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On humans

Humanity is engaged in a perpetual cold war of all against all. This follows from their peculiar biological position as group-level apex predators. Individual resource acquisition is not determined by hunting, gathering, or farming success, as one would expect, but … Continue reading

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Stay-at-home mom makes $25/hr curing bigotry, faith, and scarcity mindset with this one weird trick

Just turn off the offensive parts of your brain with a strong magnet. (H/T Steve Sailer.) The Independent Online Disabling parts of the brain with magnets can weaken faith in God and change attitudes to immigrants, study finds By Doug … Continue reading

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Jungian Paganism as Zodiacism

Although I honestly like the guy and enjoy the material he puts out, I’ve criticized Jordan Peterson for pushing a proto-Luciferian cultural Christianity emphasizing the triumph of consciousness over the heart. Now, unless he unveils a hidden 13th principle as … Continue reading

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More meme theory

Melonman explained yesterday’s meme theory to me using Le 56% Face. I had thought this meme was targeted at the right because that’s the most obvious level of meaning, but I was badly mistaken. The reason this meme works is … Continue reading

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Course correct

A melony friend set me straight on the #FreeBrittany thing. Here’s a condensed version of what he said I did wrong, as I understand it. 1. I overvalued Pettibone’s looks and it makes it look like I’m desperately trying to … Continue reading

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ALL HANDS ON DECK, we have an excellent memewar opportunity! Brittany Pettibone is a hard HB10 right-wing personality figure who’s being detained for free speech in the UK. You couldn’t ask for better optics or a better opportunity to … Continue reading

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How to tell if you’re being called by the Holy Spirit

Click through for larger version. This is a great time to note that you don’t have to be “called” to use your spiritual gifts, or to make the right career choice to support your family, or to help put the … Continue reading

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Testosterone checklist

I asked MM to consolidate his advice for raising testosterone from his two major posts on it: Ultimate Guide to Raising Your Testosterone Terrific Total Health Advice From Dr. Rhonda Patrick, Phd. I’ve further consolidated this into a (sort of … Continue reading

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Field guide to the culture wars (everybody please read this)

But it’s time to admit it: the United States is in the middle of the worst culture wars I’ve seen in my life, either in my 20 years in the US, or in the previous 20 years in India (which … Continue reading

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The plan

One of my advisers is concerned that I’m insane and says what I’m trying to do will never work, and he doesn’t want me to burn out and become disillusioned. So he assigned me a homework project: treat the One … Continue reading

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