The future of engineering

I was voluntold to help judge a STEM competition for gifted middle schoolers in the area. There were a number of black pilling things about this (run by Jews, gifted teacher was a flint-eyed idiot woman, etc.), but I’ll just give you the most important one.

About 1/3 of the groups produced a working machine. No problem there, it was a tough assignment. One of the machines, produced by a group with a boy I pegged early on as having an IQ head and shoulders above the rest, was simply astounding and far better than I would have made. But that didn’t matter, because the judges were giving extra points to the girls left and right for presentation, and deducting them from the boys. Most of the points were given for teamwork and documenting the design process in a nice portfolio.

I judged one team of four girls who would go on to win the competition. Their machine wouldn’t budge during the time allotted, and they went back to their seats sad and frustrated. When it was announced they had won, they were shell-shocked. The presenter tried to cheer them up, but to no avail. When they sat back down with their giant trophies, they looked crestfallen and confused. When I mentioned this to the coordinator, she gave me that matronizing look of contempt only Jewesses can really pull off that says “Oh, I didn’t realize you think I’d care.”

Only girls took home any trophies. So that’s the future of engineering: nice portfolios, great teamwork, and machines that don’t work.

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20 Responses to The future of engineering

  1. Gabriel Lorca says:

    Engineering has nothing to do with art. Thats what architects are for.

    Also, Fibre reinforced polymers are the future of engineering.

  2. SirHamster says:

    I had not seen that bloody picture.

    Thanks for the K-trigger. Hate.

  3. Glenn MT says:

    The story about the bridge is among the worst black pills I’ve come across in the news.

    • bicebicebcie says:

      You didn’t read Vault-Co?

      Tex predicted this. 10 000 times.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        Glenn isn’t big on associative horizon stuff like Vault-Co.

        • bicebicebcie says:

          1 sape unit + anything = ITZ. I should get into advanced math because its just letters and formulas that you sort of can make up yourself, energy in energy out fluid/stable.

          “I get black pilled by ideas a lot more than by the events they cause. ”
          Thats waht I sort of said about Trump getting high energy from the united blackpilled states of america into MAGA. I only wish he would go into “dual passport dual loyality” and start kicking out the trash like Putler and Ping Pong. This really is the time for strong men.

        • Glenn MT says:

          (Missed AP’s response at first.)

          Oh, Aeoli, please explain to me why I can’t appreciate stuff like Vault-Co, despite closely following that site for years. That would be much more informative than your glib dismissal that I’m not “big on associative horizon stuff.”

      • Glenn MT says:

        I never said it was surprising. Just discouraging.

        I’ve read plenty of Vault-Co. Tex making a prediction is certainly not something you should put much weight behind.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I get black pilled by ideas a lot more than by the events they cause. When someone gives $20 of “charity” to an alcoholic, that’s when I black pill. When I find the alcoholic in a ditch the next morning all I think is “this is what I expected, time to clean up the mess”.

  4. Treb says:

    What was the assignment?

    what was the precocious boy’s solution?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >What was the assignment?

      All I’ll say is they had a limited set of materials.

      >what was the precocious boy’s solution?

      To abuse the communal hot glue gun and its effectively unlimited supply of hot glue, in order to make a smaller structure that was extremely strong.

  5. Boneflour says:

    Homeschool or die.

  6. Boneflour says:

    It’s an episode of the Twilight Zone in here. Pretty soon we’ll need a X-Men private school for non-mutants facing discrimination.

    Take in boys from public schools or gifted programs that have “teamwork issues”, stop poisoning them, give em some books… Output high-end consultants/contractors that go in and fix the diversity bridges.

    Swap the gifted -> university debt -> corporate job pipeline for a
    gifted -> accelerated learning -> trades/small business pipeline

    You could still get government contracts for diversity bridges, even. Everyone has ADHD/Bipolar these days, and that’s on the quota.

    Gonna be funny when the construction company stuffed with the “mentally ill” is the one fixing all the breakdowns.

    • bicebicebcie says:

      Aha! You mean like Tex working as a contractor?
      Just never tell them your “condition”, just say you are the bestest motherfucker on the planet, the sapes will really dig that “can do” attitude, heck you don’t even need to finish the job proper if you feel like it with such a WINNING attitude.

      More problems = more jobs. Sape economics 101, and they aren’t really wrong tho…

  7. Patrick says:

    The bridged not surprise me one bit. Having said that I think we’re are going to start turning the corner vis a vis meritocracy in engineering fairly soon. Because technology.

    If you look at Udacity they are churning out many thousands of self-taught web, robotics and AI pros every year. ICOs mean that competent people who can deliver will be able to raise equity from investors. All this new tech is more powerful than politics, as is even the idiocracy’s fear of being killed by a collapsing bridge. Even Homo Sapiens has its limits when its own ability to fuck teh bitches and make teh money is being existentially threatened. It sends them into such a powerful psychosis that they even begin listening to reason.

    The profit motive isn’t trapped within the overwatch, probably even within the high levels of it. But it will be unleashed to quite a low level in society once more. This tends to have quite a powerful effect on the socio-sexual landscape.

    • Patrick says:

      1) The bridge did not surprise me one bit
      2)The profit motive is trapped within the overwatch

    • Patrick says:

      Also with respect to engineering it is possible to frame the issue as an educational excellence one and to give the nerds a biscuit for inventing nice things like condoms, iPhones, sanitation and Bud Lite on draught now and again. That doesn’t break the system. People like nice things and if a few witches are holding back the tide then they can be thrown to the mob just like anyone else can.

    • Patrick says:

      Also let’s remember that no one expected the Bing Bing Bing. But the Bing Bing Bing and you’re Wrong. So ultimately people want a high energy leader who can hold an erection in his 80s and smash his centrefold model of a wife while shooting an AR-15 downrange.

      This requires things like AR-15s and rules on using AR-15s and people who know how to make AR-15s and people who know how to make Viagra and people who can invent spandex… there is a certain baseline to the thing is what I’m saying. And the baseline overrides evil witches and their little schemes. If the dick doesn’t dick it down, then the species stops.

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