Churches with shotguns

I gotta say, for all my bitching and moaning about how Edenism is a ghetto we still probably have the most interesting conversations on the internet.

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7 Responses to Churches with shotguns

  1. glosoli says:

    I got to 2:51, out of curiosity, but at that point my curiosity was totally sated. Glad you found it interesting though.

    Meanwhile, on the best blog in the West, fake Christians are tackled (well, one of them, more to follow I’m sure):

  2. bicebicebice says:

    “we still probably have the most interesting conversations on the internet.” yes, the nature of the beast AND Especially by every other “movement” being another spin on “how do we red pill the sapes hurr durr”. But they don’t call them sapes do they? They call them normies, because they themselves are normies, missing, ignoring, or some form of self-sabotaging the whole point because they couldn’t handle the truth they sought out in the first place, rendering the whole endeavor moot. Sapes tripping on red pills are satans playthings.

    Dropped, as they say on the internet.

    • Boneflour says:

      TFW you win by just being the only group that doesn’t go “Look at this BASED AIDS man! This guy should be the face of our movement!”

      The other side of this is that r/TheDonald outnumbers Murdoch Murdoch by 6 gorillion. Proud Boys have a “no raciss” “we love BASED” policy but they’re the ones punching Antifa in the streets and getting gang tats, 4 more years of this and you’ll get middle managers going “You’re a Proud Boy? Sheeit man, remember Portland?” and of course you get the job.

      Proud Boys in the judiciary would be a step up even if it’s trading sapes for sapes, to use the scientific terms.

      • bicebicebice says:

        Yeah, at least itz a good clean break from constantly beliving that conservatism=traditionalism. Trading sapes for Sapes is as good as it will get. Just need to sneak in an invisible hand of “arranged marriages” as in “yeah that girl looks good for you”. The game is always ongoing and that is something to learn from sapes, the work is never “done”, not with people, and that has been and is hard to understand for a conservasperg because he is right in theory but not in practice because sapes. There aren’t 80 billion thals on the planet as Tex said would be no biggie as in a strain on resources.

        A good rule of thumb is to plan for a planned failure rate of 49% of any plan, and then bank on compound interest over time. The irony of course is that communism works as a killer, 200million dead can attest to this fact. But, then the population explodes again! Sapes aren’t blackpilled because they respond to ultra death with mega life birthrates.

        The based aids movements will thus continue because the only thing that works is a clean break from mass society with no more handouts. And all movements somehow revolve around “redp pilling” normies/sapes. The damning thing is that sapes are not interested in civilization per se, they just use the safety and the resources to be degenerates with no risks because the good guys will never punish them because they were brainwashed by the jews and all whites are based or ooga boogas can be domesticated, when this comes up all science always goes straight out the window.

        Its an anthill with people and thus no end to the discussion, or rather, the commentary.

  3. bicebicebice says:

    Alright just finished the podcast.
    “purity” is the rightoid version of the leftist “unity”. just one more goodest deed and society will be perfect, or, better, and sometimes it is true. why can’t we dish it out, like sodom and gomorrah? but if sin is excess virtue then the problem might be bigger than just a good purge.

    we now lived long enough to where the internet became serious business, thats why you need a vault when the internet shows up at your blastdoor. “dude just let me in kratman just needs to apologize. don’t you believe in apology?”- problem stops when illicit sape breeding ends, leftist “eugenics” programs with sex hormones opiods and mercury just isn’t working, in my expert opinion.

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