Some thoughts on leadership

Pretty basic, stated fancy-like.

The function of a leader is to enable group cooperation by embodying values held in common by the group’s members. This is fundamentally an example of Frame—by demonstrating that the behaviors he exemplifies produce the desired values, the group’s members feel permission to forgo impulsive gratification to pursue a similar long-term vision of happiness (previously defined as “the progressive realization of a worthy ideal”). So the leader’s job is, effectively, to provide a behavioral set of rules to play within, where status is apportioned by achievement of the highest possible expression of the common values and the boundaries are inviolable standards defined by the opposites of these values.

For example, a warrior idealist like Achilles will draw to himself like-minded Myrmidons who compete for glory within his shadow by striving to the highest expression of strength, courage, honor, etc. To be weak or cowardly would be a grievous violation of these common values, and such a man would be cast out or killed for these sins. Diverse expression is tolerated so long as it’s more or less aligned with the common values or at least orthogonal to them—virtue covers over a multitude of eccentricities.

Some guidelines to fulfill this function:

1. Act out the ideal you want your followers to imitate, which will occur both by self-selection for like-minded disciples and inspiration by your (presumably) high level of performance.

2. Practice extreme ownership, which enables the trust necessary for cooperation, group-level selection, and long-term focus.

3. Clarify the rules of the game space by telling stories about “good” behavior and how this worked to achieve the ideals, as well as cautionary examples of “bad” behaviors and how such dangerous decisions had drastic consequences.

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12 Responses to Some thoughts on leadership

  1. Mycroft Jones says:

    This post is a good introduction in how to read the Bible (starting from Genesis)

  2. Texan TT says:

    Good stuff.

  3. bicebicebcie says:

    Good stand-alone for anything.
    Also, anyone saved the golden baby from december till today?

  4. Patrick says:

    This is basically what I do instinctively. Neanderthowl lyf.

  5. Boneflour says:


  6. SirHamster says:

    OT: Vault-Co is nuked, Anon Conservative reports.

  7. A_K_U_M_A says:

    Im staring at your Facebook profile right now _name_redacted_. You better stop deleting my comments or I can meme all day against you, and Bad Boy this real fucking quickly.

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  9. Are you threatening ?

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