On humans

Humanity is engaged in a perpetual cold war of all against all. This follows from their peculiar biological position as group-level apex predators. Individual resource acquisition is not determined by hunting, gathering, or farming success, as one would expect, but rather from relative status: an Omega male who hunts with superlative talent and skill eats less than an Alpha male who does not participate in the hunt at all (ref: lions). Because “all war is based on deception”, the human predisposition to relentless deception (ref: young children) and sabotage can be blamed on this cold war for relative status. This produces a nature (a phenotype) which is characterized by an efficiency in maximizing status obtained from minimized nurture.

Biologically, man is characterized by his encephalization and effective use of scarce calories. The latter trait appeared first, being inherited from a survival strategy of endurance predators. The former may be explained by two needs: 1) natural problem-solving to adapt to harsh and/or changing food production conditions, and 2) social perception and navigation to increase one’s status and decrease the status of others without threatening the commonweal. As man became the group-level apex predator he is today, the former need became irrelevant and the latter dominated the development of his mental powers. I distinctly remember, at the age of puberty, when my peers became disinterested in any activity other than impressing each other with their increasingly well-practiced social fluency. So we see that a man or group of men who quits the political field is, ultimately, committing genetic suicide (hence the inborn male fascination with political advocacy).

A rogue human, even one of superlative talent and skill, acts outside his biological imperative as an apex predator because this position is predicated on group-level adaptations. The Omega male thus faces the choice of cooperating with the group and being killed slowly as a slave, or defecting from the group and most likely being eaten by animals or barbarian raids (e.g. the individualistic neanderthals). If he cooperates, he suffers the dual indignity of having the spoils of his hunt apportioned to others and receiving only a nominal share for his efforts, and negative transference (blame) for all the group’s woes. Because man is a magical thinker, he assumes that low-value (low-calorie) people are also the source of all evils (i.e. group-level calorie loss), and in times of group-level crisis will attempt to cull the low-status population in a perverted atonement for the group’s sins (as opposed to the Mosaic practice of sacrificing the spotless first-born lamb).

A phenotype of this sort ultimately explains the typical strategy of shrouding the acquisition of status in mystery: You “get it”, or “you don’t get it”. You “got it”, “have the X-factor”, etc., or you don’t. The meaning of “get” is twofold. 1) One understands how to navigate fundamental social realities by instinct, without being told (and in a strenuous social milieu of intratribal cold war deceptions), or one doesn’t. And 2) one either “gets” (obtains) resources because they have high-status and are desirable to associate with, or one doesn’t “get” resources. This is why the notion of nurturing his young by communicating social realities appears to be a mystery to homo sapiens—by definition, a person who needs to be told the truth does not deserve to receive it. Due to this assumed environment of in-group sabotage, people instinctively discount the spoken beliefs of others and are only persuaded by observing and “aping” how a successful (high-status, resource-abundant) person acts, this being generally more expensive to fake (“words are cheap”).

In conclusion, we see that the highest status human is defined as one who appears to have come by his status without effort, and in the total absence of nurture. This is why women are attracted to dark triad traits and humanity is doomed to continue breeding these and breeding out problem-solving traits. If a man has put forth effort to obtain his social status, then it was not passed to him by birth and he will not, in turn, bless his descendents with this instinctual sort of understanding. He may pass on his understanding by nurture, but this is a bad genetic bet in the long term: the overwhelming human tendency to in-group deception and sabotage will win out and the cultural knowledge will be lost, and the artificial Alpha’s genetic line will be extinguished. This is the source of the female instinct to feel that she has been “cheated” if her lover shows a conscious understanding of how he obtains his value, status, and resources.

The Problem Is Humans  - Dilbert by Scott Adams

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54 Responses to On humans

  1. Mr. T. says:

    Congratulations, you understand humanity way better than me. Many valuable insights that put things in context in one post!

    • Mr. T. says:

      Bookmarked for for further study.

      • Mr. T. says:

        To clarify: I thought the post was simply a brilliant way to put together some things I’ve been pondering as well. So I did mean well and tried to be encouraging/helpful. A post this insightful is a a rare find. (Impacted my brain learning bigly.)

        The “big picture” of humanity, including social competition, is not pretty at all. Quite mammalian. And I have a big-eyed tendency to airbrush ugliness away — or get too depressed. Of course people should acknowledge reality and learn to live as “spiritually effectively” (coin/body/brain/place given) we can.

        I’m quite often thankful that anything works at all and we still have a civilization running here. It’s a strange and interesting world.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          Thank you, that was my favorite sort of compliment. And I agree that it’s surprising and nice that my toilet still flushes, even though this appears to be a small miracle. In general, I wouldn’t have put money on humans, but here we are.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Thank you. You should know I got an uncanny valley effect from your comment though.

      • Mr. T. says:

        Hmm… Uncanny valley because (1) it’s so rare that someone says that they understand humanity/people worse than you – creepyish or (2) some factor in just how I wrote things/came across, “congratulations” or (3) that I appear to be inhuman because I understand humans worse than you…? Or (4) because I said or intended to say supporting and encouraging words that are rare and and ended up sounding eerie. Or something else. Dunno.

        Well, at least my ‘spergic communication style fits here well, I suppose. :-) I could have just simply asked why but ended up listing various alternatives which may all be wrong…

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          I think it was because “congratulations” is a weird form of praise there. Its the sort of weirdness that indicates a person who is far out of their normal element, like an alien or time traveler. I’m glad you weren’t offended by my saying so, that probably indicates sperg. I told you this so you can correct and hopefully avoid bullying.

          • Mr. T. says:

            Interesting. Though I think it (“congrats”) may have partly been an urge to say things “differently” or “creatively” or “edgily” on the interwebs (self-centered attention seeking?), but it’s often difficult to know how exactly you are seen. So I did it on purpose, at least in part. (Weirdness leaks…)

            I do usually try to play it safe in physical environments — acting without inhibition, or “mask”, or censoring yourself a lot will lead to trouble. But feedback is good to get; ones life is a behavioral experiment of sorts in controlling yourself and your output, hopefully leading to better results all around.

            Parts of your posting reminded me of this http://lesswrong.com/lw/1aj/let_them_eat_cake_interpersonal_problems_vs_tasks/ (“the resistance in society to applying rationality to socializing and dating”). The linked article notices a problem but doesn’t have your (pretty brutal) analysis part figured out.

  2. Triple AAA says:

    What I get from this is that there is a peak of complexity that organisms may or may not reach, and then they fall back in the abyss because of inherent flaws. I think we may have already passed the peak for humanity.

      • bicebicebcie says:

        = people banding together, sape with 2 braincells bossing over the ones with 1 braincell because it is” beneficial not to die”(indicates a reason(ing) ), like a shoal, then when all is fine and well people say fuck it all because they are sapes and everything goes to hell, one final bunga bunga party and everyone dies (negates reason(ing) ).
        what was gained from this venture is not known to the intelligent hominids, but misery loves company and company loves more. repeat. the most damning disclosure is that they never meant anything with anything as in at all. not even fauna acts this way, and no magical legislation or religious preaching can save them. Sape.

        that may not be what he meant but that is the current state of “society” because today a lot of sapes are “passing” to the untrained eye.

  3. hence, baby factories?

  4. mobiuswolf says:

    That’s disgusting. How are we supposed to rise above that?

    • mobiuswolf says:

      Quite an essay, though. :)

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Here is a true American, in whom there is no submission.

      I try not to preach if I can avoid it because Paul said teachers get judged more harshly, but the only things that appear to separate societies from darkest Africa and Papua New Guinea are 1. Jesus and 2. neanderthal admixture.

      • Mycroft Jones says:

        Too late Aeoli. You’re posting publicly on a blog. You’re a preacher, no matter what label you put on it.

    • Anonanon says:

      Well, it’s gotten less physical and irrevocably deadly than it ever was — so you could say the rising is definitely there.

      If you wish for the complete uprooting of what this posts describes though, I don’t think it can be there while mankind is still there.
      Because “life” and “man” inherently mean “will”. And if it is true that where there is a will there is a way, it’s far truer that where there is more than one will there is vying.

  5. Heaviside says:

    Why do you believe in an evolutionary account of human nature?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I’m not sure. I’d have to think about it.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I gave it some thought. The reasons appear to be 1. it treats DNA as supersalient, which I believe is the correct emphasis, and 2. explanatory scope and power.

    • Anonanon says:

      Such an account could be valid even if it wasn’f the “ultimate” account.
      Example: the theory that our “universe” is the content of a simulation run (for entertianment? research? Whatever) by “aliens”. This would not mean that our reality be not evolutionary/naturally-selective.

      And you can make countless such examples.
      So, as an ultimate theoresis, I too find evolution & selection a touch simplistic.On the other hand, there’s hardly anything they don’t explain very effectively.
      Maybe they don’t make for very good philosophy, but they’re assuredly good science.

  6. Fox says:

    “and negative transference (blame) for all the group’s woes. Because man is a magical thinker, he assumes that low-value (low-calorie) people are also the source of all evils (i.e. group-level calorie loss), and in times of group-level crisis will attempt to cull the low-status population in a perverted atonement for the group’s sins”
    To which degree is this theory based on the prevalent victim-narratives which portrait european history as nothing but an endless stream of completely irrational attacks on minorities (“persecution society”)? I ask because this theory can be used as an amazingly effective tool for demonizing group actions. Yes, there is ostracism of the lone thal who does not hurt anyone, but do white normies really have the instinct to “transfere” all blame onto him, or is it rather that whoever is in charge will unleash normie anger on outsiders (in order to avoid it being redirected against him, for example)? If so, then we can distinguish group action against perceived threats (“self-defense” on group level) from group action because of “transference” (“scapegoating”) by gauging the position of the elites – did they give permission (and/or encouragement) or not?

    Note that the first case is a “grassroots”-level phenomenon, whilst the second is “top-down”.

  7. Mycroft Jones says:

    Low calorie people are bad. That explains two things: Six pack stomach is sexy. Six pack stomach indicates HIGH calorie consumption. Body builders consume tons of food. Second thing, fat is unsexy. Fat and flab indicate low metabolism, which is caused by low calorie.

    • Alex says:

      It explains why the reaction I get from most people when they discover I have survived most of my life by consuming a single meal per day is one of disgust.

  8. Dave says:

    “an Omega male who hunts with superlative talent and skill” ?? Any man with a talent for wealth creation is at worst a Beta, not an Omega. And any Alpha who doesn’t make sure his producers (Betas) each have exclusive access to at least one fertile female is going to lose them all to rival tribes, or be killed by them. Incels have nothing to lose, so never cheat a man who knows how to throw a spear!

    The high-IQ, high-income nerd who can’t get a girlfriend is strictly a first-world phenomenon. In second-world countries, where women on welfare get $20 a month and those who work full-time get $100-$200 a month, nerds receive plenty of female attention! And in third-world countries, sex is so easy to get that men fantasize about food instead.

    • Mr. T. says:

      I thought they may be something that’s not exactly, precisely correct with the “omega male hunter” example as well, but in general the post seems to describe the usual patterns of human bullying and ostracism, social navigation, hierarchies etc. And gives plausible interconnecting reasons for normal human behavior that are expressed simply and non-technically enough (not too much academese).

  9. Ø says:

    >Superlative Hunter, small tribe

    The intuitive fallacy, standing abreast its gnostic and naturalistic brothers, strikes again

    Muh behavioral sink mudefugguh

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Maybe I should rephrase it to match the spirit of ceteris paribus in which it was meant. All in all, the people who make things but are low status get compensated very poorly for their efforts, whereas high-status people are compensated very well regardless of what they do. Hence, edenism: the desire to reduce group size so this will be less true. This isn’t a particularly new idea.

      • Ø says:

        Well right, but the fact that you unironically believed that a superlatively valuable male would somehow be an Omega in a small tribe setting shows me that you still haven’t assigned *quite* enough weight to naturalistic causes and phenomena (and not exclusively human agency) in the subjective counterfactual models that are going on in your cranium and which are eventually logically ordered to become blog posts. Accuracy is often the difference between a voice crying out in the wilderness and one saving souls (#writethatdown). This is not to say that human agency isn’t a big deal, because it is, but while Lucifer blames society, Ahriman blames the individual, and Satan laughs.

        • Ø says:

          Free willz is fo realz, but so is the pleasure principle.

          • Ø says:

            >Accuracy is often the difference between a voice crying out in the wilderness and one saving souls

            Of course, this isn’t to say that voices crying out in the wilderness can’t save souls. Lol.

          • bicebicebcie says:

            “Free willz is fo realz, but so is the pleasure principle.” If that is real true sapes are even more crazy and degenerate than the initial estimate. I don’t have free will in regards to eating, sleeping, drinking water and breathing, nor taking a piss or a shit.

            Look, the r-mensch have artificially created a K (substituted by R (ganged up r) ) environment in which their own children can’t survive. There was an article in Sweden where the cops basically said its your own fault if you are a victim of a crime because you didn’t carry yourself with enough dignity and flair of a prize fighting gladiator. Then again peace and pleasure does not mean the exact same thing in every culture but I do know that whatever word a sape uses is mimicked behavior, just like a psycho levels up in therapy because he can navigate the world of lies and nice-speak better hence curing him (heil hitler heil stalin heil whateverthefuck) etc etc. Absolute insanity turned even more bizarre when they try to speak human languages.

            Just take the Chad Christ pill, become a carpenter move out to the countryside/forest and let the vermin bury themselves in the cities. If your ancestor lived in the exact same spot for thousands of years I understand why one would stand and fight but chances are they didn’t, don’t waste your life for the sapes. We are not r and interfering with their child rearing would be like saying gorillaz are bad parents because they don’t allow their kids to read the bible or play on the computer for at least 30 minutes everyday. We are talking about different species here. Tex is right about the ITZ because one day the reactors will fall apart and the missiles will rot away in their storages, which is why you need DOS in your shelter and Fallout Larp. But all notions of saving sapes and normies should have been thrown out the window yesterday, another 2000 years won’t change them for the better. Containment only works while it works: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-china-credit/china-to-bar-people-with-bad-social-credit-from-planes-trains-idUSKCN1GS10S

            http://m.mattinopadova.gelocal.it/padova/cronaca/2018/03/21/news/il-gesu-della-sindone-diventa-una-scultura-e-conferma-il-vangelo-1.16618982 take the carpenter pill and get built

  10. bicebicebcie says:

    the most damning thing is how parents are now leasing the supposed inheritance to their children via le happy man (because status signalling aka muh pension), basically what you said about how fathers will cuck their own sons, which in essence they are already doing to 99%, seeing the absolute state of western society. which maybe ironically is also the way out, there is nothing here to see really, nothing to care for, absolutely nothing to reform. Itz a done deal as Tex said, it really is.The nukes have already detonated, it was hardcoded into the sape dna. A lot of the people, even family members, are now ghouls.

    It all started when ; “- do whatever makes you happy son (do heroin and die because one day im going to marry your sister anyways. literally)”. A real epic greco-roman tragedy.

    It is better to be the last man in the Village than the first man in rome.

    • bicebicebcie says:

      That didn’t come out as positive as I intended it to sound. But I think the word “selfish” will get a new revival, selfish as in not cashing out and spinning the wheel of misfortune one more time for old gramps. Tactical rethardation, thats the name of the game.

      “Police said the woman, Elaine Herzberg, had not been using a pedestrian crossing. She was taken to a local hospital, where she died” On Humans and their lies.
      This is why mimiced autism will always fail, it doesn’t even work for robots programmed according to sape rules because there are no fucking rules, YOLO! TLDR: don’t feel bad, its not you itz them.

  11. Patrick says:

    You’re basing on a certain set of particularly American circumstances. This is why it’s important for high IQ people to cultivate true generosity, compassion and kindness. It’s also important to develop your own mind and gain a resolute confidence in your own perception of deeper more universal truths.

    This builds you a basis of political influence. The truth speaker is at first ostracised but ultimately over time accepted as people recognise his true integrity and he speak to their genuine pain. Even kings feel pain, heart ache, sorrow, guilt, sadness… we all suffer.

    Often in human societies it’s Omegas who are the Shamans, the Witch Doctors, the Healers, the ones with the special magical insight. The scapegoat mechanism is converted and turned around to elevate the sacrificial victim to demi-god status. Cairns in Scotland and Ireland are piles of stones built to bury the bravest warriors. What was a cairn originally? The pile of stones used to stone the first scapegoat. Same with the cross. The way of relating to the thing changes over time changes as the more compassionate tribes who work around their own violent instincts seek to integrate the outsiders and thus benefit from their innovations and special skills.

    So, yes, humankind does scapegoat. This is the main mechanism of mass control by the Brahmans. Right now in certain places the scapegoat mechanism itself has hit rock bottom, thus causing these population pockets of Sapiens to Self-Kerkovian. In the wild it just chatters, sharpens sticks, fights, fucks, eats rats and dies of venereal disease in its mid-twenties.

    But overall Sapiens is capable of all kinds of magical thinking and is capable of relating to its own psychology in all kinds of weird and wonderful ways. It’s quite an interesting animal the more you look at it. Not beyond even redemption… or love or genuine compassion. Just crazy and stupid… but it could be easily argued that I am as well so…

    • Patrick says:

      If you really wanted to go Christian Redpill you could say that the self-destructive pockets of purely materialistic socio-sexual Shitlording act to improve this vigour of the human organism as a whole. And that the cross represents the futile struggle of the socially isolated self-deluding neurotic, for a time living a life blissfully unaware of the awful reality, paying with his life for the sins of his Dunbar social group that were before crafted only as a way to perpetuate his own personal fantasies and romances.

      So… basically… in conclusion… it is what it is. Suplex a bitch off the turnbuckle onto a table or allow yourself to be suplexed. Or not. I’m losing my train of thought but ultimately we just gotta, like, deal with it, bro. Shit sucks.

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  14. Obadiah says:

    Great post btw.

    Like most other things you talk about, Itz all just the ultimate consequence of the fact that we have to consume calories in order to keep our bodies breathing.

  15. Obadiah says:

    >man is a magical thinker

    This is true of all non-xNTP types and especially you, Captain Counterfactual.

  16. Obadiah says:

    Actually Koanic is non-xNTP and he manages to mostly eschew magical thinking.

  17. Obadiah says:

    Koanic is non-xNTP and he manages to mostly avoid magistical thinkan

  18. Obadiah says:

    I guess everybody thinks magically in some way or another, given that consciousness is a supernatural phenomenon.

    Great post though, still. It really is house-nigger apotheosis out there, and without God there’s no reason for it not be.

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