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Forensic faith quiz

My Bible study group is reading through Forensic Faith by James Warner Wallace. It’s far more conceptual than his more popular book, Cold Case Christianity, which is focused more on the traditional subjects of apologetics. Not half-bad, give or take … Continue reading

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Jung as prophet of the new European Paganism

You may recall that I’ve been all preachy about charity, Christianity, and the resurgence of Zodiacism as the natural religion of man projecting his inner psychological battles on the heavens (i.e. backwards astrology). The first step in this transition, as … Continue reading

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So ends the Alt-West (re: Vox Day and Jordan Peterson)

tl;dr- Mixed feelz. It’s the exact same thing as the Cville debacle, which ended poorly for everyone involved because the Right is unwilling to form alliances with neighboring cities to fight the Persians. Vox’s point is ultimately correct, but his … Continue reading

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Skin in the Game – Defining the problem of Western Christian sexual degeneracy

You could just say they aren’t Christians, or at any rate not very good ones, but I believe that’s punting on a problem where people will be looking for serious philosophical solutions within the next couple of decades. Generally, I … Continue reading

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A wild lightbringer appears

This was one of the more impressive summaries of a phenomenon I’ve ever read. Ignorance of the network effect leads to a shift of the tax base off of liquid value of net assets — most essentially farm land — … Continue reading

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On fetishism in general

My overall thesis on fetishism, in general, is that a “fetish” is when a metaphor replaces the concept to which it refers. For example, the literary sense of being bound in chains is to have one’s free will reduced to … Continue reading

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Inuyasha and the life principle (part 1)

Inuyasha is a popular anime show, following the general trend where people on the spectrum enjoy sophisticated ideas through unsophisticated, bathetic presentations. We are observably much better at dreaming than thinking. There are some things I really like about it, … Continue reading

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