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On this Very Special After School Episode, Boneflour and Aeoli Pera play Shill or No Shill with Alex Jones, and talk about the diverging paths of Jordan Peterson and Vox Day. Boneflour did something great with the audio because I … Continue reading

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Beta male identity politics

Here’s a real leader for you: When I swore the prime-ministerial oath one week ago, I said that I see the twenty years between 2010 and 2030 as a single period – and that when in 2010 the will of … Continue reading

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Guest effortpost: Why Trump Is Not Trustworthy

A longtime reader offers a less sanguine perspective on the God Emperor. I don’t think the guy is completely bad, but when you look at what he has done, and who he has associated with, versus the promises he made … Continue reading

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Long-term disability insurance premiums for children with IQs below employability

This is my attempt to solve the problem Jordan Peterson highlights about how 10% of the population cannot under any economic or political arrangement be productively employed to push a broom across a floor. This problem may be generalized to … Continue reading

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RIP Vault-Co

Vault-Co Is Gone. From his site: Like I have said, things are worse than people would believe. Don’t fret it Cleve, this would never have happened if you hadn’t done things right. Take solace in the fact that the baton … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on leadership

Pretty basic, stated fancy-like. The function of a leader is to enable group cooperation by embodying values held in common by the group’s members. This is fundamentally an example of Frame—by demonstrating that the behaviors he exemplifies produce the desired … Continue reading

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Inuyasha and the life principle (part 2 of 2)

Last time, I left off with our half-domesticated, half-savage protagonist and antagonist both searching for the life principle, represented by a crystal broken into many pieces by an avatar (Kagome) of idealized femininity (Kikyo). This life principle (libido) refers to … Continue reading

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