No one needs assault knives

Some days in clown world it feels like we’re living inside a Zen koan.

On an almost-completely unrelated note, it is even more amusing to see that the Pakistani mayor of London actually implemented a policy that had hitherto been a joke among the pro-gun crowd. Is it time to start the National Butterknife Association?

Motto: Knives don’t kill people. People kill people.

On the plus side, the knife controllers won’t have to pry any knives out of cold dead hands, since the butter tends to make them a little more slippery.

Vox Day
Actual headline


It’s time for common sense board-with-nail laws. I’m sure the local “Asian” gangs agree. It probably makes them uncomfortable to imagine angry men holding boards with nails as they’re kidnapping thousands upon thousands of local children for sex slavery.

Remember, the important thing in life is that no one gets angry that thousands upon thousands of children are being kidnapped for a life of continual, violent rape by angry foreign men who hate them, because it’s the future and division is not Who We Are.

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13 Responses to No one needs assault knives

  1. Gabriel Lorca says:

    And so it begins. Next theyll be banning fingers once they realize how dangerous Twatting, Cracking, Gabbing, and Blogging are to impressionable youngsters. Well at least we still got out 20lb Monographs to hurl through the air at the invading hordes.

    • Gabriel Lorca says:

      Plus itll make the scorhed earth policy easier to implement. Gives new meaning to firebombing as well. Theres entire sections of university libraries that ought to be loaded into a trebuchet during the siege of Londonistan.

  2. Is it time to start the National Butterknife Association?

    I’m totally on board with not killing people with butterknives, and some commonsense restrictions are fine, but are we going to need a government permit to butter someone from now on? Asking for a friend.

  3. bicebicebcie says:

    If you have a board and a nail you can construct a cross, that is more disruptive than a knife. the uk is binning itself to please the lowest of the low in their society. take that, priviliged nobility and capitalism!

    with sapes, you win.

    • bicebicebcie says:

      I forgot to add and was going to respond with this to another comment, how it is interesting that it used to be retards that were seen as the to be at fault for societys degredation, which is also why all eugenics movements prior failed. Retards can work jobs and not stab people, sapes are normal by sape standards, can’t work any job and stab people.
      Eugenics is a pro life movement, i blame the jews for painting it as a death movement.

      • Aeoli Pera says:

        >Retards can work jobs and not stab people, sapes are normal by sape standards, can’t work any job and stab people.

        This is basically why the Alt-White project is doomed from the outside, with its hostility for Christianity and magic white people premise. Remove the social trust which the fear of Hell enabled and white people will return to what they were BC.

        • says:

          Der Juden and the wonderful effects they bring to our countries are the ultimate result of what happens when you convince yourself that nothing is going to happen to you when you die.

          • bicebicebcie says:

            The really devilish party is the obvious part, that things are going to happen to you while you live, and to those around you, which you both said. If you don’t fear hell you get hell on earth and you even worked towards it! Itz pretty crazy to think about how true certain things are. This kills the sceptic-community, if they had any capacity for shame and self-introversion.

            *evil pagan laughter in the french countryside intensifies*. People are wrong on so many levels its JUST, the Melon Bargain, I accept the homoglobo-egyptians as long as I don’t have to be one. I need to buy a bicycle pump and shove it in my ear and pump for dear life so the ooga boogas mistake me for Yakub. Better safe than sorry.

            • says:

              >I need to buy a bicycle pump and shove it in my ear and pump for dear life so the ooga boogas mistake me for Yakub


        • Gabriel Lorca says:

          Christianity is a white religion though. God created each nation to have its own time and place. He also created neanderthal man in his image. Neanderthal is the ubermensch. The blonde haired blue eyed ideal. Neanderthals never got the traction to form a nation state though.

          If blacks are allowed to have Liberia, and the Muslims can have their own countries it logically follows that White Christians can have their own countries. Black and Muslim cultures (its obviously biological at this point from looking at all the data points) are fundamentally incompatible with Western Civilization which is founded on Christianity.

          • Gabriel Lorca says:

            Also the Juden has Israel. The million dollar question is why arent christians allowed to have their own Nations?

        • Fox says:

          dude, almost nobody in eastern germany believes in hell, yet they were helping each other during three major floods in the previous two decades.
          (in this video, the number of volunteers – especially children – is praised, for example)
          Further: In london in 2011 (riots, much looting, arson etc, mostly done by non-whites).
          there were white people (liberal non-religious londoner inner-city dwellers) who voluntarily cleaned up in daylight the mess which whad been produced during the night.
          Who goes to other continents actually trying to help? Who cares about the well-being of animals? It’s mostly white people, most of whom are politically on the left.

          Maybe the white americans you know are, for the most part, shit people only kept in line by fear, but that’s not what I’m seeing in europe. I’m seeing a lot of altruism (sadly redirected to the wrong goals for the most part). And most of it comes from people who identify as some kind of leftist or “spiritual but not religious”.

          • bicebicebcie says:

            Succor for invaders and cleaning up their trash (enabling behavior) is not altruism, it is however misguided white autistic altruism and sapes helping fellow sapes at the expense of their host nations well-being.

            Reads like a troll post my dude.

            “Also the Juden has Israel. The million dollar question is why arent christians allowed to have their own Nations?”

            I would hate israel too if the only requirement is 1% ashkenazi dna for citizenship, just like moslems control breeding among their children and use that power for maximum dysgenic inbreeding, like the retarded european royalty. In the hands of a sape, a spoon is actually a weapon of mass destruction. They will Always find a way to fail. Always.

            Christianity in the west has always been migratory for some reason, in eastern europe it is stationary.

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