Where designated shitting streets come from

The function of a shitting street is no different from that of prostitutes. A well-led, complex civilization whose insular leaders lose their connection to the soil surround themselves with moral cowards and sycophants, which produces a culture of shamelessness. The cities become bastions of old money surrounded by shantytowns of 3rd-world peasants and slaves who cannot be trusted with public amenities (which they shamelessly abuse). A store which allows the public to use its bathroom will quickly go out of business from the added overhead of bums shooting up heroin. We might call this “the Starbucks effect” in honor of their hilarious decision to punish any employee who kicks out a loitering degenerate POS.

This is not mere speculation, but rather something I’ve observed first-hand. Gratiot Road, which I’ve mentioned before, is a snapshot in time of America past, present, and future. It follows this rule to the letter. South of 15 Mile Road you will not find a restaurant or gas station with a bathroom, but if you watch closely you’ll see plenty of over-the-road truckers going to the bathroom. As white flight intensifies, commutes lengthen, old money aggregates, rewards for shamelessness increase, and pissing behind the delivery dock of your workplace becomes normal out of pure necessity, we’re going to start seeing people who can’t hold their shit for the entirety of their 10-hour shifts. Now you have a serious social problem on your hands, but everyone is already habituated to blaming everything except the dysgenics and culture of polite lying which continues to demolish their infrastructure.

The solution, as we’ve seen, is designated dumping grounds for our accumulated shittiness as a culture. It’s a great metaphor, actually, sort of like an inversion of Hebrew sacrifices. After 2,000 years of shitty governance after kicking out the melonheads, you can see how this would become something people “just do”. The hack becomes unspoken policy, the unspoken policy becomes taboo, and the taboo becomes culture.

And now, if you think about it, you know why Antifa has a weird fixation with destroying trash cans.


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11 Responses to Where designated shitting streets come from

  1. Flights of fancy says:

    “we’re going to start seeing people who can’t hold their shit for the entirety of their 10-hour shifts.”

    Who holds their shit for ten hours? Best healthy practice is to go as soon as you have too. Like peeing too.

  2. Aeoli Pera says:

    How does a gas station attendant go to the bathroom when there’s no bathroom? He either eats a lot of cheese and waits until he can leave…or he goes behind the dumpster and takes care of the problem in the way that gets him in the least trouble.

  3. Flights of fancy says:

    “Now you have a serious social problem on your hands, but everyone is already habituated to blaming everything except the dysgenics and culture of polite lying which continues to demolish their infrastructure.”

    See this is why companies need a violence room where you can challange a worthless supervisor to a fist fight.

  4. Aeoli Pera says:

    Now, you’re going to say “there’s an employee bathroom” and that’s correct for now, but the truckers and cabbies don’t have one of those so they’re already relieving themselves behind the dumpster at McDonald’s in these shitty areas. Over 2,000 years, employee bathrooms will go the way of public bathrooms, because they smell like weed.

    Fry: Leela, you have to get me out of here. It’s horrible! Eating scraps, letting my waste drop where I stand like an animal in the zoo.

    Leela: Animals go on the corner.

    Fry: The corner! Why didn’t I think of that?

  5. Mr. T. says:

    Human culture is complex, but the physiological urge is real. There’s usually only culture surrounding you, not forest, for better or worse.

    (Incidentally I just took an actual dump (!!!) in the forest today, very likely because of starting curcumin and getting issues. Definitely not one my proudest moments, you do feel somewhat embarrased even in this situation, but didn’t and shouldn’t bother anyone. Aside from ants. Don’t feel liberated or anything, but makes you remember you are part of nature after all. “Does a bear shit in the woods?”)

  6. Flights of fancy says:

    No. I was gonna say some places have employee restrooms, but they dont have fans up to OSHA standards so no number 2. The worst was a coffee shop I use to frequent that had actually installed a needle deposit box in the public restroom.

  7. Flights of fancy says:

    And actually this just goes to show how incompotent millenials are. They cant even be bothered to go in the woods or under a bridge to shoot up heroin.

  8. Aeoli Pera says:

    Current Year ashtrays.

  9. Aeoli Pera says:

    It’s not shameful if you’re camping, but it’s quite shameful if you’re in a public park.

  10. Mr. T. says:

    Good point, it actually was a nature trail (for walking) and I made certain to be far enough from the path and to not be visible. I don’t know why I’m explaining this (it’s not that interesting/world shattering) but it did happen and was pertinent to your post.

    Anyway, an interesting post and point of view. Not sure if I could have noticed these kinds of trends.

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