FF: On Societal Transformation

MM put up a couple of very abstract posts, compared to the usual. It took me until halfway into the second part to notice he was writing it to give me a fighting chance in my One Thing. I appreciate the help, we’re going to need every ounce of it we can get.

On Societal Transformation (Part 1)

Quotes and many of the ideas in this and the next post come from the last 30 or so pages of “Changing Images of Man”(1974) by the Center For The Study of Social Policy. The book wasn’t written by people who share my view of the world, but it does have some useful things to say in regards to the changing of society.
“The fundamental anomaly (Of a society) is that “good” micro-decisions, i.e. local decisions made in accordance with prevailing rules and customs, do not add up to socially good macro-decisions.”- page 190
For example- what’s good for a business isn’t good for a society.
Or admitting millions of ppl to college that will never find a job from their degree…ETC.

Part one basically sets up the universe of discourse. Part two provides some boundaries within which the solution, if any, must exist.

On Societal Transformation (Part 2)

Elements of a Strategy for Non-Catastrophic Transition

1. Promote awareness of the inevitability of the transformation (And the benefits of making the transition sooner than would naturally arise)

2. Construct a guiding version of a workable society, built around a new positive image of humankind and a corresponding vision of a suitable social paradigm.
You can replace “humankind” with “your nation” if you want. It doesn’t matter- the problems are the same.

People tell me that I suck at memes, but I’ve added one to the “About” page that proves I’ve made some progress in this area.

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