitter…hurt…mad. My father was the town alcoholic growing up, and when you’re from a small town, everybody knows it. And it seemed like, realistically, when he wasn’t trying to kill my mother, I was trying to kill him. My one sister killed herself. My other brother sued my parents for everything they had. Another sister ran off to the army and never came back, and I was left as the baby to deal with it all.

I carry a lot of baggage with me to this day, but coming to know Christ the Savior was a big step forward in it.

When I got to university, I saw this small group of people–8 students and 2 professor–and their lives were different. They seemed to have a genuine love for each other and for people outside their group, and I wanted it. So I made friends with them, and I said, “What in the world changed your lives? Why are you so different from the other students and the professors on campus?” And this one young lady just looked at me and said two words: “Jesus Christ.” I said, “Oh, for God’s sakes, don’t give me that garbage.” Well, it ended up that they made me so mad, I set out to write a book against them called Evidence That Demands a Verdict and became a Christian.

Healing Through the Love of a Heavenly Father

All the evidence in the world did not bring me to Christ. All the evidence in this huge book, this new book, Evidence That Demands a Verdict, none of that brought me to Christ. What it did was get my attention. It’s like I was slamming the door on God, and He stuck his foot in the door with the evidence. Once I believed the Bible was true,once I believed that Christ was more than human and probably the Son of God, then and only then did I even consider the message of the Bible. As I started to read and study the Bible, what brought me to Christ was the love of God. “I have loved you with an everlasting love. With tender kindness, I have drawn you.” (Jeremiah 31:3)

And the reason is this: people at Kellogg college knew my background because they grew up about 23 miles from there, and they would try to help me by saying, “Josh, there’s a heavenly Father who loves you. There’s a Father in heaven who loves you.” That didn’t bring me joy. That brought pain because emotionally and intellectually I was not able to discern the difference between a heavenly Father or an earthly father. I grew up believing fathers hurt because my dad hurt me, and yet I had many joyful times with my dad. But he hurt me, and it was that barrier–that once I saw that if I was the only person in the world, Christ still would die for me– that’s what brought me to Christ. Evidence got my attention. The love of God was the motivation.

Hearing there’s a Father in heaven who loves you brought pain because emotionally and intellectually I was not able to discern the difference between a heavenly Father or an earthly father.

It just blew my mind how many people were truly interested in evidence and the truthfulness of their faith. And, I got to admit, it is a tremendous joy to this day to help people to come understand “Why they need to believe” or the “Why’s of their belief.” And I’ve been traveling about 300 days a year for 40 or 50 years, and I never get tired of it because every time I see someone come to Christ, it’s like it’s the first time ever to do it.

-Josh McDowell
Finding Freedom In the Truth: Josh & Sean McDowell

People aren’t convinced by the truth, and intellectual heavyweights like McDowell are no exception. They see the Life in us and are then attracted to learn about the Way to get this Life for themselves. Crudely, they see the Life, they come for the Way, and they stay for the Truth. Reason is only good for rationalizing the decisions we’ve already made, to understand what our hearts are already telling us. “The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.”

He spoke of the importance of being believed, adding: “One of the smartest things I ever realised was that I needed more than Jesus… I needed a group of men around me…who would be there at 2 o’ clock in the morning when I wanted to end it all.”

Josh McDowell
How I forgave the man who abused me as a child

Thus, it is entirely possible to reach a generation of narcissists, if only I can convince enough Millenials to witness to them by living in a way that doesn’t make sense according to the way of the world. No one needs empathy and understanding more than a profoundly broken person. There are approximately 66 million kids in the Gen Z demographic, of which approximately 33 million are young men. I need to spread the memes to those 660,000 Alphas who need to hear it (2% of males), or a million to be safe (3%), in order to produce a viable nation. It’s obvious I can’t do that myself because I don’t have the marketing savvy or the necessary audience, but I can reach enough Millenials, so that 1 million Gen Z = Number of Millenials * Rate of Gen Z conversion per Millenial.

And that, my friends, is how and why I intend to save this damned world. But I need a lot of help, and I need trustworthy doers and advisers and more people praying for me. Thanks to those of you who are already praying for me—please do more of it. I need a lot of highly effective, self-sacrificial Millenials who will teach charity to Gen Z Alphas by the way they live and by telling those poor kids why they’re doing it.

Cue more Gamma screeching.

For my next trick, I will demonstrate how Christians set clear boundaries.

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7 Responses to The plan

  1. Aton says:

    It’s a mystery how people convert. Typically tragic shit has to happen. The “rich man” includes people rich in good looks, popularity, women, friends. But sometimes even alphas convert, even without tragedy, even in the prime of their powers.

    Good luck with your mission. I hope you succeed.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Although there is clearly some overlap in the phenomena, I’m not talking about conversion to Christianity per se so much as conversion from individualism to Christian tribalism. A large number of people are Christian but despise the weak within their tribe because the modern West is meritocratic, so they would be one target demographic.

  2. mina801 says:

    – Egyptian
    – 22 years old
    – Coptic Orthodox Christian
    – More socially capable than you ever will be, control group energy and behaviour in a way that is miraculous and elegant to watch, naturally absorb most amount of power possible in the room ( real power …… perceived power and social status exist only as a means )
    – Good at writing, reading, talking, listening, science, reason and other shit you wouldn’t expect.
    – Metaphysical location: comfortably facing the void inside me, allowing it to fill me with terror, then letting Jesus absorb all of it then do with my life as he wishes.
    – Consequence of my Christianity: It’s been a long while since I had one second of fear that made me uncomfortable. As a dog; my bark is okay but my bite is fucked up.

    If I am ever deemed worthy to scrub your toilets, or maybe, if I can be so prideful, DARK TRIAD your ass to battle hardened glory, please reach me somehow. Or anything else. I have school commitments, but otherwise I have naturally recurring motivations to fix things in the same way you want to, so that will keep me coming even if shit gets too spergy.

    Peace out Aeoli, thanks for being one of the people that contributed to me finally finding peace. My journey was a hefty one bro

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Send me an e-mail from the address you prefer to be reached at, I’ll follow up June 1, presuming your commitments will have slackened. aeoli dot pera at gmail.

      >More socially capable than you ever will be, control group energy and behaviour in a way that is miraculous and elegant to watch, naturally absorb most amount of power possible in the room ( real power …… perceived power and social status exist only as a means )


      >Peace out Aeoli, thanks for being one of the people that contributed to me finally finding peace. My journey was a hefty one bro

      You’re welcome, it’s been a pleasure knowing you. Do good and stay away from drugs.

      • mina801 says:

        I don’t remember your e-mail and I couldn’t find it. Please direct me to it, thanks. Oh, one more thing. In your comment above, there’s something you wanna change. Also, sorry for my recklessness with that. Cheers.

        Egyptian .

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