Asperger’s is Literally Hitler

You may recall from my intro to Asperger’s blog post that I speculated about the motives behind the conspiracy to redefine Asperger’s as high-functioning autism.

The problem you run into is that, in recent years, autism has become a politicized topic with a number of interest groups pushing agendas (e.g. the well-funded Autism Speaks vs. the grassroots group Autism Speaks Doesn’t Speak for Me). For example, “Asperger’s” was taken out of the DSM-V because it’s assumed to be high-functioning autism, despite HUGE diagnostic differences like normal language development vs. delayed language development.

So just be aware, it’s gonna be like researching the Holocaust. There’s also a strong tendency to conflate Asperger’s with the traits common to German Jews and the upper middle class in general, like myopia, ectomorphism, and extreme status anxiety (that is, the neurosis of being a racial mutt).

A recent op-ed referenced by Steve Sailer sheds some light on why it’s so important to (((some people))) that we don’t have vocabulary to discuss this eccentric (and actually quite fascinating) subset of humanity.

The Nazi History Behind ‘Asperger’
By Edith Sheffer

Asperger was long seen as a resister of the Third Reich, yet his work was, in fact, inextricably linked with the rise of Nazism and its deadly programs.

He first encountered Nazi child psychiatry when he traveled from Vienna to Germany in 1934, at age 28. His senior colleagues there were developing diagnoses of social shortcomings for children who they said lacked connection to the community, uneager to join in collective Reich activities such as the Hitler Youth.

*Neurotypical gears turning*

Clear signs of mental illness, brain damage, genetic inferiority, and likely psychopathy!

Sailer comments:

Then this oped goes on to explain how the term Asperger’s Syndrome must be stricken from our vocabularies Because Nazis. I forget what it is supposed to be replaced by, although no doubt most people who only recently learned the meaning of Asperger’s will go to their graves without ever learning whatever will be the de-Nazified replacement term.

Personally, I think, having more terms to explain reality is usually better than having fewer terms. Especially as the word “autism” comes to increasingly be used (for understandable, forgivable reasons) as a euphemism for the former euphemism “retarded,” the term “Asperger’s syndrome” is particularly useful in explaining a cluster of traits that weren’t well-recognized before the later 20th Century, and that, perhaps, are increasing in prevalence or at least in influence.

Nowadays the term “Asperger’s” is used informally to describe the symptom of social dysfunction, rather than a cluster of traits which includes social dysfunction.

If you actually want to understand Asperger’s, read these links:

Tony Atwood on Asperger’s Syndrome
Paul Cooijmans
Infogalactic on Asperger’s Syndrome
Leif Ekblad (Rdos) on Asperger’s Syndrome

Sheffer’s prize-winning Burned Bridge: How East and West Germans Made the Iron Curtain, challenges the moral myth of the Berlin Wall, the Cold War’s central symbol — revealing how the Iron Curtain was not simply imposed by Communism, but emerged from the everyday actions of ordinary people.

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12 Responses to Asperger’s is Literally Hitler

  1. Adolfo says:

    Hitler is literally Asperger’s.

    Click to access LKT0917s1201_1204.pdf

    One more school shooting and (((they)))’ll be making that argument in English.

  2. bicebicebcie says:

    “progressivism” never actually included spergs and autistés. saps are dumb but not that dumb, also melons, also the tech to run the planet like shit already exists so we can discard these people. I was going to reply to boneflour but too many posts to look through too lazy, it fits here, too, the reply.

    Powergrab is every “movement”, it is also how the western man got castrated. There is only power or as Tex new slogan :IT DOESN’T MATTER WHO IS RIGHT. IT IS ALL ABOUT WHO IS LEFT.

    Who is “Left”? The commie-sape-womyn-oogaboogers. SHUT.THEM.DOWN before they unplug us under “sperg-hitler” regulations. feelz bad man

  3. Literally Hitler in a Figurative Sense says:

    I completely endorse the terms, “Asperger syndrome,” “sperg,” “aspie,” “sperglord,” and, “assburgers.”

    • bicebicebcie says:

      Remember how Bernays rolled, I propose the term “Le Spergé”, yes, inspired by Le Chateau Autisté.

      The gap is big enough to obfuscate the sape “mind”. We are professionals now.

  4. Gabriel Lorca says:

    What does that make Neurotypicality then?

    Hillary Clinton?
    A death sentence?
    A brain abnormality?
    A Class A Felony?

    • Ø says:

      *Adjusts MLP cutie mark insignia on collar of black Hugo Boss uniform*

      “I vill be ze judge of zat, mein freund…

      …right after I am finished ordering mein model train sets according to mechanical and mathematical specifications, zat is.”

      *spends the next five hours writing code, having completely forgotten that he was supposed to be taking part in a political movement in the first place*

  5. Santoculto says:

    This killthanasia ”progroams” und ”scientific experiments” really happened*

  6. Patrick says:

    The white people who can comprehend the social engineering are literally Hitler? Where is the lie?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      It’s relatively rare for aspies to be truly woke because we lack nuance in our social awareness.

      • says:

        Most aspies I know IRL are indeed surprisingly unwoke; one pretty mellow guy I’ve known for years had a very bad reaction when I tried to deliver unto him the gospel of Donald Trump during the election; another I’ve known since childhood is a hardcore left-wing shitlib feminist despite being a cave bear raised in the rural countryside by his right wing cave bear father who is like 6’5″ and who owns and operates a small oil field services company. But then when you turn around and go online you can’t walk a foot without stepping on a pile of WOKE AUTISTES

        From what I’ve observed, aspies seem to be either completely woke or completely broke, without much middle ground in between.

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