Jim explains the boomerang effect

Despite his disingenuous religious agenda—to retool Christianity for more effective statecraft—I’m becoming fond of this Jim guy’s blog on every other subject.

“The boomerang effect” was coined by Jazzhands McFeels to refer to his observation that every legal, political, and propaganda tactic the Democrats try to use on Trump ends with it being used on them more effectively. The ur-example is the Russian election tampering narrative, which resulted in exposing the attempts of high-level federal intelligence agents to prevent a populist candidate from obtaining power.

The deep state, the swamp, figured that they would illegally hound the Trump campaign, and something was bound to turn up that would retroactively justify the investigation, and they could jail Trump for some crime or other.

Because, hey if any of them were investigated, not that that could ever happen, something would turn up.

Well, they have been at it for two years, and nothing has turned up. What the press keeps announcing as another triumph is that in the course of casting the net wider and wider, they find some technicality or other with which to charge someone or other somehow connected to Trump, and hope to “turn him” – get him to rat on Trump, to reveal all these terrible Trump crimes that must surely exist. Every leftist assumes, sees as quite obvious, that if anyone connected to Trump is brought under pressure, he is likely to have some Trump crimes to report. Its inevitable and obvious – because everyone has some crimes, right?

The uniform and confident expectation that if you put the heat on some random Trump associate, he will have the goods on Trump, reveals that if you were to put the heat on some random swamp dweller, he would have the goods on some more senior swamp dweller.

The expectation that something would turn up is projection. They know nothing about Trump except what everyone knows, indeed they know less, because they close their eyes for fear of exposure to thought crime. That they think that something will turn up, that any close associate of Trump must know of Trump crimes, and therefore bringing a close associate of Trump under pressure will result in him ratting out Trump for some crime or other, implies that bringing any swamp dweller under pressure will result in him ratting out a more senior swamp dweller for some crime or other.

Jordan Peterson, controlled opposition

This is why insularity will get you killed in a fight: people with more worldly experience are very good at reading weaknesses from the way you react and attack. It scales up to the political realm as well. When you air a grievance that’s a “tell” that this grievance is a legitimate source of anxiety for you (e.g. the rent is too damn high), which can be pressed like a button to hurt you. And the solution you propose for your grievance reveals your political loyalties, your identity and values, which makes it easy to predict your future rationalizations because your enemy knows who you will argue should receive more resources, who you will argue should be enslaved, and who you think needs to just die already.

This is why Sun Tzu says “All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack, we must seem unable; when using our forces, we must appear inactive; when we are near, we must make the enemy believe we are far away; when far away, we must make him believe we are near.” To do otherwise is called “telegraphing” your strike because you might as well be wiring your opponent two weeks’ notice about where you intend to punch. No one ever landed a punch without first tricking their opponent, maybe with a feint or a misrepresentation of their reach. Old age and treachery always overcome youth and skill because the old have received more punches from a more diverse range of enemies, and have by necessity generalized the indispensable skill of anticipating them. This is why idealists who declare themselves warriors of truth and purity and light are comedic relief characters who lose every war: if you aren’t willing to lie to your enemies, then you aren’t ready to kill them.

(I expect this idealism lies at the root of the Sukhomlinov Effect and cortical expansion in hypersocial/political primates. Semiotic pragmatism trumps aesthetic fetishism in sociopolitical conflicts between mutually fertile groups.)

Predictably, the deep state, and entire left, reacts to this problem not by conciliation and retreat, but by escalation.

A little illegality (of which they hoped that they would be able to say “Well, what does it matter now” after turning up some Trump crime that would retroactively justify the investigation) has been slowly turning into a big illegality with nothing to justify it.

And when an illegality gets big enough, it is civil war.

On lefty boards, I keep hearing the argument “Well the first FBI and DoJ actions could not have been illegal, because if they were then the later actions would be even more illegal”.

There is a flaw in that argument.

The real meaning of that argument is “Anything we do is legal because we do it, and anything you do is illegal because you do it, because we can and will escalate further than you dare to escalate.” Wanna bet about what Trump will not dare? Duterte escalated all the way, and is as a result hugely popular.

Conservatism may be defined as the fear of losing civil society to escalating reprisals (i.e. the fear of lawlessness). Conservatives’ endless projection of this fear was how the left knew it could march through the institutions without reprisal. But it seems we’ve taken enough punches to get the lesson beaten into our heads, and it’s the left who have gotten too comfortable for their own good.

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31 Responses to Jim explains the boomerang effect

  1. Patrick says:

    Aeoli Pera enters The Blenderdome!

    • Patrick says:

      By the way, this is a nice summation regarding how Owl melons view politics. Except they swim in the swamp and pivot according to the various twists of fate. All this stuff is sort of a nice verbalisation of Owl Melon intuition.

  2. Heaviside says:

    Jim is dumb; the investigations into Trump haven’t turned up anything because they’re not supposed to turn up anything.

    • glosoli says:

      He may be dumb, but he’s not a coward and a liar like you. You piss on Christianity and praise the brutal cannibals in Japan, then when challenged by 3 posters, including our host, you vanish, like a girl running away after throwing a stink bomb.

      Everyone realises what you are. Zero credibility, a loser, a mutt, wallowing in your evil lies, afraid of the light. I hope you go away and stay away.


      Separately, I am pushing Jim and his blog hard on the Christian front, any brothers that read there can influence red-pillers on biblical truths, so join in with comments. It’s now or never.

      And finally, I wrote another post, so I’m sharing that. It was painful to write, it might be painful to read, I don’t know:


    • Aeoli Pera says:

      You don’t think the power struggle is genuine?

      • Heaviside says:

        >You don’t think the power struggle is genuine?

        I doubt there is anybody in Washington with the wherewithal to reverse the ruinous policies of the past seven decades, and it is even more doubtful if any of them want to.

        The details may differ, but the accusations against Trump adhere to the same formula as the accusations against Obama. Instead of “Obama is a muslim communist” we now have “Trump is a Russian nazi”. Instead of “Tea Party” we now have “Resistance”. Every month brave investigators get closer and closer to exposing the truth, but they never quite seem to get there.

        If they are aware of this issue at all, most Americans seem to think that only the FBI is responsible for domestic counterintelligence and collecting blackmail on American citizens; this is not the case. The Army has, in addition to its access to all information collected by domestic law enforcement and intelligence agencies including the FBI, its own network of undercover informants and plainclothes counterintelligence officers, and this surveillance network is, at the very least (given the capabilities of the NSA), the equal of any that has ever existed in any police state. It is their duty to know if any politician has been sexually compromised by hostile agents, or if Obama was not born in the United states, or if Trump is a pawn of Russian (or Russian-Israeli) interests, and I believe they do know. They better if they are going to spend billions of dollars collecting all the web traffic in America.

        They’re just not telling us.

  3. Patrick says:

    Also in terms of liberal psychology their whole thing is characterised by psychological projection as a weapon and ex post facto justification for crime. Like, for example, ‘shaming’. Whenever I tell liberals hard factual statements that they can’t deny but totally destroy the basis of their statement, they shame the individual for telling the truth. Either in terms of some sort of EQ argument like ‘That’s true but inappropriate for this forum and therefore a logical non sequitur’.

    Their whole theory of mind is so narcissistic that, once you understand them, they’re a walking talking tell. They give away their whole libido principal, motivation and world outlook every time they open their mouth. You just need to decode it.

    Also in some ways I agree with Heaviside in that the ongoing investigation is perceived by the lower orders as described here, but it could also be being used as a wider tactic of death by confusion and chaos. But by using very simple straightforward tactics, like his twitter rants, like his miming of ‘Fake News’, ‘Meek Justin’, ‘Nagging Theresa’ et cetera he is creating a direct link between the minds of the voters and his own mind. It’s literally like Alex Jones with a Megaphone in every home is POTUS. And this is very hard to beat by any means. It comes back to a life principle thing.

    • Heaviside says:

      Alex Jones works for the Deep State.

      • glosoli says:

        Heaviside is a cannibal fanboy.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          That’s enough. We’re fully aware now of your opinion of Heaviside.

          • glosoli says:

            It’s not my opinion, it’s a fact.

            Besides, he repeats his BS, time and time again, you never tell him ‘enough’.

            This is a war you know?

            • Jordy LaFrog Peterson's Fully Automated Mecha-Dragonslayer says:

              Alex Jones is, depending upon the context, either right if you look at it in a certain way or just, you know, wrong. Plus, one time, I saw two male frogs having sex. How do you explain THAT?!

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              >he repeats his BS, time and time again, you never tell him ‘enough’.

              >This is a war you know?

              Insofar as I influence the culture war this blog’s function is more like a skunkworks than a front line. The limits of conduct are therefore different.

            • glosoli says:

              I’m really curious as to how you felt you had to leave the ‘degenerate’ forum, and yet you allow those same kind of people to spout their lies here, freely, repeatedly, whilst shutting me down?

              You able to explain that please? Because it was that very policy that forced Koanic to depart.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              >You able to explain that please?

              This is how civility works.

            • glosoli says:

              Interesting. Avoids the part of the question about you fleeing the forum altogether though. Heh.

              I edited my earlier comment which described the way you treat the likes of Cannibal-boy as ‘nice’. And yet me stating simple facts is deemed uncivil. Not nice, must be stopped.

              However, civility and niceness to God’s enemies is a foolish and a losing strategy, as your experiences with your church have proved. Wise up brother, it’s no longer time to talk to these guys across the trenches.

      • Patrick says:

        He works for a faction of the Deep State yes we know already.

        • bicebicebice says:

          The talmud vision has merged with the internet, the only way to “depart degeneracy” is to quit the internet entirely,, or go back to paying bills checking the weather ordering products and booking things. Which leads me to this post:

          “” To do otherwise is called “telegraphing” your strike because you might as well be wiring your opponent two weeks’ notice about where you intend to punch. ”

          Everybody who was on the internet 20-25-30 years ago knew the internet was never “serious business”. The sapes/normies/sjw/ worship the computer and everything on it is 1000% serious business, knowing this one can co-ordinate, telegraph, bullshit mines, a dud filled with shit, they are instead of smear campaigns engaging in shitsmearing campaigns that spills over on themselves irl and the indignity causes them extreme autistic butthurt, thinking they can dodge shit. Just turn that attitude around on the numories, “oh, so you read that on the internet? I guess it must be true then”. Remeber how they treated you once. If one thinks they can out-holy a shitmachine and then get assblasted about it, you are playing the normie game and will lose just like the normies, the only saving grace here is how little time you put in in the process. the internet is female, it is jewish, it is racemixed, it is degenerate, it is normie, it is a shithole nobody should spend time on.

          This makes it a good target to rope in the irl bad-people and bury them in their own fucking standards they have no intention of living according to irl, but since they spend all their time connected to the internet, the real life repercussions are very real, severe and satisfactory to see them bury themselves alive.

          The internet has no conviction, it is a degemerate neurotic jew shouting orders at random only resonating with the lowest genetic lifeforms in the west. This is why it is so easy for Trump to destroy his enemies. They are worse than nothing. They choose the wrong platform to virtue signal on. You are on the internet forever and you will never leave, just remember it was never serious until they showed up. If your mood is affected and you can’t do something irl because you saw/did something on the internet, you are rapidly becoming a normie. Not even jesus can save you then if you have merged with the feelz machine, feelz are for women and soyboys. It is not rational, but it is rational to play mindtricks on besserwisser-sapes, and very fun too I might add. if you are not going to leave the ride it is better to enjoy it.

          • bicebicebice says:

            the comment chain is broken, it was obvious it was aimed at the general “discussion”, implied “bait-taking” should really make one think as to why they perceive it was directed at a specific person.

            it still stands however, i was just “punked” by three goobers on my stroll home, one of which was a literal 56% calling me a ginger, seconds afterwards they apologized and I decided to be really mean and tell them about tolerance. they loudly apologized and agreed with me, i fully expect them to start the soy diet next week.
            Alright the soypart wasn’t true, i told them to not say those things to people they don’t know because they don’t know who they are not everyone is as reasonable as i am, which made them actually frighetened because they will be left to forever ponder if i was one of the crazy people i told them about. Gym time and steroids don’t matter against someone with 3 times the bone density and 10times as furious.

            A persons wot’s and internet-state-of-things-on-the-internet indignation means nothing if they are a faggot irl, and they more the act up online the more likely it is they are one irl or rapidly becoming one, because they are not dealing with the problems As Soon As They Arise in their vicinity or their lives, which is the same thing.

            When all the medical issues and degenerate screenbehavior is sorted, it will all be for naught if people are not raised by adults, which is why I am not oblivious as to why shitbirds want to sit on one of my branches. Itz like gravity.

            Do not use the internet to escape yourself irl, the only outcome of such a thing will be you losing to yourself. Because, again, everyone is a faggot in the current year so just use that to your advantage ffs.

            This is why when Tex won, he closed up shop and became a senilie do-it-all-over-again internet spammer. Google didn’t pull a gun to his head, the fear of winning is the real fear of failure, and certain hominids can’t actually handle that they were right all along. Many such cases. Sad!

          • bicebicebice says:

            the most annoying thing about themanofmanynames is my effortposting replies which sometimes are actually contributing aimed at no one in particular but beneficial to all, atleast i would like to think so.

            Do you know what Aeoli? You need to get a patreon, charge 1dollar per month, and put your blog there. That what you can get rid of him. Commenting only open to patreons.

            I am a teeny bit annoyed, then again, I am the good kind reactionary that wots in 5 minutes, no energy wasted for the rest of my day. Unless that contained actual not conjured on purpose effortposting content.

            In the end, nobody Can comment on your blog if their comments disappears in chains.

            This is the greatest weapon of themanofmanynames. Go pro Aeoli, charge that dollar, and let us continue on having fun. Please.

            • glosoli says:

              Asked to swear to Jehovah, would Aeoli confirm that deleted post wasn’t Akuma (it wasn’t, obviously).

              Would he confirm who it was and why it was deleted?

              Let’s see.

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              I don’t read the damn things, I just look for “red jew cow” or “crossfit” and then hit delete.

            • bicebicebice says:

              having an overview and oversight becomes impossible, i have to reply by replying to myself, with trollman loose and discussions, and imitations… it just can’t be done logistically.

              Take the business pill aeoli, you have my dollar (and my axe).

            • Aeoli Pera says:

              I’m sorry, there appears to be no way to rez a reply to a deleted comment. We’ll have to do without comment chains until his illegitimate mulatto son exacts revenge.

              True story by the way.

            • glosoli says:

              Yes, of course.

          • Patrick says:

            I agree with your assessment of the internet ‘at large’. This is why I’m going to continue to hammer down on open source robotics, web development for business, AI, blockchain et cetera… the internet is starting to build walls. I want to build my wall and stand on the right side of it when I’m finished building it.

          • Patrick says:

            The (((internet))) is the way it is because of the way it was emergently constructed over the last two decades. But this is changing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyQVlBQCX_Y

  4. glosoli says:

    >’When you air a grievance that’s a “tell” that this grievance is a legitimate source of anxiety for you’

    ‘Well, I’m hoping Jesus can save me’


  5. Boneflour says:

    I would 100% support a dollar a month commenting whitelist.

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