Ted X 2040

I did another podcast, because I didn’t learn anything from the response to the previous ones. The format is Patrick speculating about possible future uses of technology, and I evaluate them for plausibility. It’s great fun, but the audio issues were pretty bad because I recorded my side in the blender barn* and Patrick was up to something occasionally very loud (that I won’t get into because the level of cultural acceptance of such things is a mystery to me).

The content is pretty interesting so hopefully that makes up for the audio problems.

Edit: I know nobody has time to sit around listening to this shit so download it with Clipgrab and listen to it while you wash your penis, bucko.

*A philosophical construct coined by Boneflour. The blender barn is a theoretical room made entirely from the condensed noise of making infinite blended coffee drinks and smoothies.

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Maybe do this later?
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24 Responses to Ted X 2040

  1. Patrick says:

    This is so BING BING BING

  2. Ø says:

    p a r a d i g m s h i f t

    • Ø says:

      >Patrick: “What’s the difference between a Delta and a Sigma? Someone who can dip in and out and who’s still comfortable and cool and all that shit?”

      ^I would say the difference is the comfort that arises naturally as a consequence of the ability to skillfully navigate social structures. The meaty guts of the thing here are that the difference between omega and sigma does, in fact, come down to the individual man’s ability.

      Either ability, or some combination of wealth/status/presitge (see Marilyn Manson).

      >Elliot Rodger

      I agree with Patrick that Elliot Rodger–along with the majority of today’s so-called incels–would indeed be at least a nominally functional member of society back in the early 20th century. That period of history had significantly less cultural poison present in its atmosphere as well as much less neurosis-inducing technological and economic complexity. This isn’t to say that Rodger would be some perfect, model citizen–I think he’d still be something of a narcissisist in 1930, just not a homicidally malignant and dysfunctional one.

      I think he was smarter than Aeoli’s giving him credit for based off his reading a part of Rodger’s manifesto: Aeoli also initially thought Trump was stupid based on his public rhetoric and persona.

      Intelligence manifests itself in different ways; not all smart people are going to be able to pen an estimable and inspiring manifesto, especially when they have as many personal problems, as much confusion, and as little meaningful life experience as Elliot Rodger.

      >Patrick: “Give your thoughts on incels”

      Incels are a product of a lot of things, most of which results from a dysfunctional and incoherent social mileu–along with the malignant and oppressive societal structures that Aeoli mentioned–which all ultimately do result from the moral failure of the West. A lot can be written and said about them, and I’m sure a lot will be.

      To talk about incels, you have to talk about lookism theory. The basic premise of Lookism–that women have an instinctive and burning hatred for men who are not 100.00% cosmetically perfect and mannequinesque–is, I believe, itself a coping mechanism for men who have found themselves overwhelmed by the complexity and incoherence of modern society, but who in most cases lack either the intelligence or agency to accurately apprehend the reasons for their predicament or pull themselves out of it.

      Incels are characterized by an unmet–(and frankly, imo, ridiculous)–desire for female validation and a resultant lack of self-esteem which is usually accompanied by some mixture of narcissism and any combination picked from a long list of various neuroses. A paradoxical element of inceldom is the fact that they desire female validation–but would be much more likely to receive it if they didn’t give a damn about the vaginal jew in the first place.

      I think most of their anger is justified, but their despair is not, and their various coping mechanisms are misguided.

      • Ø says:

        And when I’m talking about “incels” here, I’m not talking about every modern guy who isn’t getting laid, I’m talking about the specific internet subculture.

  3. Mycroft Jones says:

    Whatever it was Patrick was doing, I didn’t pick up on it. Good podcast, boys. The movement advances. :)

  4. Boneflour says:



    “Philosophy is autonomously selectively deconstructed to suit special interests.”

    “…Define autonomous in this context.”

    *thud* *blender whirr*

    “How much of a political animal am I, would you say?”


    “I’d say between 90 and 100 percent.”



    “Autonomous turrets will pre-emptively pick off potential school shooters in the future”

    “I’m Heath Ledger’s Joker and you’re sitting in bed and you’ve had half your face blown off.”


  5. bicebicebcie says:

    shitty audio adds to the mystique and thus brings in the revenue. lack of graphics keeps the sapes away.

    • bicebicebcie says:

      also, people who speak in really long sentances run the rish of not saying anyting at all. this only works in writing, it sort-of works in speeches if said speech sentences contains A LOT of shibolets and slogans, repated over and over again. <— keeps sapes away, they are only interested in long speak if it amounts to nothing to remember, otherwise the brain starts to hurt. *whirr*

      • bicebicebcie says:

        If one can create a current year interactive repository without the staleness of faceberg, you’re winner.

  6. bicebicebcie says:

    Straining another countrys budget to the breaking point is warfare and also when the civil war starts(when the civil budget breaks), or, when the official war ends that has been declared because the country can’t afford to fight. Isn’t that the question you wanted answered Aeoli? I mean the moslems in uk should have started a war the moment they arrived because the brits are kufars but the gibs are so nice etc. can’t be bothered. if the integration has worked and the gibs have ceased, they should migrat to the next gib country, because they are now civlised sloths.

    It sort of works both ways and they are interlocked. A civilised people such as swedes/germans they simply migrate when SHTF, and live under a semi-war state under the goobernments road to the eventual downfall, terrorised/wared upon by the state and their cohorts/ooga boogas. because they like to suffer, so they don’t move right away even tho they see it coming. They won’t fight the revolution so to speak, unlike the french. So yeah… sort of…

    Nice *whirr*cast boys I finished the whole thing. smart cars killing people not fitting the AI genetic profile is already here (at the moment it targets all humans, some say it targets blacks because they are harder to see but we can only speculate)., scratch that one off the list.

    that social-4chansamhyde-navigation was spot on.

    I lost track as to what I was saying. A side effect of different subjects tied together under one theme (AI)?. *whirr*

  7. kensuimo says:

    Buterin seems to be spider. Sockets, obviously.

    • Patrick says:

      This type needs to be fleshed out some more. We went into it a little in the next podcast but my view differs from Aeoli’s.

      • Patrick says:

        If this is a spider melon then I am a hybrid of this an Neanderthal I think

        • Patrick says:

          But it gets weird. I think we need to discuss traits in more detail. Spider, to me, is some kind of potentially venomous owl, with venom inherited from snake. Venom is chemically analogous to medicine also. Like Buterin has the ability to meme technological socioeconomic medicine into reality, it’s a very Alchemistic. Of course the blockchain could also be used to do a lot of harm, but regardless it is a necessary thing and a good thing to have made it. Anyway all this stuff needs some greater detail around it.

        • Fox says:

          The important question is: Where are your side bulges located?
          In front of the ear-region: frontal
          Around the ears: Higher = more frontal, lower = more temporal,
          Behind the ears: Higher = more parietal, lower = more temporal

          A type similar to owl melons sounds like high bulges behind the ears.
          Buterin has frontal side bulges. There is quite a lot on the forum regarding side bulges.

  8. bicebicebcie says:

    *blocks your heresy and degeneracy*

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