Game absolutely is a zero-sum game

Heartiste recently made the case that if all men were attractive, then thots would patrol themselves without the need for socioculturally enforced monogamy, and we’d get traditional Christendom back without Alpha males giving up their soft polygamy. This is like claiming we can have a high GDP per capita without borders: innumerate at best and naive in any case.

The math says you must pick AT LEAST one of the following poisons:

1) Unstable marriages.
2) R-selected Malthusian explosions.
3) Socially enforced monogamy.
4) Underclass of sexually degenerate helots.

If non-virgin women were capable of stable marriages you’d have some wiggle room, but the statistics overwhelmingly show they are not. Again, I’m totally in favor of training men in Game and women to be more attractive so they can have happier marriages that are more stable, but that has absolutely nothing to do with the population dynamics. I know math is hard for neurotypicals so I’ll explain in some future posts. (Meanwhile, try to think of a counterexample if you don’t believe me.)

Edit: While reflecting on this post it occured to me that it may be possible to derive the proper formula for the truism “Diversity + Proximity + Low Social Mood = War” and define the empirically determined constants.

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31 Responses to Game absolutely is a zero-sum game

  1. kapy53 says:

    What happens when you’ve acquired game but feel too exhausted to pursue a real relationship because modern women are so broken, but you don’t want to be a bitter MGTOW jerkoff?

    • Patrick says:

      Don’t date women older than 25, preferably before they get an office job.

      • kapy53 says:

        While that’d be ideal, and easy since I’m finishing school in my late 20’s, most of the younger girls I know are more brainwashed than I thought possible. It’s not impossible, but the amount of work involved just doesn’t seem worth it.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          You’d have to be in a place where they already have a moral mandate to patrol their thots. The culture is actively trying to break up any healthy relationship between you and her, so your pull on her has to be that much stronger.

          Reproduction isn’t the only way to have a meaningful link in the great chain, but genius isn’t an option for most and any others would have to be similarly group-selecting. Probably you have to choose between the bittersweet effort of taming a thot and the bitterness of alienation from your race.

          • kapy53 says:

            That’s the sort of pull I’m in right now. I could keep my current focus and pursue genius that may not be fully manifested until late middle age or pursue family now. I’m leaning towards the former, sometimes I feel I am the “wise old man” archetype, and no one really cared about Gandalf until he went grey.

    • Team Neanderthal says:

      I know a couple Men in stable marriages with kids. Heartiste seems to forget that the main problem is often that the one who knows these truths is surrounded by others that dont. Peer group and environment are often over looked because men are still expected to act like men. The rules changed for women, but not men. I even know a couple of girls IRL that would make great marriage material.

      Gandalf most certainly gets the girl. Go read some Xsplat. She has to call you daddy for it to work. Women love a strong patriarch. The main problem is your womens peer group. Her bond to you has to be strong enough for her to repel peer pressure. Ive experienced this with a few girls over the years, but logistics have always kept it from going to the next level.

      Most PUA and Game advice ignores the fact that its just feminism couched in decieving language. Good girls are easy to find if you know where to look. Shes probably fishing (true story) or on an extended walk. Almost all our data points come from club and bar girls and metropolitan girls. These data points are not a full sample set .

  2. Patrick says:

    Basically mankind is utterly fucked. I’m more interested in seeing this thing play out. It’s getting to the stage where my amygdala is functioning normally again. DANGER = HAPPY FUN

  3. glosoli says:

    Vox quoted Bruce Charlton today, decrying evil and JP, but, sadly, Bruce Charlton is a Mormon and a fanboy of people exactly like Peterson. Yes, I am going to link to a blog post about it, sorry Aeoli:

    • Mycroft Jones says:

      Makes me very uneasy seeing that Charleton named his other blog “Junior Ganymede”. Read up on who Ganymede was.

      • Heaviside says:

        Junior Ganymede is not Charlton’s blog.

        • Mycroft Jones says:

          Is this the real Heaviside? You gaslighting us? You may be correct about Junior Ganymede not being Charlton’s blog, but I’m sure I’m not the only one that remembers Bruce referring to it as his “other” blog.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Shill away, I don’t mind.

    • Heaviside says:

      Wow, I am so thankful you wrote this post, as I am not enough of a badass to call people “snakes” over the internet. It probably occurred to you to try and give a nuanced and charitable interpretation of what the other person is saying, maybe even to consider that you might be wrong, but you knew better than to give into such Satanic temptations. Fearless Christian knight that you are, you didn’t even bother to check if Charlton actually is a member of the CJCLDS or not, and your equation of Owen Barfield with Jordan Peterson reveals your capacity for subtle and penetrating philosophical insight. What would we do without you?

      • Mycroft Jones says:

        With Jesus as the role model, calling people snakes is perfectly in line. As for Charlton being a Mormon, he and I both remember Bruce Charlton posting publicly on his blog to the effect that he is a Mormon.

        • Heaviside says:

          He thinks Mormon theology has lots of good ideas, but that doesn’t mean that he was ever baptized as a Mormon or a member of the CJCLDS.

          >With Jesus as the role model, calling people snakes is perfectly in line.

          If you want to encourage glosoli’s behaviour, be my guest.

          • Mycroft Jones says:

            He’s trying to imitate Christ; he is growing in Grace as time marches on. The important thing is his zeal; he is not lukewarm. (cf book of Revelations, Laodiceans and Philadelphians.)

            • FoghornLeghornAtDaBronxZooVisitingTheSimians says:

              The mormons baptized ALL the jews who died during World War Two into the mormon church/faith. When they baptized ALL the jews who died during World War Two they simultaneously baptized Hitler into the mormon church/faith, LMFAO!!! Now all the jews who died during World War Two AND Hitler are mormons! LMFAO!!!! Even jews in their dotage who died from decrepit old age on Da Grand Concourse Da Bronx during the World War Two years the mormons baptized into the mormon church/faith. That’s because da joos on Da Grand Concourse in Da Bronx were severely poisicuted in Da Bronx during World War Two .

              But everything is okay now, the joos are on Kolob with Hitler, ALL together, safe from insidious perfidy and resultant anti-shemitic poisicuition. They’re ALL going to Re-Incarnate into Native Red Skin Injun Americans and go on InjunScalpingJihad for their next Earthly visit, the next time they “grace” the world with their collective JEW-NAZI-DONMEH-JEW-PRECHRISTIAN-TURKISH-MORMO-“GOD”-of-THE-LIVING-DEAD-ZOMBIE presence.
              [ and they look askance at traditional PRE VATICAN TWO Catholics ]. One happy congregation of hebes sheenies hymies and habirus, Hitler, poseur injuns and turkish bektashi tarbooshes on the warpath! Do this and joy your heart will Swell~ ALL is Well ALL is Well!

          • Aeoli Pera says:

            Is he doing something I need to address? Please respond by forum PM.

      • glosoli says:

        ‘It probably occurred to you to try and give a nuanced and charitable interpretation of what the other person is saying, maybe even to consider that you might be wrong, but you knew better than to give into such Satanic temptations.’

        There is truth, it’s in the bible. There are lies (such as Mormon lies) and when those lies are about my God and his son, and will lead people to damnation, I will highlight those lies, because that’s how much I love my fellow men.

        I’m so sorry it upsets you (truth), perhaps you should not read my blog, it might be difficult for sensitive souls like you.

  4. Jordy LaFrog Peterson's Fully Automated Mecha-Dragonslayer says:


  5. Boneflour says:

    I don’t think he was saying that Game will make thots patrol themselves. More like Game will give you a leg up on current gen social dynamics. He’s talking about the measure of pleasure, not morality or social stability.

    From what I’m reading, he says game may become zero sum on a far enough horizon… but in the here and now, Game increases happiness for men/women without taking happiness away from somewhere else. Sum total of happiness increases.

    “Game isn’t a zero sum activity. Think on this analogy: Imagine the cosmic overlord snapped his fingers and every American woman became an HB10. …There would be an increase in the sum total of male joy.

    Likewise for Game. More charismatic men means an increase in the sum total of female joy.

    If you want to nerd out and summon your Inner Darwin, sure, after many generations there would be sexual selection effects that re-establish a natural SMV hierarchy…

    …But none of that really matters much to the man living now, in this gineline. He learns Game, he gets more and better quality attention from women. A fat woman loses weight, she gets more and better quality attention from men.”

    • Boneflour says:

      Fat women and dorky men = lowest absolute happiness, equal relative happiness

      thin women and dorky men = some higher absolute happiness, more male relative happiness

      thin women and men with Game = higher absolute happiness, equal relative happiness

      fat women and men with Game = some higher absolute happiness, higher female relative happiness

      • Boneflour says:

        TL;DR: Heartiste’s main focus is subjective happiness and not stable marriages, eugenic society structures, etc. Within that domain, game can be positive sum.

        For example, an underclass of degenerate helots with dorky men and fat women would be much happier if their men had Game and their women were thin. Good luck in the divorce, but at least you got dat ass.

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