RIP Vault-Co

Vault-Co Is Gone.

From his site:


Like I have said, things are worse than people would believe.

Don’t fret it Cleve, this would never have happened if you hadn’t done things right. Take solace in the fact that the baton you carried so well for so long will never be dropped.

It does make me think things are coming to a head in one form or another.

-Anonymous Conservative

I’ve been wondering what to think about this for a few days, and it finally hit me while I was out walking.

Though individual humans exist on a spectrum from more R-leaning phenotypes to more K-leaning phenotypes, humanity is still an R-selected species in the macro. The Malthusian boom and bust population dynamics we see in the Pyrrhic cycle is ultimately a quality of an R-selected species, regardless of the individual variation within it. A purely K-selected species would have approached the carrying capacity of its environment, and then achieved a steady state.

But even cro magnon man, for all the intelligence he inherited from his matriline in neanderthals, is not capable of such a simple holding pattern because he enjoys intratribal conflict too damn much to pass nice things on to his children—you’d think white women would rather give her body and beauty to the top sociopath from a mud hut village than a nerd from Rome. She is her father’s daughter that way.

This explains why the right and the left of our political spectrum agree that the time has come to cull the population; the only disagreement is whether people on the right or left are the prey population who ought to be culled back to manageable proportions. This may be why white people, as a species, are hard-coded to follow a schedule of ritualized mass slaughters like Friday night football games at the local high school.

And it just occurred to me that, according to my definition, homo sapiens and his schizophrenic scions will always follow leaders who exemplify his most cherished core values. (At this point, you ENTPs may be sensing how this will come back around to Tex and the closure of Vault-Co.)

Now, everybody who can notice knows there are two types of people: nerds and socialites.

… Using the implied definition in “Field Guide [to the Nerd]”, here’s a cluster of psychological traits that in my mind make up the nerd pattern:

an interest in things and ideas over people
a concern for correctness over social harmony
a preference for routine and predictability
obliviousness to and/or disregard for social norms and expectations
sensitivity to inconsistency, vagueness and ambiguity
difficulty appreciating the social implications of their actions
subdued emotional expression
a view of conversation as information sharing
a tendency to take statements literally and assume honesty
preference for codified knowledge and rationality over instinct, experience and intuition
strong appreciation for trivia, games and building things
lack of appreciation for appearance, food and exercise

We get the hypothetical anti-nerd personality by reversing this:

an interest in people over things and ideas
a concern for social harmony over correctness
a preference for spontaneity and novelty
sensitivity to social norms and expectations
obliviousness to inconsistency, vagueness and ambiguity
difficulty appreciating the logical implications of their ideas
strong emotional expression
a view of conversation as relationship building and -negotiation
a tendency to take statements as indications of implicit intentions
preference for instinct, experience and intuition over codified knowledge and rationality
strong appreciation for appearance, food and exercise
lack of appreciation for trivia, games and building things

This isn’t just a random bag of traits. Many of them naturally go together and to my eyes these are two coherent clusters. I have no problem matching the anti-nerd pattern to the real world: it describes most people working in media and the arts and to a lesser degree those in social services, education, sales, marketing, PR and politics[1].

-John Nerst
The Nerd as the Norm

If you look at these cold reading profiles just so and squint, you might see a phenotype that never built anything, and a phenotype that never did anything else. Nerds are specialized to add economic value to a social network but tend to exist near the outer edges of it with the other untouchables because they have low connectivity. Socialites are specialized to acquire high connectivity within a network with a high Metcalfe valuation, thus mimicking the movements of the perceived center like a school of fish.


This would certainly explain the cognitive empathy arms race among homo sapiens that produced the savant-like obsession with anticipating others’ expectations. If we presume that R-selected phenotypes such as pure homo sapiens are specialized for connectivity rather than productivity (as indicated by the tendency of males to wander around all day talking to each other), and we apply the first law of Edenic political science, then it follows that homo sapiens (and other socialites) will always desire and advocate for the economic dispossession of low-connectivity nodes.


It also follows that those whose reproductive strategies follow the socialite phenotype will tend to follow the best socialites, who are most adapted to dominating the centrally connected nodes (which is what I was hinting at above). Any phenotype that requires mass culls as a method of cleansing its genepool which is not also specialized for socializing over productivity is doomed to be enslaved to the specialized cosmopolitan phenotype, because these culls are an R-selected behavior (as shown in the first two graphs).

And so my message to Tex would agree and amplify Anonymous Conservative’s: that a specialized cosmopolitan phenotype feels an unthinking, burning desire to cull you is a great compliment, because it’s an unspoken admission that you unfit to be a slave.

I’ve added a sidebar link to an archived boildown of Vault-Co’s great contributions to humanity (H/T Rather Not at Anonymous Conservative). Maybe some of you will have the agency to download it this time. Is that too subtle? Apparently Tex was being too subtle when he said “Hey guys, maybe now would be a good time to download Vault-Co with this tool I’m linking to…” How about this…I’m telling you right now: DOWNLOAD THIS.

In unrelated news, I need someone to show me how to seed a torrent because I’m old now and I hate learning new things.

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49 Responses to RIP Vault-Co

  1. Fox says:

    There will be no culling, no “ritualized mass slaughters”. This is an apocalyptic fantasy resulting from a strong survival instinct (“amygdala”) coupled with paranoia and a media environment saturated with disaster scenarios (just count the number of movies or series in which apocalyptic events play a central role), and another factor.
    (Almost) Everyone is degenerated, and degenerate people don’t do “ritualized mass slaughters”, they do ritualized twitter bitching, and even that they do seldom, since they lack thumos and determination.
    Wanna bet that nothing significantly more dangerous than cville/berkeley last year (or the usual chimpout) will happen in the next 24 months in your country? Wanna bet that there will be nothing like the scenario you describe in the next five years in your country?

    • bicebicebcie says:

      idiocracy is the silver lining to the golden baby “failing”. sapes be loving it.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Sure, let’s set terms of the bet. I predict a larger, more deadly political event in the next 24 months in the US as measured in dead bodies. If I win you have to read Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis.


      • Fox says:

        the cville event produced, according to wikipedia, three dead bodies – but two of those were due to a helicopter crash that likely didn’t have much to do with the event itself.
        So there are two ways of measuring here.

        I agree on your terms if two additional conditions are met:
        1. We name a jury that has to decide whether an event qualifies as “political” and whether an accident is included (+ other questions that might arise). I suggest koanic, boneflour and robotnick. Each member of the jury has one vote and majority decisions count.
        2. If you lose you’ll have to watch david icke’s “live at wembley” lecture from 2012 (8.48 hours long).

        Do you agree?

        Do the three men nominated agree?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      As for culling, I agree not within five years. All signs are pointing to 2033.

  2. kapy53 says:

    I just recently stumbled on your blog and the whole edenic thought process. I’m trying to figure out my exact genetics, but when going through a lot of this from you and what I can find from Tex, I just want to cry. I feel like I’m learning something that I’ve always known. It’s not like the anger one gets from a “redpill” more just a humbling about the tragedy of my ancestors.
    So, thank you I guess.

  3. Brilliand says:

    Vault-Co appears to still be up on

      • bicebicebcie says:

        doesn’t work for me at all, entire years are missing. I have it saved the proper way everything working, the file is 2.2 gig.

        • Ø says:

          >doesn’t work for me at all

          Could be a Yurop thing. Quite a bit of it is indeed there (comments sections debarred); though it only goes back to 2011. Green links take a minute to redirect.

          • Brilliand says:

            I think by “doesn’t work at all” he actually means “not good enough”. There’s definitely data missing (this is usual with Wayback Machine).

            • Brilliand says:

              Aeoli, since you deleted some comments that I replied to, may I ask that you delete my reply to those comments as well? That is, the comment starting with “Dude, did you just barf in the space below my comment”, as well as this comment that mentions it. I prefer to only keep comments that make sense in context.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              Sure, please point me to the specific comments you want deleted. I’ll get the barf one but leave this one so you have a logical place for future requests.

            • Brilliand says:

              Whoa, you can reply to comments more than 5 levels deep? I can’t. The whole reason I’ve been replying at this level, instead of replying to the comment my reply is meant for, is because the website won’t allow me to nest replies any deeper than this level.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              I have yet greater powers which you mortals can’t even comprehend.

            • Brilliand says:

              Actually, strike that… it looks like you posted at the same level as me. Well… I think this isn’t a logical place for much of anything. If it were me, I’d just delete our conversation about deleting comments (if I need another comment deleted, I’ll make that request near the comment in question).

          • bicebicebcie says:

            My comments worked when the blog was up, now none of them work on any entry! The rest is working. Does that mean the comments were never stored on the blog, or what? This is giving me some autism. Seeing as the wayback machine never stored comments either?

            If so then we got a major fail of the archiving tools, one provided/mentioned/”SUGGESTED” by Tex himself. Sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet wright in a benis. This is the bad kind of autism because those comments were sometimes the entire content of a post! Maybe the program does work but i am a simple man I see “Start” and I press go and then it is done. Who knows.

            “Can you upload that somewhere? Or make a torrent? I’ll seed x infinity.” If there is a simple drag and drop for 2.2g just post it and I will put it there, otherwise I was thinking a DC++ for All of these things but that is kind of a project.

            • bicebicebcie says:

              “My comments worked when the blog was up, now none of them work on any entry!” by that I mean the old 2007-2017, when the 2018 was running. They must have been “unlisted” and now he has terminated everything so they don’t exist. Maybe

            • ACC says:

              >If there is a simple drag and drop for 2.2g just post it and I will put it there
              There is. Split-zip the entire folder in ~500 MB chunks and upload it to zippyshare (No account required). MEGA requires an account to UL/DL >500MB and deletes files if anyone copystrikes it. It also keeps prompting me to download its shitty app.

        • ACC says:

          Can you upload that somewhere? Or make a torrent? I’ll seed x infinity.

          • ACC says:

            If the blog was taken down, then the MGEA link will be, too.

            Zip w/ pass, then zip again in parts and upload to zippyshare. No speed/data limits.

          • bicebicebcie says:

            If you find the comments let us know, otherwise a) the program needs to be setup in a different way b) blogger is retarded or smart depending how you look at separating information for whatever purpose.


            I actually did a screencap of every post along with comments for the first month which then got reduced to picking out funny quotes because it was just too tedious. Interesting how books can be thousands of years old and intact whereas a website is ruined in less than one second.

            • ACC says:

              It works well! I browsed some months at random and everything seems intact. it gives me some kind of javascript warning on every page but I just ignore it. I can’t use the dropdown menu to get a list of all posts in a month in the sidebar but I think that’s just my browser. Clicking on the month shows all posts anyway.

            • bicebicebcie says:

              Yeah but the comments not working is the only problem, try browsing it without internet connection and clicking on comments it says “offline”, get online again and comments lead to “Whoops, that’s an error.
              We apologise for the inconvenience.

              Try refreshing the page to see if things are back in order.”

              That was unexpected and disappointing, same thing for all links. I downloaded the first sperghall1 forum and after 12hours and 7gig I went to bed, when I woke up the download had finished at 1.4gig. Maybe the program allows for this “third party” saving which is kind of essential, with no comments and no reference for the post (other website article), I think we might got another extremely flawed religion on our hands should someone print out this incoherent mess 500 years from now. FAIL! :(

            • ACC says:

              Replying to this comment because your latest comment does not have a “reply” button.

              The comments work, you need to manually open the page from the folder after matching the title. Blogger attemps to contact its server to fetch the comments but HTTrack downloads them with the page because that’s how the website is served.

              Web browsers also act as file browsers. So if you’re browsing


              remove the “index.html” and click on the page you want to view ;)


            • ACC says:

              You don’t even have to do that. Just click on the time and it’ll take you to the page.

            • ACC says:


              wget -mkEpnp “website”

            • bicebicebcie says:

              I actually understood that and it works! WIN! Now the only thing not working is the “arrow” on the left for the easiest navigation. Not bad. Almost as good as new again.

            • Works here. says:

              Thank you Bice:-)

              Did anyone get

  4. Brilliand says:

    It’d be on his local machine… though he could seed a torrent.

  5. Patrick says:

    Very good post. I could elaborate, but that would require doing work.

  6. Patrick says:

    OK fast red pill version: an owl leads a small squad of nerds deep into the heart of the main network. They decapitate a few demagogues representing a few key main institutions: probably nerdy ones. Whoever the nerds decapitate are de facto unworthy of the affections of the main network, because if the Incels must be Gulaged then whoever the Incels are strong enough to overthrow must be de facto too weak.

    But the trick is to overthrow a cornerstone institution of the technocracy quickly. Something like an engineering institution, that’s full of communist subversion agents, responsible for rubber stamping billions/trillions in capital spending but the masses just believe it to be nerd stuff.

    So… hypothetically… if you were to build an engineer’s network promoting excellence while at the same time throw Molotov cocktails through the windows on the subverted engineering institutions… and maybe throw in a new blockchain-based competency currency into the mix. You could have yourself a right old good time sneaking into the pyramid and looting the treasure.

  7. glosoli says:

    If you happen to know Tex’s real name, and you knew he runs his own business, that needs to be linked-in with other businesses, for doing business, and you know of a website that provides this linked-in service, and discovered that this website had a blogging/posting facility, and that maybe real-life Tex was still writing frequently there on his usual subjects and with the same style for all to see, even non-members of this site, would you share it here for one’s brothers, so they could read the posts?

    I think I would.

    • glosoli says:

      E.g. (12 hrs ago):

      ‘I could tell you a thousand things that are scientific facts. Even though they are true, you wouldn’t believe them because the mainstream orthodoxy has told you they are impossible.

      1. There are genes spliced into coffee beans which came from completely unrelated plant species and they seem to have been introduced purely to make coffee beans a healthy medicinal beverage.
      2. Octopuses have no ancestors and no species tree. They have no relationship to any other molluscs that we know of. They dropped out of thin air into the biological chain of existence.
      3. Cheetahs are a perfect blend of cat and dog together which have no precedents or ancestral tree. No other animal on earth is like it. In addition, cheetahs are such perfect genetic clones that their organs are interchangeable without tissue rejection.
      4. Dinosaurs never existed. They are now called ovoraptors by scientists, which is a word you use because you are too embarrassed to just call them birds.
      5. As recently as thirty thousand years ago, the average tree was 600 feet high. These trees stood in the Sinai desert where now there is only sand. None of the sand in the Sinai desert came from the nearest ocean. It seems to have been dropped in place of the trees.’

    • bicebicebcie says:

      Is this disqus-cleve? Stalking the golden baby and his outlandish-actually-completely-normal-and-sane factual writings/more so than ruminations is fun, but the vault was good for (I just forgot the word). It has something to do with coherence instead of just being dropped down into an ocean of (not actually) incoherence!

      the golden baby needs a diaper change, otherwise it just sounds like crank to the average person (which has an IQ of 83 so they still don’t get it but whatever).

      • glosoli says:

        75 IQ sap could find it from the clues given bice!
        Who cares what is sounds like to average sapes anyway, they are totally brainwashed and happy with that. Just rejoice he’s still sharing his stuff.

  8. ACC says:

    Unofficial mirror:

    Some images are missing, all text is intact. To view all posts in a month click on the month in the sidebar and to view comments click on the time under a post.

    • glosoli says:

      Good man, thanks so much.

    • Post Alley Crackpot says:

      Well, that didn’t last long …

      “000webhost was created by Hostinger team to let anyone learn and grow online. All commercial websites are adviced to move to Hostinger or keep learning on 000webhost.”

  9. aiaslives says:

    it’s a free host, it still works, hosted for 23 hours/day.

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