GUToW podcast

MM talks through his outline and I ask deep, insightful questions like “what if you don’t have any money?”

Pretty good, I thought. Here are some notes MM took.



-Avoid all as much as practically possible:
Simple carbs (Especially those that contain glutin)
Trans fats
Dairy (excluding butter or better yet clarified butter)
Canned foods.
Highly processed foods and fast foods.

-Sleep is vital. Get the amount you need for optimum energy, whatever it is.
Keep your room as dark as possible or wear a manta sleep mask. Dont use your bed for anything but sleep. Take melatonin if you need it.
-High intensity cardio is the best way to increase your energy. You MUST do it regularly in some form.
-B vitamins, zinc, vitamin D, magnesium,
-Lift weights. Use great form, avoid lifts that are bad for your joints, and up the weight by a sensible amount when possible.
-Dont take in insane amounts of salt. You don’t even have to “cut back” just don’t eat things that are salt bombs.
(These things are generally unhealthy anyway- if you avoid all fast foods and packaged crap your salt will be fine)
-Don’t eat out too much bro. Learn how to cook delicious healthy food (Salt, acid, fat, and spices are your friends here).
Vital Supplements (Daily):

-Vitamin D3. At least 10,000 IU.
-A solid multivitamin. As good as you can afford.
(Doc’s Best from Dr. Ron’s supplements is best I’ve ever found. Have taken it for years)
-Krill Oil
If you are depressed also take enough fish oil to get 2 grams of EPA daily (The dose used in the reasearch on the subject)
-Zinc. Make sure not to take on an empty stomach or to take too much at once (Not toxic but will make you feel sick).

If you are chronically low energy also take iodine and a b vitamin complex.
If you are in “slash and burn” mode, take b vitamins (And maybe a little zinc) throughout the day to raise your energy (You pee them out so its fine).


High intensity cardio daily.
Weight lifting daily.
Stand and walk as much as possible.

Exercise, both cardio and weight lifting in combination, is pretty much the only thing that can greatly help stave off natural cognitive decline.
(No specific exercise advice atm except to A. you do it- whatever philopsophy of exercise you subscribe to ie Lift heavy, 5×5, whatever B. have perfect form. C. Don;t push too hard, especially with daily exercise)
Things covered in much more detail in full podcast. Highly recommend you listen to it, but if you don’t have time this written short overview will get you 80 percent of the value.

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12 Responses to GUToW podcast

  1. Texan TT says:

    Why is MM incapable of staying away?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      That question is a bit complicated. He swore off commenting, but he still reads the blog (and likely will continue to read it), and right now he has a lot of time so we’ve been making the most of it. That won’t be the case soon.

  2. HeddaHopperInHollywoodHeavenHavingA¡BLAST!! says:

    Also, for better health, try to stay away from eating steak because you never know, the steak you’re eating could very well be from a joo cow and then you would be guilty of Holocausting da jooz again and if the steak you’re eating happens to be from THE RED joo cow, OMG!!! That would be The End of The World and the Sun would never come up ever again. ALL joo cows are Sacred but the RED joo cow is THE Most Sacred joo cow of ALL joo cows, some cows are more equal than other cows I guess. See Alex Jones and his army of trolls from the “holy” land of izzyhellsmells and Austin Texas and Chicago and other various Communist shithole locations in the USSA for more details about his “inspiring” New World Order RED jew cow what ((( they at Deep State MOSSAD Stratfor who owns-and-controls Emerick ))) call a “religion”.

    For good digestive health, not to get nauseated and to help avoid suffering from a turning stomach, either STOP watching Alex Jones videos or if you simply can’t quit make sure you got cases of pepto bismol close-by your computer desk, real close-by, when you watch Alex jones videos so you don’t throw-up all over your computer screen and keyboard effectively ruining your keyboard then you have go thru the hassle and expense of replacing your keyboard and cleaning puke off your computer screen I imagine is not fun. I have tried to watch some Alex Jones videos, and I can’t get past the 20 second mark without feeling like I gotta puke. I’m proud to say I never watched an Alex Jones video all the way to the end.

    “chewing the scenery” is an expression to describe over-acting, overwrought acting, histrionic acting, and I will even go so far as to say the expression describes “Brechtian” acting. “chewing the scenery” , a Perfect expression for an actor from the Brechtian school of acting who worships the New World Order RED jew cow “religion” of the Jew Supremacist Warmongering blood-thirsty jews. How fat jew cows and chubby Emerick love to chew their cud — on “dark of the moon street” no less. “Dark Side of The Moon” is the name of the street Alex Jones lives on in Austin, LMFAO!!!!!!

  3. kapy53 says:

    What about Greek Yogurt as a dairy source? I know it has a lot of probiotics, but is it detrimental as well?

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Well, probiotics are good but casein is bad. I suppose it depends whether you need to feed your gut bacteria or keep your energy up. Personally, I’m not a purist on this stuff, but my digestion is pretty robust so I can withstand a lot of stupidity..

      • kapy53 says:

        I use it more for gut bacteria at this point. Still trying to find the best breakfast. I’ve been doing oatmeal and yogurt lately but I think that’s slowing me down. I’ll try the banana and eggs breakfast and see if that helps.

  4. The real correct answer is chlorella every day for the vitamin d, copper, iron, glutathione, chlorophyll, vitamin B12, amino acids and bioavailable RNA so you get the detox and regrow this in one. I use Seven Hills brand and it’s great for me.

    One down side with large doses of vitamin d is that it can make mycoplasma infections worse and will suppress your immune system. A lot of people are walking around with undiagnosed parasitic or mycoplasma infections. See a trained herbalist about a herbal protocol to reduce your overall pathogenic load.

    You want a lot of colloidal gold/platinum to go around displacing stray heavy metals and recharging your natural m-state matter, vibrational harmony and sexual libido. Get a probiotic with at least 8 different strains and over 10billion bacteria per pill. Take the probiotic with the chlorella because chlorella is not only great food but the growth factor in the chlorella also actively stimulates good bacteria cell division.

    Holy Basil is a great daily supplement in your smoothie.

    When taking turmeric you need to take it will either cocunt oil or pepper to make it bioavaialble for digestion. Otherwise it passes through your gut.

    Try to avoid chemical forms of supplements try for only food based supplements. Vitacost extract all their supplements from real food sources, so the minerals and vitamins are bioavailable. The once per day Vitacost multivitamin is great but I would recommended starting on the chlorella with the probiotics holy basil and turmeric first and because supplements can irritate digestion.

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