Heaviside shared this. I think it gives a pretty clear and comprehensive perspective on the Trump election and presidency.

In other news, Cleve is still blogging on his LinkedIn. I thought for a while about whether he’d want anyone linking to it, and figured if he’s already writing under his real name he probably wouldn’t care.

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  1. glosoli says:

    It’s all a show, this video is a fairy-tale.
    All of them, Trump, Clinton, they’re acting out roles, filling time til USD collapse.
    Read the guest post on Trump again and again until you get it.

  2. Heaviside says:

    >You would have to disambiguate this because most people use the term NWO to mean the end goal of the globalist project.

    Everyone should stop using the terms “NWO” and “globalist”, because these are very vague terms that will lead you astray. How do I know this?

    Because we have been here before.

    There were movements against globalism a hundred and fifty years ago just like the one that is happening now. (For the sake of the argument ignore Europe because that is a fundamentally different place.) Only instead of warning of the impending imposition of an authoritarian “European style” socialist state they frightened themselves with the prospect of an authoritarian “European style” Catholic monarchy. Even a cursory examination of the history of American anti-Catholicism and anti-communism shows that the exact same language was used to stoke fears of these two earlier globalisms.

    “few Protestants will sacrifice their children to swell the current of Romanist perverts, and help fulfill the priestly prophecy “that America will soon bow beneath the rule.””
    “America is the strong-hold of freedom. Against it the engines of despots are directed. Once destroyed, and the very name of freedom is gone. Here, then, the final battle must be fought. Here the triumph of oppression would tell on the wide world through all coming time.”

    “unless we can reverse forces which now [1958] seem inexorable in their movement, you have only a few more years before the country in which you live will become four separate provinces in a world-wide Communist dominion ruled by police-state methods”

    I’ll give you two options. Either these people were completely correct in their assessments and only the valiant efforts of Know Nothings and Birchers stopped America and the world from falling into the grip of Bolshevik Hapsburg tyranny, or they continue to deploy the exact same tropes because they don’t learn from history and instead fall back on beliefs that they are already comfortable with (secularized dispensationalist eschatology).

    If we take Birchers for example, these people were upset by decisions that the establishment in D.C. made, and the two good examples of this establishment at that time were Dean Acheson and George Marshall. Both of these men during their careers made decisions that greatly benefited the communist bloc. However, they were not communists, they thought of themselves as patriotic Americans who were acting in America’s interests, and ultimately the communists lost (no thanks to them). If politicians make decisions which benefit communism, but you attribute their decisions to the work of a nebulous communist conspiracy instead of whatever really caused them, then you won’t be able to fix the actual problems.

    (of course there were many communist spies in the government but their presence is a question and not an answer)

    • CuriousGeorge says:

      Heaviside :

      Well, what then should we call it, if not “the NWO” and/or “the globalists/globalism”, what should we call it? You forgot to tell us what we should call it.

  3. Heaviside says:

    Just consider this for a moment with regards to the supposed “NWO”: there is an organization which openly strives for (the pipe dream of) “full spectrum dominance”. It’s this organization and not the Rothschilds which has been operating a surveillance state in the U.S. for over a century. It’s this organization and not the scions of wealthy banking families which staffs the NSA and gets to read everyone’s browser history.

    “In addition, of course, the Army could draw upon the security clearance and investigative dossiers of all federal agencies for whatever political and private information they might contain on persons who were, or had once been, affiliated within the federal government. As of December 31, 1970, the Defense Central Index of Investigations alone reported 25 million index cards representing files on individuals and 760,000 cards representing files on organizations and incidents. What separates military intelligence in the United States from its counterparts in totalitarian states then, is not its capabilities, but its intentions.”

    • Texan TT says:

      So you’re saying the fr33mas9ns are behind it all?

      I get that however, The Rothschilds and Co. are real deal. Ancient families really do wield a tremendous amount of influence over this world. Whats not clear to me is how united or disparate the various strands of m@sonry are. Or if they are in any way actually opposed to ancient ruling families.
      Would you be able to provide me with a good starting point for further study into this?

      • bicebicebcie says:

        It took the Rothschild 1 father and 4sons working together as a family unit to literally bank interest from their first windfall/swindle. That is literally all it took. +Melony strains.

        It is magic when you consider how fucking dumb the rest of the planet is, 95% of swedes can’t fork up 3000sek to replace a broken fridge/washer. At 5000sek we are talking 99.xx failure rate. This is coming from working pairs of one man one woman who bank 50 000 sek after taxes.

        Stagel 1: sapeonomics: if you can’t produce 5000sek on a 50 000sek salary, you are going atleast -5000 every month.
        Stage 2: Same as above but another -50 000 every year on top.
        Stage 3: -50 000 every month.

        Whatever they make, they will soon owe to someone else, then it just keeps doubling until its foreclosure time. This is why sapes are issued monopoly tokens and digital non-existing credits. Gold is just too good for them, and I agree with that.

        TLDR: How can a person/family NOT, figuratively and literally, move countries when they walk the walk of Banking interest, and have done so with a vengeance for 200 years? Everything you do becomes world news. Imagine an infant inheriting 300trillion, how can he not be “the mastermind” ? The irony is that this is also the end game of frugality.

        “hey Bertram wanna join the gang and rule the world, you do have 30000bazillions after all, so we thought we should atleast check in with you first?”
        “no i want to sit here and play video game, im alright thanks”. Then that kid, Bertram, buys a country because he wanted to and felt like it, he had the money, but that upset the global geopolitical sphere and a war accidentally started. I mean, itz fucked one way or the other.

        And the money isn’t even real! Itz sape tokens and digits. I hope you understand what I mean by this because I don’t.

  4. Patrick says:

    80% obvious already, but still worth the 20% juicy tidbits. I love juicy tidbits.

    • Aeoli Pera says:


      I don’t delete posts for being obnoxious, but I do ban people for it. You were banned for that reason, therefore your posts are deleted on sight.

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