New toy

I haven’t had one of these babies for 12 years. Money is good.

New toy1

It’s exciting to learn that I can still throw a decent jab, despite the intervening years. Less exciting is the cardio aspect. But it’s about ten times easier on my knees and a lot more fun, so that justified splurging a bit. Now I just need to find some cheap plates so I don’t have to steal them from my adjustable dumbells.

Anyway, rejoice with me! Today is a great day.

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4 Responses to New toy

  1. Boneflour says:



  2. bicebicebcie says:

    From a bodybuilding(sculpting) point of view, I have made more asthetic gains from having my own shitty bench setup with girly weights, but doing it everyday and as many reps as it takes to lift the same total amount of weight as one would usually do, in that range, sort of.
    An experiment that worked out well with unknowing friends giving compliments, not in on the scheme of things. My stamina is really good, gets the blood flowing unlike the work out lika e fridge look like a fridge huffing and puffing like a fridge.
    My final goal is 100reps on everything with my current weight without stopping for a rest, cuts time.

    Always knowing you never have to wait at the gyme or take time out of your day to do that routine, makes for the same thing in results with zero hassle. Saves a lot of money to, which some call time. And doing it 6times a weeks is never a problem in regards to resting, like Tex said when he was a paper-boy in new york. No added stressors to weigh you down and extend recovery time.

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