ALL HANDS ON DECK, we have an excellent memewar opportunity!


Brittany Pettibone is a hard HB10 right-wing personality figure who’s being detained for free speech in the UK. You couldn’t ask for better optics or a better opportunity to embarrass the globalists and thus weaken their reign of terror. We can win this one if we hit it hard and fast.

We need memes. They don’t have to be good, they just have to inspire copycats and attention. The goal is to get Trump to get Brittany Pettibone out of detention in the name of free speech by creating a flood of public opinion to save the damsel in distress.

Copy this message to every group you’re a part of and tell them to copy it to every group they’re in.

Alternative picture source.


I collected the memes from Gab by reposting them, so that should be a good reference. Nothing else on Twitter that I found after about half an hour of scrolling. 4chan thread here.

Memes so far:

By Mobius…

Lizard King:




By me (mine suck, I know)…

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15 Responses to #FreeBrittany

  1. ....................... says:

    Shes a witch best to let her burn!

  2. glosoli says:

    Get this one out there.


  3. Patrick says:

    The problem with these memes is that you clearly love her.

    • Ulixes Orobar says:

      Every non-gay, non-blind man feels the same way. Don’t deny it.

      • ....................... says:

        I dont. Women need to be locked up in the kitchen. Especially Trad-thots. What we are seeing here is covert feminism.

        • bicebicebcie says:

          Le me be very Swedish and proclaim that this is one of those situations where everyone, whether they have an axe to grind, or not, just wins by participating.

          France might even surpass the uk has Americas greatest ally, its quite amazing how retarded the brittish goobernment really is.

        • Ulixes Orobar says:

          She’s pretty enough to get men’s attention, and she knows the basic talking points. When people become ready for something more in depth, they can look elsewhere. The same applies to other trad-thots. They aren’t a net negative.

          • ........................... says:

            A mentality like that is why we are losing and the left is winning. They are always operating at Meta Level. Theyve even swung the cuckservatives to their side. The time for ignoring the deeper meta level is long gone. Im more concerned about the man they are detaining in the situation. Women dug their own graves and white knighting for them is just wrong.

        • bicebicebcie says:

          “I dont. Women need to be locked up in the kitchen. Especially Trad-thots. What we are seeing here is covert feminism.”

          All women are closet fash, fash as in fashionistas. That will always be as good as it can get, just let them bully each other over who this season is the least race-realist or whateverthefuck it is they do to reach concensus.

          Kinda how a swede did the salute at a tennis game for the lulz, being a NS member it was not okay with the media but he was very good looking so no single woman gave a damn and it fizzled out into nothing. Women.

          • Anti-Gnostic says:

            Indeed, let her burn. Ol’ Roosh had some harsh words to say about the Tradthots.


            Laura and Briittany should get married and pop out white kids rather than playing politics in the sandbox of men.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              You’re wrong, but understandably so.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              To explain a bit…you can’t have a political movement in the West without female involvement anymore than you can have a white nation without Beta males. What works for Arabs does not work for Norwegians.

            • Anti-Gnostic says:

              Female involvement, indeed. By marrying and having kids and being supportive of the men who engage in the heavy intellectual lifting and, when required, the smashing of skulls. Laura and Brittany are the epitome of solipsism.

              Haven’t you learned anything from Alpha Game (now shuttered)?

  4. kensuimo says:


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