Guest effortpost: On the NWO (part 2 of 2)

Part 1.

On NWO operations in the US, in brief:

They control the American Gov almost completely, but the American PEOPLE
still have the capacity to resist them (Or even do them in).
Only once the population is disarmed can it be fully controlled.
Never give up your guns!

Their plan for America (Not neccesarily in-order):

1. Turn the US into a European-style socialist state
through mass-immigration and indoctrination in high school, college, and the media.

2. Restrict free-speach and gun rights to ensure their domination.

3. Lock down the internet.
All the big social media platforms are already very controlled and will only be more so.
They will move on to restricting all alternatives.

4. Destruction of the family to further the socialist state.

5. De-population and lowering the social status of groups that
have any chance of opposing them. In order: 1. White men 2. White women 3. Asian men.

6. Weakening of the population via a host of toxins, horrible food, and nihilistic/degenerate art.

7. Once above are completed, the US will be transformed into an authoritarian state (likely communist)
and its remaining power will be used to destroy any remaining threats to the NWO.

“So, What the fuck do we do about it?”

Phase 1:

1. Put your own life together in all ways. Health, family/relationships, career, etc.
2. Store enough resources for a couple of months at least. Continually add to this.

Priorities (In order) : Food (rice and beans, spam), water, ammo, toiletries, vitamins, anything else you NEED to live.
Only once you have enough consumables and bartarable USEFUL goods will you concern yourself with things such as gold and silver.

3. Form a small network of like minded ppl that you can trust.
If you truly can’t do it in real life at the momement then settle for internet but be very careful in all ways.
4. Learn as much as you need to know about the enemy as possible. Always be wary of disinfo, take it all with a grain of salt.
5. Recieve training/practice in all skills you will need to help defeat the NWO.
6. Spread succinct, accurate, and compelling info that exposes the NWO and its plans

Phase 2:
This is the phase where you are positioned well enough to truly lead.
You must be able to afford to lose your job and your life.

Actions you can take:

1. Creation of networks to dissimenate large quantities of our information to the general public via all methods-
online, physical printed media, in audio, as books, etc.
2. Creation of peruasive art and informative documentaries that both explicate the NWO and provide a compelling plan for action against it.
3. Formation of larger groups of any type (Very hard to do as infiltration will be insane. Needs to be worked out how to be accomplished)
4. Implanting yourself in enemy organizations.
5. If you are very well put together, you can become a more public face
A playbook of effective tactics for these things will created by myself in the future (Though not likely soon).
It’s safe to say that a good number of things are being done incorrectly (by most people) at the moment.

Phase 3:

1. Formation of a national political force that can rip the power of the NWO from all levels of political power.

Anything beyond phase 3 is pure fantasy at the moment.

We are facing a very dangerous and very clever group of people.
They ARE defeatable.
In any case, there is NO reason not to give your all against them.
There is no “going along to get along”. They WILL kill you and your family.
We have no choice but to fight back.

Its time to get serious.

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16 Responses to Guest effortpost: On the NWO (part 2 of 2)

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  2. Heaviside says:

    There is no such thing as the “NWO”. It’s just a secularized version of dispensationalist eschatology.

    American low church Protestants lean so heavily on a coming “NWO” because they are basically atheistic in their thinking; they can’t imagine an invisible, otherworldly Satan. Satan is not real for them if he is not incarnate in a concrete political opposition.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I’m gonna have to look up this dispensationalism thing you keep talking about.

      • Mycroft Jones says:

        I thought you were a dispensationalist, Aeoli. PresbyLutheran, no?

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          No, I don’t belong to any denomination. According to the dictionary definition, “belief in a system of historical progression, as revealed in the Bible, consisting of a series of stages in God’s self-revelation and plan of salvation,” I’d be agnostic on dispensationalism. The implication of this would be that there’s a “next stage” coming in this world, which I don’t agree with.

      • Heaviside says:

        “Their plan for America (Not neccesarily in-order):”

        Who told this guy their plan? Was he providing bottle service for the Illuminati and listening in? This is exactly the problem with this kind of thinking. It abolishes history in two ways: it says that the future is essentially determined by human manipulation, and therefore my actions and the actions of others cannot have unintended consequences, and it says that causes of the present are intelligible in present terms. In other words it says that you don’t have to study history to learn the actual causes of events.

        • It takes two to tango. Except to the Americans who think right hooks throw themselves. says:

          It also betrays a childish mind that thinks in platitudes and has no concept of the analogy:

          “If I were to a throw a brick through your window its obviously your fault.”

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          >Who told this guy their plan? Was he providing bottle service for the Illuminati and listening in?

          The general criticism may hold, but if you look at the specific bullet points (e.g. gun control) it’s not like he’s professing secret knowledge. They speak very openly about this stuff.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      >There is no such thing as the “NWO”.

      You would have to disambiguate this because most people use the term NWO to mean the end goal of the globalist project.

      >It’s just a secularized version of dispensationalist eschatology.


      >American low church Protestants lean so heavily on a coming “NWO” because they are basically atheistic in their thinking; they can’t imagine an invisible, otherworldly Satan. Satan is not real for them if he is not incarnate in a concrete political opposition.

      I don’t believe you’re correct here. American low-church Protestants believe this primarily due to the “Left Behind” books.

  3. VidereLicet says:

    The corruption of Science is also very important to the powers and principalities of this world who want to inflict their New World Order on the whole world. Science has been greatly corrupted. The NWO ilk depend on corrupt Science to impose their NWO on the world.

    The expression ” The Axis of Evil” is a term the Heliocentrics started. It’s now used in the world of Geo-Politics, but the expression originally started with the Heliocentrics and has to do with Science. Confronted by Geocentrics with Empirical Scientific facts the Heliocentrics could NOT refute, the Heliocentrics called the Empirical Scientific Geocentric facts and Geocentrics “The Axis of Evil”. When scientists are presented with objective cold hard facts and they can’t refute the facts and then label the ones who present the objective Empirical Scientific facts to them “The Axis of Evil” then you know Science has been usurped and turned into something corrupt.

    ” The Axis of Evil + Heliocentrism”

    “Malcolm Bowden + The Science Mafia”

    ” YouTube + Malcolm Bowden Channel”

    “How They Hide God”

    “Dr. Robert Sungenis + Geocentrism”

    Nothing insidious and perfidious about questioning Heliocentrism. Science is ALL about questioning. A Science that disallows questions is NOT Science. A Science that disallows questioning is a religion, NOT Science.

    The Corruption of Science :

    Anyone , including webmasters, anyone who who claims to be against the New World Order but will NOT allow any questioning of Heliocentrism is either a controlled opposition agent for the forces who want to impose their New World Order on the world or someone who is afraid to examine what he [ or she ] has been taught because it may be too uncomfortable to come to the conclusion that so much of what we’re taught is a lie, is not the truth, that we live in a world of lies. That is very uncomfortable to see that, to know that, so many people refuse to examine and question. It’s easier to pretend we’re taught the truth in our schools. But we are taught alot of lies in our schools. Our history books are greatly abridged and truncated, and so are our sceince books greatly abridged and truncated. “Abridge” means to “bridge over”, as in bridge over facts which are inconvenient and don’t fit in neatly into any agenda. Go to any library and/or any book store, almost ALL the books say “Abridged”. Teachers come from the same culture we do and are just as brainwashed as the students. I am NOT accusing teachers in general of being willing liars. They, too, have been brainwashed.

    Many books were purged from the library shelves very soon after the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913. Very few people know that. Our libraries have been very very depleted of real knowledge based on real facts. And Malcolm Bowden is NOT lying when he says there is a “Science Mafia”. Malcolm Bowden is one of the very few real and real truthtellers around. You never learn anything about Malcolm Bowden , or even hear his name mentioned, at most websites which claim to be “truth telling” websites and claim to be against the New World Order, yet he is one of the very few real and true ANTI-NWO Truthtellers around.

    Defeating the New World Order requires we defeat the Science Mafia and get rid of The Science Mafia and allow real Science and real Scientists to prevail. For “scientists” to label anyone who presents cold hard Empirical Scientific facts to them and they can’t refute the facts and turn around and label the ones who presented the Empirical Scientific facts to them “The Axis of Evil”, that is NOT Science, that is a religion, and a religion with an agenda, and the agenda is baneful. Real Science does NOT label cold hard Empirical Scientific facts “The Axis of Evil”. But the “science” we have today labels cold hard Empirical Scientific facts that doesn’t fit-in with their “scientific” theories and with their political-cultural agenda ” The Axis of Evil”. This is NOT Science, it is Religion. We must ask ourselves if this is a Religion we want to subscribe to. Before deciding, we need to question the “science” religion of Heliocentrism and examine it and ask hard questions about it. Nothing insidious and perfidious about asking scientists AND priests questions about their worldview(s).

    If you present to scientists cold hard Empirical Scientific facts and you get treated as if you’re an “amalek” ,an “enemy”, and the “scientists” tell you you’re a member of “The Axis of Evil”, something deeply deeply wrong with such a “Science”. It’s NOT Science, it’s Religion. They present their Religion to us as if it’s “real” “Science” and that is truly very very insidious and perfidious.

    “How They Hide God”, a video about the source of Heliocentrism, where Heliocentrism comes from originally, with some very compelling information. The video is germane to the article about the NWO, as the video has to do with the New World Order. I would recommend everyone check the video out and also look into Geocentrism and start asking hard questions to BOTH the Heliocentrics and the Geocentrics. See which ones welcome questions and don’t run from debate and which ones do NOT welcome questions and do run from away debate. Real scientists do not discourage questions, do not disallow questioning, do not run from debate. Real scientists appreciate questions and appreciate debate, for that is what Science is based on, questioning and debating ; That’s what Science is, that is what Real Science is, is about questioning and debating.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      You rejected my attempt to be nice, and I know mercy would only make you act spitefully, so you’re permanently banned from this blog and Discord. Go find the open minds you claim to seek somewhere else.

      If you wish, you may continue to make your case to me, personally, on Skype. But you may not do it here.

  4. Team Neanderthal says:

    Im going through the Vault-Co archive. Does anyone have the name of the post Tex wrote to the school offcials? I cant find it. Any help would be appreciated.

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