Course correct

A melony friend set me straight on the #FreeBrittany thing. Here’s a condensed version of what he said I did wrong, as I understand it.

1. I overvalued Pettibone’s looks and it makes it look like I’m desperately trying to attract her attention. Apparently my taste in girls is extremely different from most people, such that I’m calling a 7-8 a 10. This undermines the memes*. (In reality I don’t follow her work, though I do think she’s a hard 10 and assumed, incorrectly, that others would too.)

2. Something about levels of narrative, where I chose the wrong one and Vox chose the smart one, which is comparing the police response between Pettibone and pedophile gangs. I didn’t really understand this particular case, but I get the general idea about levels of narrative.

3. Something about being too right about the need for attention and speed, which makes me wrong because that’s how optics and propaganda work (or he was just fanning my balls, but I don’t think so). It’s like the Overton window or conspiracy theories, where you have to be just the correct amount of “right” to get the maximum payoff, and you go into negative payoff territory if you’re too correct.

So…I’m going to cut it out because the social credit limit on the naive-but-ingenius wonder child archetype isn’t high enough for what I was trying to do by brute force. Hopefully wiser heads will at least carry the spirit of the thing and score some minor victories.

*This is like when I disagreed with Kratman about Akuma’s IQ. I think Akuma’s IQ is approximately the same as mine, and Kratman thought I was saying this disingenuously to make the important, hard truths go down easier. The vast difference in basic perception was undermining what I was trying to communicate.

Update: The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain.

P, 5:51 PM
mmm… you’re basically right overall in your post

aeoli.pera, 5:52 PM
The correction one?
Or the OP?

P, 5:52 PM
Yeah I’d give your meme a strong Fantano 4

out of ten

Which is still good, still listenable, but there’s more to the memes

No a strong 5 actually

It’s like weird good

And the self-marking exercise is all correct but it’s still getting caught down in things that don’t matter so much

You aren’t seeing the joints in the walls

And you’re sort of hacking at the thing a bit

Which is the root of the problem in the first place

aeoli.pera, 5:54 PM
It’s not enough to tell me I’m not seeing the thing, I need you to pretend to be INTJ for a minute :-P
There’s a thing I’m missing.
What’s the thing?

P, 5:55 PM
Oh yeah all you INTJs are dumb

aeoli.pera, 5:55 PM
Lol, I haven’t laughed that hard in days.

P, 5:55 PM

aeoli.pera, 5:55 PM
Please, if not for me, do it for the memes.

P, 5:55 PM
OK memes ARE melon magic wars

That’s what they basically are

aeoli.pera, 5:56 PM
So…the problem is that my memes aren’t encoded in melon-talk.
I’m speaking straight to the proles.
Which is how you lose, because not even the proles care what proles think.

P, 5:57 PM
You’re speaking towards YOUR demographic

And downwards

So you’re boxing yourself in

Memes need to transcend

They fly high

aeoli.pera, 5:57 PM
So my memes need to have the higher levels of communication built in.
Because otherwise they’re shit-tier, for shit people.

P, 5:58 PM
So… if memes are melon signalling… you’re signalling to another melon that you’re boxed in

This is the danger of memes

aeoli.pera, 5:58 PM
And shit people aren’t attracted to shit-tier, they want to watch the soaps about the rich people.

P, 5:58 PM
You can actually signal weakness inadvertantly with them

Like the left does

And you basically doom everyone who follows you

aeoli.pera, 5:59 PM
But even a soap has the shit levels, it just needs to have the hidden meaning too so the melons can enjoy it.
But the shit is why people like memes, because there’s a guilty pleasure.
But if it doesn’t have the sublime levels of meta-narrative, then people sense that and everybody knows you’re feeding them McDonald’s.
So really the target demographic, in America, is the upper-middle class, because that’s “success”.
But couched in prole ugliness.
In the UK the target is probably the gentry, because “success” is in the blood.
So a good meme is based on an argument directed toward the SWPL worldview, but it says “nigger” and the picture is Katy Perry.

P, 6:04 PM
Wow that was hard work

But you got there

I’m impressed

aeoli.pera, 6:04 PM
Now my memes can carve reality at the joints.
You are the best adviser, do you know that?

P, 6:05 PM
So a pettibone meme with Katy Perry in the picture and joy emojis

Would have been better

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Maybe do this later?
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26 Responses to Course correct

  1. Akuma says:

    If you do not cease and desist. I will be taking legal action. I already have a letterhead made for these types of things. I will be emailing it to you later this evening.

    March 11th 2018
    Yours Sincerely,

    p.s. Get a life Loser.

  2. Ø says:

    The feeling I get watching you trying to get the hang of your sociopolitical reality management faculties is probably similar to the feeling you got watching me trying to learn how to sperg properly on the inner forum

  3. Dresden walker says:

    Memes are like language or culture (they are also interwoven with both), a good meme just “feels right” to most without knowing the details of why. So, a bad meme is in a similar vein to an autistic weeaboo trying to emulate Japanese culture or someone not having the correct tone/pronunciation when speaking another language, you feel the same kind of cringing response as you would to a bad meme (i.e yours).

    • Ø says:

      Then there are even more subtle things like a minute ago when I logged into, checked Koanic’s feed, and immediately saw a picture he’d reposted of a little white girl smiling at the camera and looking happy with the loud impact text “SAY HELLO TO BECKY JENKINS” (or something to that effect) at the top. WIthout any thinking or deliberating whatsoever I immediately clicked the Like then the Repost button and did not bother to read the additional body of text at the bottom of the image that actually explained what had happened to her.

      It’s interesting how my brain had already recognized the Memetic “Form of the White Child Who has been [Murdered/Raped/Abused] by [Blacks/Muslims/Nonwhites]” and then re-transmitted the image and its message without having to read or think about it any more.

  4. Fox says:

    1. The identitarians in austria once had a meme showing a young, pseudo-traditionally dressed women with the text saying “just because you’re fetching doesn’t mean you’re a fascist”. This non-sequitur would make people dizzy from the dissonance.
    2. I once saw a melon try to participate in a topical discussion – it was funny since he cleary had no clue about the subject. Thals trying melonspeak – not so funny. There is so much a thal can do (especially one with ONE IN A MILLION DISCERNMENT ABILITY) that doesn’t involve melonspeak or spreading memes. Leave that stuff to the melons and the meme-proletarians. Get in touch with a melon or two and sperg for them, so that they can melon more effectively. You know all those info-graphics on gab, showing which group participated to which degree in this or that event? These things don’t create themselves, someone researches, spergs and then condenses the information into a graphic. Others (hint: melons) than spread it with their comment added.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      This non-sequitur would make people dizzy from the dissonance.

      The rhetoric makes perfect sense.

      Thals trying melonspeak – not so funny.

      It’s like a Beta mimicking Alpha behaviors. People don’t like that. But I’m still going to do it until it’s natural and internalized and fluid.

      You know all those info-graphics on gab, showing which group participated to which degree in this or that event?

      Can you give an example? I haven’t used Gab since I started the account.

  5. Ø says:

    Also imo Pettibone is right in that like solid 7-8 zone where it can shift based on her grooming and makeup and stuff. Nice looking girl, but nothing too extraordinary

  6. tm says:

    Finishing digital marketing qualifications and should have a middle-class-ish job in a few months. Entry level positions start at about 50k. Not great but it’s a good first step out of NEETdom. Thanks Aeoli and MM.

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  8. bicebicebcie says:

    ” It’s like the Overton window or conspiracy theories, where you have to be just the correct amount of “right” to get the maximum payoff, and you go into negative payoff territory if you’re too correct.”

    “Installments”. Trump goes approximately 1-nanometer overboard with this, I am sure even for him it takes a lot of willpower not to push it more at that time. Also why Melons tend to gas their own people after a while.

  9. Ø says:

    “Disregard memes, acquire sacrifices”

  10. daniel says:

    At least we now know what Aeoli’s type is.

  11. Tom Kratman says:

    No, IIRC I just thought you were wrong about how unbefuckinglievably stupid he is.

  12. What exactly Isn’t a Brandy Alexander?

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