More meme theory

Melonman explained yesterday’s meme theory to me using Le 56% Face.

I had thought this meme was targeted at the right because that’s the most obvious level of meaning, but I was badly mistaken.

The reason this meme works is that it entraps SJWs by baiting them to use their favorite tactic of race deconstructionism, i.e. tactical nihilism applied to racial identity politics.


On the one hand, they get to paint badwhites as low status and accuse American white nationalists of incoherence. On the other hand, this accepts the tacit premise that race mixing is low-status. So the less woke leftists will retweet this meme, the medium woke ones will freeze with confusion (understanding at some level that they shouldn’t jump into the trap, but unable to square the circle), and the self-consciously genocidal ones will remain silent out of prudence for fear of backlash for appearing not enthusiastic enough (like being the first to stop applauding Stalin).

Note the emphasis on appealing to status competition and, understanding that racial policies are really about relative class levels for whites and not about ensuring the best outcomes for the most people. Status, in aesthetics, follows the disgust/purity axis:

That’s why it’s so important for the Amerimutt to be repulsive.

This focus on class assumes (correctly I think) that the genetic competition with other races carries no “weight” for white people. That is, it’s more important to fight over who are the low-status whites and who are the high-status whites, and people from other races are just a policy item. It’s a bit black pilling but probably true that most people today agree with Caesar’s sentiment: “I would rather be headman of a village than the second man in Rome.”

Appealing to class goes back to what I said in our conversation:

But even a soap has the shit levels, it just needs to have the hidden meaning too so the melons can enjoy it.
But the shit is why people like memes, because there’s a guilty pleasure.
But if it doesn’t have the sublime levels of meta-narrative, then people sense that and everybody knows you’re feeding them McDonald’s.
So really the target demographic, in America, is the upper-middle class, because that’s “success”.
But couched in prole ugliness.
In the UK the target is probably the gentry, because “success” is in the blood.
So a good meme is based on an argument directed toward the SWPL worldview, but it says “nigger” and the picture is Katy Perry.

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15 Responses to More meme theory

  1. Patrick says:

    Looking forward to seeing your handicap come down to a respectable 15-18 in the near future.

  2. Gabriel Lorca says:

    I found MM:

  3. bicebicebcie says:

    the conundrum of course being if they (lefties) stop existing as better whites the lesser whites (righties) win by default. As a proud thard of the Edenist race, permit me to speak in cinémais:

    Whoever Wins…We Lose. Don’t cross the beams.
    Semantics can be “sacrificed”, switch up/down the language, logistics can not, only then should one venture into the sape realm, if such a thing is threatened. The Amerimutt is the ultimate sape form.

    I, for one, welcome this cosmetic change so thards won’t be suckered into thinking that sapes are friends who gives a shit about anything other than that which is currently Perceived as bread and circus (soy, a sex change and social media in the current year of 2018). They can’t even get actual bread and circus right.

    The sape is both the iceberg and the titanic and the worthless captain and the non existent logistic reconnaissance and the good feelz that everything always works out in the end anyways because God isn’t real but im going to hell when I die, that he is sure of, atleast being somewhat aware that all his actions and inactions leads to recreating hell on earth. Sapes are living broken window fallacies that is just the way it is.

  4. tm says:

    Great post.

    Regarding Neandersphere OC, I have a new YT Channel and publish at least one video per week. I’m not sure what an “OT” comment is, but this should do. Here is the link: I will be branching out and doing other themes and styles of video, not doing only what you see.

  5. Ø says:

    And here I was thinking la abominacion del 56% creatura was about btfoing amerisharts on imageboards

  6. Heaviside says:

    These are hisperic’s drawings. I doubt he had in mind some convoluted plan to make liberals look bad when he created these. He probably had to deal with too many dumb American WNs on Twitter.

    • Ø says:

      Dios mio…

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Could be the theory is wrong, could be the function was unintended. With creative types, it’s hard to pin down the why. This adviser finds it laughable that Tolkien would hate allegory, given all the symbolism in LOTR, yet I believe Tolkien was genuine when he said that.

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