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Predictions of physiognomy correlations – Openness to experience

Gross physiognomy Height + Weight – Brain size + Encephalization quotient + Ectomorphism + Hand size – High digit ratio 0 Morton’s toe + Muh dik ++++ Craniology Big parietal lobe ++ Big occipital lobe + Big temporal lobe ++ … Continue reading

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My crack team of scientists was browsing images for a perfect composite image of The Future. They found IT and ITZ beautiful: If you don’t like what your nation is becoming, arrange marriages for your women and stop letting them … Continue reading

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On flat earth theory

(In response to this survey I’ve compiled my responses to Doompony, along with a couple of new connections. I dismissed his case because he was not able to provide a model of planetary motion which explained retrograde motion. You can … Continue reading

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No one needs assault knives

Some days in clown world it feels like we’re living inside a Zen koan. On an almost-completely unrelated note, it is even more amusing to see that the Pakistani mayor of London actually implemented a policy that had hitherto been … Continue reading

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Innocent character death as innocence lost

Before I interpret the movie On the Waterfront, it looks like I have to explain one of the pivotal events as a common trope: Mob-connected union boss Johnny Friendly (Lee J. Cobb) gloats about his iron-fisted control of the waterfront. … Continue reading

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Predictions of operant conditioning in r/k strategies

We have a tendency to moralize r/k (us guyses da good guys), so let’s remember for a moment what these terms ‘r’ and ‘k’ actually mean in the original formulation: So an r-strategist, by definition, prefers to maximize his population … Continue reading

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Wolves in shepherds’ clothing

I wanted to write up the entire story since I started attending the church I’m at now, but it was taking too long. So I’ll summarize: 1. This is what I’m up against in my church right now. (Here’s the … Continue reading

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Sprint this Saturday

I wanted to do a discussion this week but I need to knock out my taxes. Same rules as always: bring your own projects, only participate in the shitposting if you’re working on somethung constructive.

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Gen Z believes in religion and tradition but not Christ

I’m trying to hammer this into the heads of people who don’t understand that k-selection = Right != Christ. You may recall that I asserted: The solipsistic personality disorder which sees other people as the audience for self-expression, which precipitated … Continue reading

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Here we go…

Civil War 2.0 kicks off with a brazen grab for the YouTube servers. Guarantee you the point of this shooter is to get YouTube under very tight scrutiny. From now on, there will be top men from Homeland Security keeping … Continue reading

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