A wild lightbringer appears

This was one of the more impressive summaries of a phenomenon I’ve ever read.

Ignorance of the network effect leads to a shift of the tax base off of liquid value of net assets — most essentially farm land — onto economic activities. Once that happens, it is only a matter of time before sons are replaced with de facto slaves as the labor source and the people die, having been sacrificed on the altar of Mammon.

-Jim Bowery
Comment on The Rainbow Nation Goes Dark

Put another way, when the FIRE sector grows too large in comparison with the economy it supposedly enables, then the master population is doomed to be outbred and absorbed by its slave population.

I believe this marker in time describes the upper-right corner of the Pyrrhic Cycle:


So there exists some source of economic value, somewhere, whether it’s farm land or a struggling artist’s body of work or a subculture’s “cool”. Then the “lightbringer” archetype comes along and notes that this value could be monetized, formalized, or otherwise leveraged so that the people farming it can profit off the network effect and live comfortably, instead of just scraping by. Eventually, the ratio of the Metcalfe valuation of the network versus the original value around which the network organized exceeds some unknown number, and the most adaptive status striving strategy shifts from value-farming to social networking. People at the center of the network now profit heavily merely as liaisons between specialized economic actors.

In MOP terminology, this would describe the appearance of sociopaths. In the Gervais principle, this would correspond to one of the sociopaths at the top having the idea of importing a bunch of Clueless in order to expand their department and take control of the company. In Edenic theory, this corresponds to the emergence of the melonhead phenotype within an “outburst” culture. In globalism, this refers to the process by which revolutions and otherwise detached cultures are brought into the globohomo world order: by exchanging their real cultural value for money and diluting it in the massive globohomo culture, so that every nation within the order has effectively the same culture.

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5 Responses to A wild lightbringer appears

  1. Patrick says:

    There is something in here about being unable to maintain the monopoly price for your labour. Some kind of sloth that leads people to stop being at the head of the curve and allow themselves to be subsumed by the copycat labour. If you remain unique in the market, you aren’t subjected to death by competition, so the collapse happens due to some kind of memesis of the labour force where they stop differentiating between value and titles.

    So all these Boomers just sat at their desks doodling for 40 years divesting themselves of professional development costs, intellectual capital, genuine human resourcing, genuine R&D, genuine engineering… all succumbing to the siren song of agreeableness and inflation at the expense of real work and real human values. Even now their solipsism and wilful blindness is astonishing to me.

    This is the Mammon process, I think. Selling out the core human creative essence for paper scraps from evil alchemists.

    • Patrick says:

      Still, using subculture as a way to trade up out of suffering and using the cultural trade to communicate that lesson globally and form the basis for an age of commerce is probably better than a war. There is a lesson to be learned, still. Even though it can feel like garbage on top of garbage if people have the patience to pick through the cultural trash pile themselves they can distill their own wisdom from it.

      Like Kurt Cobain seemed like just some crazy trashy American, something like McDonalds, until quite recently to me, when I think I began to genuinely understand what his deep frustrations were about.

      It’s not a perfect process, but at least it is a process and through the process we can learn about what it is to exist. Maybe the more we openly discuss the more we can process and distill the salient wisdom from it all. Life is shit… but it doesn’t have to be despairing.

  2. kensuimo says:

    Nice framework mapping, brah. Very elegant.

  3. Aeoli Pera says:

    Listen, if it’s drinking that puts you in a place where doxxing somebody’s mom is a danger, then a Lazer who drinks is not welcome. If you did it stone-cold sober, then I don’t want you around, period. If nothing else, I have a responsibility to the other people here.

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