Political identity as projection

This completely nonsensical exchange struck me as archetypal:

The story is seen through the eyes of this lady here. Who is she? A new recruit to the organization, Dynamique, an attractive young lass who you will not be seeing in the pages of an SJW Marvel comic book. Of the artwork beyond this, the unique characters are better than the backgrounds, the backgrounds are sometimes lacking in detail. The story was funny, it wasn’t preachy, it was entertaining, and so, so refreshing… this is the kind of comic book that’s really going to force change onto the industry. The industry is not going to change, it’s going to change from outsiders like a Vox Day. Arkhaven Comics, this is the change that we need, this is the change we’ve been long calling for.

Rorschach reviews Alt-Hero #1

The idea I offered to fix the backgrounds may not be a good one, but I offered it because it didn’t cost me anything and despite my vehement disagreements with Vox about his recent heuristics (which I regard as evil) I believe he’s doing good work by building alternative institutions:

I’m still mad at you [Vox Day] for something OT, but I had a good idea here: background art is the sort of thing you can improve iteratively and chaotically by crowdsourcing, if you’re willing to offer guidance to the community. Here’s your basic method and value proposition:

0. Don’t get black pilled by the average quality of human(?) on DeviantArt. There is a lot of serious talent in the rough just going to waste. If you can’t handle it, delegate.
1. Release a panel on DeviantArt and say you’re looking for people to improve it.
2. Foster discussion by saying the type of background you would like. Something like “We want it to look like an outdoor cafe in a high-class area of France, drawn with the style and techniques of Watchmen (or whatever). Here are some pictures of French cafes to draw from.”
3. Offer feedback on drawings. Say “this one here is exactly what we want, and this is why, now it would be nice to improve it further by fleshing out this negative space back here with a fountain or statue…” Also say, “this one here is good work but we can’t use it because we want such and such style, which has qualities x and y to reproduce the feeling of z.”

You get free labor and a filtering process for artists you can work with, the artists get attention for their work (don’t underestimate how important this is to skilled amateurs), portfolio pieces, resume fodder (contributed to real professional project!), and a chance to impress and get a real job with you.

Also, you might want your pros to do a couple of livestreams or livedraws or whatever they’re called.


David the Good responded to this with the sort of flagrant non sequitur that indicates an unshared assumption.

I don’t like the creative crowdsourcing idea, as there are a lot of lousy half-wits out there, but it may have its place for some. If you’re not good at something or are refining your skill, I recommend you find someone who is really good (and successful) and ask them to give you their brutal opinion on what’s wrong. Then absorb that input and work on it without letting your emotions get in the way.

And practice, practice, practice. Force yourself to produce on insane self-imposed deadlines. Do a small oil painting every day, or write 2,000 words a day, every day for a month, or do nothing but draw faces in pen and ink for two hours a day. You get better fast.

David the Good

Notice he genuinely means well and, assuming I want to become a background artist for comics, this is very helpful advice. But I’ve never even for a second in my life wanted to be a background artist because it sounds like about as much fun as data entry. I don’t have a DeviantArt or time to learn how to draw. So why was David so convinced that this burning desire to draw backgrounds for Alt-Hero comics was the ulterior reason why I was presenting this idea? Well, his assumption is obviously that I would never have advocated for this system if it wasn’t about me. This is interesting, because it matches up with what we see in the political realm where every identity group advocates for preferential treatment of that phenotype’s reproductive strategy.

Patrick pointed out to me one time that blacks are God’s gift to anthropologists because they don’t complicate things. White people can fill bookshelves with philosophy, psychology, economics, euphemisms, culture, myths, and etiquette explaining why they should personally have higher status in society (and thus greater access to more resources). Blacks keep it simple: they never saw a problem that couldn’t be fixed (they believe) with more money for dem programs. Schools aren’t teaching kids to read by the time they graduate? More money for dem programs. Foot-deep potholes on I-696? More money for dem programs. Brazen swindling in dem programs? More money for dem programs. Conspicuously absent from this is any intention of solving the problem—it is only a bludgeon to be used on competitors in the political arena.

This makes sense in evopsych terms if we assume that human selection has been due primarily to social advocacy for higher in-group status and getting a bigger slice of the pie, and not due to group selection where making a bigger pie (than the next group over) would be the primary selection mechanism. So from now on, when a neurotypical offers a political solution I can apply this heuristic to determine their group loyalties.

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28 Responses to Political identity as projection

  1. SirHamster says:

    Alternative take, he’s fleshing out an alternative to your alternative.

    He doesn’t like crowd-sourcing (finding someone else better to do it and using group opinion; group contains half-wits whose judgement is bad). His suggestion is to DIY, find expert critique, and use brutal self-improvement to make the DIY good.

    Also, those two paragraphs from David were two separate comments, so it’s not necessarily linked thoughts addressed at you, but could be a stream of thought he tacked on after.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I can ask him if need be. If what you’re saying is correct, how would you recommend I fix this post?

      • Mycroft Jones says:

        Crowd source it. ;-)

      • SirHamster says:

        On review, I think the following sentence is the only one that I can find issue with. I did think David’s response a little non-sequitor. David does have good intentions with his response.

        “Well, his assumption is obviously that I would never have advocated for this system if it wasn’t about me. ”

        I only quibble with this, because his assumption is not obvious to me (alternative I raised); but it was obvious to you. I dislike certainty where it is not warranted, but human communication isn’t about perfect precision. (too much overhead)

        I wouldn’t worry about fixing it, this is just for auditing the thought chain. Even if your take on him was wrong, it’s interestingly wrong.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          >I only quibble with this, because his assumption is not obvious to me (alternative I raised); but it was obvious to you.

          That’s fair. The thing to do, then, is investigate all conceivable explanations like a detective would. Which is to say, start out by asking the man himself.

  2. bicebicebcie says:

    ” So from now on, when a neurotypical offers a political solution I can apply this heuristic to determine their group loyalties.”

    Group loyalties sprung from genetics… sapery 101? What happens when a Melon wants money for dem programs? That is not a sape, but it is if a person is autistic and don’t know the difference. Also why a thard gets tharded by life in all instances one can get tharded in. Or, knowing this and refusing to acknowledge it to be true.

    Edenism should be the fasted and most accurate sorting hat ever. And it is. Now, give me some money for dem programz.

    • Boneflour says:

      Doesn’t a Melon just start a bank when he wants money for dem programz?

      • bicebicebcie says:

        Well yes? By banking on asking for money for dem programz, that is the banking for the making of the bank, banked. They make bank on everything, everything they do is making bank. A melon can not make bank. The programz is the start of the bank.

        Everything they do results in siphoning others wealth so they make bank even if it goes to shit, dem programz I mean. It is a character trait when you roll your character. And the charisma bonus for getting the sapes to cheer for your program ideals.

        The only one who can lose in this scenario is the thard saying in advance what is going to happen, he ruins the festive moods. And when it fails just repeat the process if society is still standing, it was just a lack of funds that was the problems. Sapes accept this expination, no, they crave it, otherwise it is their fault for having low IQ and the melon of course goes along with it, even tho he knows what is up.

        This is how a thal goes hard in the thard. Also why cleve is “blogging” on linkedin, I can’t imagine a worse site for such HARD TRUTHS :D:D:D. Can’t stop won’t stop.

        • Boneflour says:

          Thards: Standing at the edge of the meeting room saying “This is going to go horribly wrong” since ancient times.

          Whether it’s standing in the desert and yelling “IT’S GOING TO FLOOD SOON, I’M BUILDING AN ARK” or blogging about the End of the Holocene, Cassandra don’t quit.

          • Aeoli Pera says:

            The thing is, when the Pyrrhic cycle is part of your reproductive strategy, then “going horribly wrong” is according to a plan which gradually increases your share of the genome at the expense of neanderthal admixture, which is to say massive wars and depopulations are “things going horribly right”.

    • Team Neanderthal says:

      “The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb.”

      Is why Thals get Tharded. Saps goes on screeching into oblivion “Family” “Society” “We must follow the Melon”

  3. Boneflour says:

    From the limited context of the quotes, it does seem like he’s assuming Aeoli is trying to improve his drawing and contribute to Alt-Hero. Why else would Aeoli be talking about crowdsourcing, eh?

    He’s not offering an alternative to Alt-Hero’s background issue, he’s offering an alternative way for an amateur artist to move forward.

    That implies he thinks the actual problem being solved is not “How can Arkhaven get better backgrounds?” but “How can this amateur artist get a come up?”

    • Boneflour says:

      Reading through the thread, the response by Avalanche contains a similar assumption:

      “So, Aeoli, you’re actually suggesting, in essence, that Castalia/Vox Day set up a comics artist school?!?! With assignments, proctors, reviewers, and grading!? Oh my! Is our Dark Lord not already carrying half of our future in his massive brain?! Let the man get some SLEEP!”

      “(Of course, if YOU are offering to set up and run the school – cool idea, man!)”

      Either you’re asking Vox for gibs or you’re trying to cut yourself a piece of the action. Why else would you bring it up? Just to improve the background art?

      • SirHamster says:

        Nice breakdown. Though less criticizing the self-interest and more about protecting VD’s resources from being spread thin on the overhead of additional activities.

        Which is a rather womanly critique on things. *insert evopsych*

    • Team Neanderthal says:

      >Why else would Aeoli be talking about crowdsourcing, eh?

      Because crowd sourcing is how you get anything done these days. We need better methods to finance the war effort. Normies arent gonna help us. It looks like minions of thought leaders arent going to either because they cant see the forest from the trees. They assume your trying to weedle out self intrest. It betrays their covert infighting tendencies.

  4. Team Neanderthal says:


    The response seems to still assume credentials are necessary to complete something. Or you need credentials or a portfolio at all. This is also perciesly why the white race is perishing. Too many white boomers getting in the way of white millenials because of:
    Muh Credentials
    Muh Experience
    Muh Network
    Muh Status Quo

    • Team Neanderthal says:

      Now all these problems could solved by upping Testosterone Past 700ng\dl

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I do think a portfolio ought to be the basic criterion for hiring, whereas credentials are basically designed to be hacked by social strivers, experience only indicates broad familiarity, and networking only approximates political acumen.

  5. SaintDominicYes says:

    I’m into Art myself. My favorite art is Spanish art, from the Spanish Golden Age. And my favorite artist is the Spanish Golden Age artist Diego Velazquez. An example of his work :

    So I know what my favorite art is, I know who my favorite artist is, I just don’t know what political group I should be loyal to qua Spanish Golden Age Diego Velazquez admirer. Should I join the Republican Party or the Democratic Party? Considering I like Spanish Golden Age art the best and I like the Spanish Golden Age artist Diego Velazquez the best I’m confused if that makes me a Republican, a Democrat, a Monarchist, a Libertarian, an Independent, a member of the Green Party, a member of the Constitution Party, a Communist, an Antifa, an anarchist, what!? Help! Who should I be loyal to???!!!

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