Do you prefer registration or moderation?

Bice and Boneflour have both professed a preference for a $1 paid registration for commenting, and I only instituted moderation because it was a quicker fix. I’d rather not charge but either way registration is a good way to get instant feedback instead of waiting for a round of comment approvals. On the other hand the commitment and agency requirements are a surprisingly high hurdle for broken INTPs, who are likely the silent majority.

Let me know.

On a humorous note, you might think the banned spammers would have stopped writing their longwinded comments now that no one is reading them. You’d be wrong. The sheer amount of typing time that goes straight into my trash is frankly astonishing.

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14 Responses to Do you prefer registration or moderation?

  1. Heaviside says:


  2. Post Alley Crackpot says:


    I expect mah Internets to be free!

    Because I’m the product, right? :-)

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Your attention is, yes. But I’m not profiting from the personality information which Big Data is inferring from your browsing here.

      Actually, now that I mention that I’d love to know what is advertised to the sorts of people who read here.

  3. Texan TT says:

    Moderation I think.

  4. Jordy LaFrog Peterson's Fully Automated Mecha-Dragonslayer says:

    Everything in comment moderation including comment moderation. Or something.

  5. Ø says:

    Just mod it for now, I think.

  6. Flights of Fancy says:

    Charge people. Everyone that pays gets a cheeky tshirt with KRATMAN MUST APOLOGIZE on it.

  7. Boneflour says:

    Charge people, just putting it here for the record.

  8. bicebicebice says:

    “mod it”

    What the hell do you guys think he is doing? Nobody can win a script-war, akuma might even be dead and his bot is wrecking forever not stopping. I wanted to try out a mp game of arma 3 recently, and they have reserved server slots for money now apparently. Segregation works, free-for-all don’t.

    • Brilliand says:

      You can win a script-war with a script that’s no longer being maintained.

      If Akuma really is using a bot, then one solution is to add a field to the comment form asking some easy question, that must be answered correctly or the form can’t be submitted. That will shut down the bot until Akuma updates it to answer the question.

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