Rape gangs as revealed worldview

Bice asks:

do you think this is a prelude to the white roving rape gangs?

Roblox ‘gang rape’ shocks mother

A US mum has written a Facebook post describing her shock at seeing her child’s avatar being “gang raped” by others in the online game Roblox.

Amber Petersen said her seven-year-old was playing the game, which is marketed at children, when she showed her the screen and asked what was happening.

She also shared screenshots, which showed two male avatars attacking her daughter’s female character.

Roblox said it had banned the player who carried out the action.

Ms Petersen said in her post that she felt “traumatised and violated on so many levels” following the experience.

The screenshots she shared included a representation of male genitalia.

“Parents/Caregivers… not only do I urge you to delete this app, I hope you will take another look at all of your devices and their security settings,” she wrote on Facebook.

Comment on GUTalk

Partly yes, in that the internet is society’s Shadow (in the Jungian sense). This is a subtle point so I’ll draw it out.

The Ego may be conceptualized as self-conception and the id may be conceptualized as revealed worldview (a preference revealed through behavior patterns is one form of belief statement). That’s why when you’re trying to flatter someone’s Ego you reinforce their self-identification (“You’re so smart!” and so on) and when you’re trying to produce confidence you reinforce memories of successes according to the revealed preferences of a person’s historical behavior (as in the Special Ops pep talk). The Shadow is the difference between self-conception and revealed preferences, represented in the mind as an “accuser” alter-ego. “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!”

So even though our society’s ideology is high-trust respeck for de wahmen, our revealed preference is low-trust pre-Christianity. Our revealed religion is ¡Science! and our revealed values are status and comfort, which is why the West threw out the baby (plumbing and electricity) with the bathwater (that terribly discomfiting old Book). All of paganism—both big-P Pagan metaphysical psychological projection and little-p pagan fetishistic superstition—may be summarized as worship of muh dik, and de way of men is de rape gangs.

Predicting trends is not difficult. All you have to do is look at where moral restrictions have been instituted or lifted, what the structural incentives are, and what a minority of people are already doing which has not yet caught on in the larger population. Therefore the real prelude is this:

Four illegals kidnap and rape two underaged sisters in Ohio, three are still on the run. Pics below, call the Bowling Green Police Division at 419-352-1131, Wood County CrimeStoppers at 1-800-54-CRIME, or a local law enforcement agency if you see them.

Anonymous Conservative
News Briefs – 07/04/2018

Now, you may be thinking white men (muh magic white ppl) will never stoop so low as these Aztec invaders, and I’d say “Why not?” The traditional arbiters of the high-trust European world were Christian charity and legal punishment—the former is long dead and even with the law being selectively enforced against white men its proscriptions are losing their reach as the social institutions which extend the arm of enforcement crumble and collapse. The incentives have also shifted: Now that Game has purged the survivor bias from Gen Z consciousness, the idea of stringing men along on vapors of hope for future pussy is out, so the winning strategy for these hopeless men has shifted from investment to short-term opportunism. ¡Science! preaches no restrictions on the use of force. If anything, evolutionary psychology suggests you ought to be murdering and raping people far more often!

This is why Heartiste is wrong here:

PS The 3 Male Archetypes meme above is also a useful shorthand for civilizational cycles:

Relationship Beta -> Peak civilization
Polygynous Jerkboy Alpha -> Rising replacement civilization from the smoking ruins of a destroyed civilization
Incel Niceguy -> Declining civilization
David Fatrelle -> Gynarcho-tyranny

The Three Types of Men

I want you to imagine how Elliot Rodger would react to the rape gang story above in a culture where the sexual Gini coefficient is approaching 1 (we’ll call this the Gyne coefficient). Now imagine he’s about to go on his shooting spree and I approach him with the offer of joining my gang. “But to join, you have to rape this girl. Doesn’t matter who she is or what she’s done, that’s your initiation.” If he’s already decided to leave his world behind, what’s going to stop him from entering mine? Christian decency? Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel? I’m offering him everything he wants: revenge, attention, adventure, fraternity, and all the pussy he can grab. And the truth of female nature (rationalization hamsters hate this guy!) is that once you sell a few drugs and rape a few underage girls the wahmen start coming to you because they like a man with a healthy will-to-power who takes what he wants. And without even paying the kid, I’ve got another trigger-puller with perfect loyalty to my cause.

And that’s why successful groups have leaders who share the benefits of group success, even among barbarians. Even ISIS gets it, which is why it’s so black-pilling when our self-identifying thought leaders don’t. I’m starting to wonder if modern Alpha males are constitutionally incapable of understanding this, because Joe Rogan, Vox Day, and Heartiste are not dumb people. Is there an Alpha Hamster comparable to the observations that power corrupts and prosperity insulates the mind from reality?

At this point our only remaining hope is that this attitude comes from too much drug use, because then at least there will be a few Alphas left who, for one reason or another, have not ridden the dopamine train all the way to the end of the tracks like our pot-smoking MMA bro here. Hopefully it’s not a constitutional change of Freudian temperament which coincides with the over-riding individualistic selfishness of declining empires, because if that’s the case there truly is no hope for the survival of the West and I might as well hang up my keyboard and start smoking weed with the other dropouts.

But as long as there is even the most microscopic glimmer of hope left, you’ll see me trying to explain obvious concepts to idiots.

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4 Responses to Rape gangs as revealed worldview

  1. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Feminism has done a number. While they have taken off all the restrictions on women, it does follow that men will abandon theirs. The social contract is no more.

  2. bicebicebice says:

    “Hopefully it’s not a constitutional change of Freudian temperament which coincides with the over-riding individualistic selfishness of declining empires, because if that’s the case there truly is no hope for the survival of the West and I might as well hang up my keyboard and start smoking weed with the other dropouts.

    But as long as there is even the most microscopic glimmer of hope left, you’ll see me trying to explain obvious concepts to idiots.”

    Selfishness Should be maintaining the west to get the easy poon, the easy credits and the easy status, yet the same recipients that receives from their own benefactations are the ones most responsible for dismantling the system in the first place! That always amazes me, really makes me think, and I never have a satisfactory answer for it.
    I put down tha weed when it became mainstream, today you would be hailed a hero for wearing nothing but beads and a loincloth and a joint, and you can’t get into heroin because 5 year olds starts their drug use journey on opiods so there is no rebel factor.

    Only way to play it is to enforce a Christian theocracy with the 7 sins giving bad boy points and 7 virtues giving good boy points, all the while knowing damn well that irregardless of chosen path the sapes don’t really care either way.
    These virtues already play out in the people that act like this as inate good, and it is a little unfair to drop them in sape nest with the “evil wins because good men do nothing”. That leaves only some form of mass extinction even, active or inactive, nukes or let the sapes starve.

    Space is a viable escape fantasy, at least there can be thard planets. If men are from mars and women from venus, whom is the Earth for? Jesus and the goodboy saints? Sapes and tall orders, not even once.

    The rape gang parents will share one thing in common with the “normal parents”, the trial and error of the bibble has been done away with and people will raise their kids on unlimited freedumbs. Cultural transmission as was touched upon, for simplicitys sake should start and end with the bible. There is no other more tried and true concept.

  3. Ø says:

    I’d give you some shekels if I weren’t poor right now. My only source of income atm is mowing and yard work for various people in town in exchange for money under the table

  4. grey says:

    Joe Rogan, whatever his strengths, seems to relish being a mouthpiece for the sexual status quo. Listening to him in that segment he keeps saying “that’s an uncomfortable thing” implying that he knows it’s true but is unwilling to really engage with its truth. Ironically Rogan is much more alpha than Peterson but is still averse to touching the third rail of modern SMV dynamics and the fundamental reality of hypergamy

    Thankfully my Eliot Rodger days are over but given the option (and seeing as how sparse the comments are regarding this lightening rod topic) I will admit that given sufficient prodding, in my sexually unfulfilled days I would have been open to the hypothetical described by our host. No doubt I would have concocted all sorts of gamma delusion bubbles around the act and its rationalizations but in the end ISIS has it right.

    When I imagine myself if the Golden Horde, or the Red Army, or Cortes’ brigade, I can to Hipsterracist who said, “I was never the rapey type” but then again “Feminists are wrong when they say rape is about power not sex – no. Paglia is correct. Rape is about sex. But sex is about power. Oscar Wilde said “everything is about sex, except for sex; sex is about power.”

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