Guest effortpost: Why Trump Is Not Trustworthy

A longtime reader offers a less sanguine perspective on the God Emperor.

I don’t think the guy is completely bad, but when you look at what he has done, and who he has associated with, versus the
promises he made to the American people, a conclusion is easy to make:

Trump is absolutely not a “God-Emperor” (No man is), he is not partaking in “4-d chess”, and he is not on our side.

The fact that some of our other enemies want him destroyed is not at all reason enough to support him
(And some are just putting on a show- IE Zionists Chuck Shumer and Nancy Pelosi.)

Anyways, take a look at the evidence:

-The 2 strikes on Syria- and other acts of agression towards Iran, Syria, and Russia
-The biggest peace time US weapons deal ever- With Israel pawn state and all around POS Saudi Arabia.
-Wilbur Ross bailed Trump out in 1992. Wilbur Ross was the CEO of Rothschild Incorporated (That isn’t a metaphor- that is the actual company name…)
Wilbur Ross is now our Secretary of Commerce. The perfect position for a Rothschild agent.
-Jared Kushner and Genie Energy (Genie wants to get the oil in Golan Heights and Syria! Its board members include Jacob Rothschild and Rupert Murdoch!)
Jared Kushner’s company Cadre being financed by George Soros.
Jared Kushner’s 666 5th Avenue Building being financed by both the Saudis and George Soros.
Jared Kushner’s close relationship to Bibi Netenyahu.
Jared Kushner’s criminal family.
-Trump’s involvement in “Resorts International” a Rothschild founded company used to launder money to the Israeli Mossad (Tip of the iceberg- look into RI, its crazy shit).
A primer:
-The ignorance by Trump of the frequent attacks on his supporters (But he always has time to beef with Alec Baldwin)
-Trump’s continued and baffling preference of mainstream media over alternative media depite all of his “fake news” complaints.

-Trump’s refusal to go after Hillary, Obama, or anyone other than the lowest level of pedophiles.
-Trump’s support and signing of the JUST act, which compels 47 countries to repay Israel for
“all holocuast-related confiscations between 1933 and 1945”
-Trump has forbid all members of his administration from meeting with the Polish president and Prime Minister
because of the passing of a law that limits discourse on WW2 (Specifically, that the Polish gov were involved in the Holocaust)
Of course this law is shit, but it is very telling that THIS is a line in the sand for Trump.
-Trump’s decleration of the month of May as Jewish History month.
-The opening of the US embassy in Israel in EAST Jerusalem (An area that has always been considered Palistine since 1946)
This is a blatent signal that he is a full blown Zionist.
-Trump’s support for gun control. “If you put a Bill on my desk Nancy (Pelosi) I will sign it”

This guy isn’t your friend.
The reality is that we will have to fix America OURSELVES!!!

1. Fix your own life, and stop wasting your time listening to the liars and frauds.
2. Do all that you can to make things right.

Stop looking for a saviuor outside of your Religion.

Take ownership for what is going on. If something is going to change, WE must make it happen!

Ed: It’s too bad CuckTube censors Alt-Right videos because Jazzhands McFeels had a great rant along the same lines recently that I’d love to put here. He was not pleased when some of the immigrants from that big caravan were allowed in.

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28 Responses to Guest effortpost: Why Trump Is Not Trustworthy

  1. Patrick says:

    Autistically yes
    Pragmatically no

  2. Pleistocene Fury says:

    >1. Fix your own life, and stop wasting your time listening to the liars and frauds.

    Impossible with an assault on masculinty at every level from the Office of the Presidency all the way dow to the guy bumming a cig on the street corner.

    >2. Do all that you can to make things right.

    Opsec problem. If only you do it nothing matters and nothing changes.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      We’re anti black pill here at Da Blergh.

      • Pleistocene Fury says:

        Well the black pill is reality. To concede your position or any iota of the truths we have come know to here means the left, the cucks, and their useless agentz of Zog have one without lifting a finger.

        There is bloodshed coming in all our futures I hope you are ready.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          >Well the black pill is reality.

          For nonChristians.

          • Pleistocene Fury says:

            No it is reality. The bible says to Fathers (Baby Boomer Men) not to raise their sons to anger (Millenial Men).

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              >No it is reality.

              Did I disagree?

            • Pleistocene Fury says:

              Yes you did. I provided proof that it is reality for Christians as well. The Bible also lays out rules for women, but because of femnism god also says we must follow the laws of men. The bible has been circumvented. So one must eat the black pill to be a good christian.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              Yu-gi-oh cards notwithstanding, the dogma of this blog is anti black pill. While you’re here you’ll follow that as a rule.

            • Mycroft Jones says:

              The Black Pill is necessary. But you need Faith to digest it without staring into the Abyss and never coming back.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              >The Black Pill is necessary.

              I disagree strongly. There are, admittedly, some virtues to experiencing a prolonged period of despair, but that is no more necessary than the good God can produce from any other sin. E.g. A PUA background is not necessary to become a Christian, although there are some good things that can come of it.

            • Mycroft Jones says:

              What are you defining as Black Pill Aeoli? I and other commenters are defining it as “the harsh realities we normally don’t want to face”. As for despair, that is a function of Faith, not Truth. We are in this fix because people didn’t want to face them when they were more manageable. Failing to face them now is the path to extinction, blissed out in a drug-induced fog of feelz. The Red Pill is truths you don’t normally face; the Black Pill is truths you normally avoid because for most people they plunge them into a pit of despair and nihilism (for a while). It takes a strong constitution to take the Black Pill and come out the other side. It is an incredible forge of character and determination, best done with spiritual guidance and mentorship. Like the training a knight underwent before going on Crusade in the Holy Land.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              >What are you defining as Black Pill Aeoli?

              “There is no hope because nobody cares.”

              >I and other commenters are defining it as “the harsh realities we normally don’t want to face”.

              That’s the red pill, or as I personally define it, “nothin’ personal kid”.

              >It is an incredible forge of character and determination,

              The red pill, sure. The black pill takes more than it gives.

              >best done with spiritual guidance and mentorship.

              Things that never happened.

  3. Jordy LaFrog Peterson's Fully Automated Mecha-Dragonslayer says:

    >This guy isn’t your friend.

    Right, but is he less bad enough, relative to the other guys, to make voting for him worth my time?

    >1. Fix your own life, and stop wasting your time listening to the liars and frauds.
    >2. Do all that you can to make things right.
    >Stop looking for a saviuor outside of your Religion.


    >Ed: It’s too bad CuckTube censors Alt-Right videos because Jazzhands McFeels had a great rant along the same lines recently that I’d love to put here. He was not pleased when some of the immigrants from that big caravan were allowed in.

    That is too bad because Jazzhands does the best rants. Nnnnnnguy.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Like, okay, we already had this conversation bud, we’re doing a different thing now.

      Halberstrom: Uhuh, yeah…uh…I guess you could say….uh…no.

  4. Salvatore says:

    If less Americans voted for Trump [ because he’s untrustworthy ] then we would now have Hellary from Hell as president. Our choice was Hellary from Hell or Trump. Whatever Trump’s faults, us Americans are much better off with Trump as the president. The Lesser of two evils is LESS evil. Better to have LESS evil than the much more evil Hellary from Hell. We live in a world ruled by the powers and principalities and they are Legion. It is impossible for anyone to become president or leader of any country without rubbing shoulders with the powers and principalities, without making deals with Legion, without making alliances with Legion, or factions of Legion. That’s the way it is and that’s the way it’s always been. In politics, it’s always been a choice between two evils, the lesser evil and the more intense evil. That’s the way the world is and that’s the way the world has always been. Search Term : “Satan Takes Jesus To The Mountaintop”.

    There is also the issue : We live now in a culture in almost complete Apostasy against Christianity. What Christianity that does exist is greatly distorted. Christianity today now means one of two things ; there’s two types of Christianity we have in the West now :

    1 : Handing over White Western countries to NON Christian third world foreigners

    2 : Supporting Israel wholeheartedly with a religious fervor

    Then there are those Christians who fully support both 1 and 2. Trump’s brand of Christianity is number 2. Not pretty. Hellary’s brand of Christianity is BOTH 1 and 2.

    In the meantime, in terms of morality, Christian morality has been greatly rejected in the United States [ and throughout the West ]. If the population wants a culture without Christian morality, then that’s the way it is, except you can’t want and enable a culture that disdains and scorns and rejects Christian morality then expect the leaders of the country to live up to Christian moral standards, for our leaders come from the same culture as we do.

    An immoral people are NOT going to have a moral leadership. That’s NOT how politics works. An immoral peope do NOT want a moral leadership. They want to see themselves and their values or lack of values, they want to see their worldview reflected in their leaders. As so many Christians have bought into the set-up that we only have 2 choices, actually 3 choices, either give away our countries to NON Christian third world foreigners or totally support Israel or BOTH, as so many Christians have accepted those 3 choices as their only choices ; And in addition, so many Americans including those who call themselves Christians have rejected Christian morality and don’t want Christian morality informing the culture, then our leadership is going to reflect that collective acceptance of the 3 choices and that collective rejection of Christian morality.

    Lots of people who have alot of negative things to say about Trump : If someone came along who was 100% trustworthy and also upheld Christian morality, they wouldn’t want anyone like that for the presidency because they don’t want to live in a culture where Christian morality is upheld.

    In many ways, we are ruled the way we deserve. And considering the way our culture is because of the choices we all have made in terms of cultural issues , Hellary and Trump is what we get from our collective cultural choices. And Trump is better than having Hillary. If that’s not consolation, it’s ultimately our fault. A people who reject a culture based on morality are not going to have trustworthy leaders, for a people who reject morality can’t be trusted either, that’s why they don’t want to live with a culture based on morality. A culture based on morality would make it too obvious they can’t be trusted. It would be too obvious they’re only interested in themselves and not interested in the commonweal [ and old-fashioned word one hardly hears anymore ] . An untrustworthy people are naturally going to have untrustworthy leaders. That’s the way life is. Deal with it.

    We’re called to pray for our leaders and as Trump is under seige, he needs our prayers. He’s actually doing pretty good considering the whole Deep State and The Establishment is out to destroy his presidency and want to see him dead, dead and gone. He’s NOT that awful of a president. If he is untrustworthy, what president can you remember who was trustworthy? No one ever made such a big stink about the other presidents being “untrustworthy”.

    And NO Trump supporter ever called or saw Trump as being a “God Emperor”. That’s a straw man type set-up whereby ANTI-Trumpers, pretending to be impartial and/or pretending to be former Trump supporters but they never supported Trump and they were always ANTI-Trump ; It’s a straw man type set-up by ANTI-Trumpers to inculcate the meme that Trump supporters are stupid and braindead and childish because Trump supporters see Trump as a “God Emperor”. But no Trump supporter, either online or in real life, ever referred to Trump as a “God Emperor”, nor did any Trump supporter ever imply that Trump is a “God Emperor”. Straw man bullshit and how the trolls love their straw man bullshit.

  5. I actually do call Trump the God Emperor all the time. It drives the left nuts. But in seriousness, he is a stratospheric IQ, with incredible abilities. It will become more and more apparent as time goes on.

    In judging him, I think it is important to recognize what we don’t know, and try to operate only of what we do know. One touchstones I would use, is that Hillary Clinton is guilty as hell of enough to get her sent away. Unfortunately there is a massive machine of corruption which makes that impossible right away.

    If Trump is real, we will see her prosecuted. I think we see moves toward that being accurately predicted by Q, who says it will happen. But given the size of the machine, I also think it may take time. My money is that Trump is real deal, because he would not have exposed the machine this much, if he was of it. To the machine secrecy is paramount. Just saying the word surveillance is a no-no.

    He has already done all of that, meaning at this point I think it is him or them, because you can’t poke the machine of the Cabal. And I don’t think he would have made it him or them, unless he intended to make it them.

    In short, we have to wait and see, but I am optimistic we will know decisively one way or another.

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  9. MM says:

    called it

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