Jung as prophet of the new European Paganism

You may recall that I’ve been all preachy about charity, Christianity, and the resurgence of Zodiacism as the natural religion of man projecting his inner psychological battles on the heavens (i.e. backwards astrology). The first step in this transition, as the Idealists discovered, is to redefine gods as the emergent gestalt of the tribal consciousness. The second step, as Hitler demonstrated so well, is for a charismatic human to be reified as the avatar of this tribal consciousness.

“Ye shall be as gods.”

Co-ethnic celebrity worship explained as Edenic political science

H/T Robotnick,

Once again, I’ll remind you I am at least partially but not entirely full of shit.

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9 Responses to Jung as prophet of the new European Paganism

  1. Son of Distant Trebizond says:

    You should revisit the Reciprocality papers some time, especially Ghost Not. I’d be interested to see how your hermeneutic process has shifted of late.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      “Process” would be self-flattery. But the original idea stuck: “There are more percepts of which you are aware, Horatio, Than are symbolically represented as thumbnails in your conscious mind.”

  2. bicebicebcie says:

    I remember when tex made a post about this book https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/8506055-full-circle, not quite thal not quite sape so becoming a living greek tragedy is the middle ground for the masses. If it was like this back then, then I know why it ended, forcefully. And why it is coming back, forcefully. Sapes are a one trick ape.

    It is melodramatic faggotry and it enables men to become women by endlessly complaining about everything and discussing it instead of taking action against it, the first action being to sever the head of cultists worshipping the heads of humanities flaws under tantalizing names and images, “demi-gods”.

    It is true they are the children of men, manchilds, and grown up notions are discarded as kikes on sticks. What fueled the rise of “paganism”? Social media. What is social media? Extreme narcisstic whoring of the self(IE). Paganisms modern achievements include such revolutioning ideas as cleaning ones own room and living in the country side (never previously thought of). This will stop the tide of foreign miscegenation and degeneracy (having foreign wives is somehow okay).
    Patent pending.

    Buck tha room. fucko.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      That was downright clear, thank you for thinking of me.

      • bicebicebcie says:

        Nu-internet is feminine, kids just call it wifi/apps/smartphone/social media don’t even call it the internet, paganism is matriarchal, and regarding petersons aging thats what happens when you don’t Trump it in tha real world like Trump, bucko!
        It is all connected, the internet has aged and the obvious weakness of stating the obvious chrystal clear with good intentions, like peterson, well it still won’t manifest irl.

        Trump is internetting irl and getting younger, molymeme cuntwell peterson even sargoy is getting gray hairs in his beard, swedish usb-musicians are dying en masse (lil peep, avici), pewdiepie is starting to look like a tired man from poland wearing a tracksuit, Varg is saying WE wuz all odin. Peace on the korean peninsula, baby buggery island killing babies, cnn saying Trump should get a nobel peace prize.
        Looks, its all connected, i don’t know what i means, but its all connected. The internet is just too fucking gay because it lacks testosterone so now the west is losing a two front war.

        Itz all connected. The proverbial room is being cleaned right now.

      • bicebicebcie says:

        Also seeing Trumps latest speech, he really is aging in reverse.

        • Boneflour says:

          “You don’t stop running because you grow old. You grow old because you stop running.” -some mystical guy


          • bicebicebcie says:

            DAS RITE ( KANG-speak is actually german/jiddish = OG jews). High Dragon Energy, 34th level mason. I feel like I need to put together a deal, or, summat.

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