Churchianity in a nutshell

It befits the dignity of the Western church that this was on Groesbeck highway right behind the hydroponics store.


Normies in leadership: not even once. Showing this to Churchians makes a pretty good Rorschach test for functioning amygdalas—if the audience reacts poorly, there may still be some hope for them. If they think it’s cute, get out or burn it down (or both).

The really interesting thing about Groesbeck is the unintended symbolism. You can drive south and see the first, second, and third worlds in a ten-mile stretch from 17 Mile Rd past the infamous 8 Mile Rd. Groesbeck changes to Hoover at 8 Mile, then quickly changes to Gunston (“Guns town” lol) which is relatively nice compared to Hoover, then dead ends on Gratiot. If you were to continue in a straight line as the bird flies, you would end up in Grosse Point, which is where all the (relatively) old money is.

This sign was between 11 Mile Rd and 12 Mile Rd.

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6 Responses to Churchianity in a nutshell

  1. Patrick says:

    Jesus is Bing Bing Bing!

  2. ∅ says:

    What’s really fascinating is that the people responsible for that sign are probably legitimately bewildered when they find out that their kids are more interested in the Alt-Right and Peeper the Maymay Frog than they are in religion and God. They probably gripe about it to each other while busily making arrangements to flood more Somalians into their kids’ school districts

  3. Gabriel Lorca says:

    Reminds me of these types of banners you see at Churches:

    The worst place I saw one of these things was across the street from a planned parenthood. I wanted to puke everytime I went past it. Which was everyday as it was the safest and fastest route home. I later confirmed they had a Pro-LGBT rally inside the Church.

    P.s. One of the protest signs outside of the Planned Parenthood read “Unborn Black Lives Matter”. It just added to the insanity that much.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Thank you for that photo, I’m going to use that for a prop next time I talk to someone about this. E.g. I asked my family about gays in the church, and it would have been nice to have this pic to trip the circuit breaker.

    • Ulixes Orobar says:

      Does that kind of signalling appeal to anyone currently under the age of 45? A millennial on either side of the gay issue or the abortion issue would find it ridiculous, I think. It’s an unbelievable transparent social trick, and it suggests a lack of conviction.

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