Requesting negative attitudes about GUToW

After about 8 months or so of blogging, MM has released the 1.0 version of the Grand Unified Theory of Winning. We’re going to record a final podcast on Sunday and then he and I will say goodbye for a few years of slash-and-burn IRL and further developments of the GUToW will be in my hands, for the time being. However, he will be keeping notes for turning all the raw information (and necessary improvements) into a proper book after he’s finished with college and then established in his career field about ten years from now.

Meantime, the most important job is for the editor (me) to tear it to shreds :-). Probably the most important thing I’ve learned from watching various WINNARZ succomb to the negative side of the winner effect (call it “dopamine blindness” for short) is the value of painful negative feedback. MM’s critics and admirers alike have criticized him for “trying to recreate 1955 America” because he doesn’t address the specific society-wide problems which have changed the game (and to some extent, even the definition of “success”). To MM’s great credit, he recognizes that riding the coattails of a quite privileged family legacy has insulated him from many of these problems. He often solicits my criticism on these because he knows I’ve lived a bit closer to the bone than most folks with comparable analytical abilities.

Now, many of the principles for getting what you want in life are general and unchanging, but the specific obstacles are not. But they often generalize over political identity classes (e.g. the IQ communications gap for the intelligent, lack of instinctive social reciprocity in Asperger’s, etc.), and we’d like to find the most common failure points of the theory. Something I mentioned to Patrick in the podcast we recorded this Saturday is that, for group strength purposes, the best possible use of Tex’s time would be to spot-check other people’s systems, blueprints, etc. for failure modes. Why? Because he’s got the IQ and life experience to see them and the disagreeableness to say so. Building anything takes a long time but it takes longer if you can’t spot errors of judgment early.

To that end, I’d like to open up the floor to the most negative things you can think of to say about the project as a whole, in the particulars, and especially in the assumed priors. I promise we will attempt to find a solution for each one in the podcast or at least add qualifying language to the GUToW (unless we ramble too much and run out of time). Anybody who can come up with an issue that stumps both of us will receive a kiss on the cheek from LizardKing gf.


Particularly interested on feedback for the high-level concepts in chapters 2 and 3.

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16 Responses to Requesting negative attitudes about GUToW

  1. Boneflour says:

    Gonna read through this over the next few days. MAD PROPS TO MELON MELON MAN for the follow through and all the hard work building this shit.

  2. Boneflour says:

    Real quick, the Part 2 Super Summary suggests 10k Vitamin D for T levels.

    10k IU Vitamin D might be too much for extended use. I remember 3-5k being a safe bet when I checked this out myself.

    This thing says 10k is right at the edge of toxicity but still safe:,000+IU+vitamin+D+daily+is+safe,+toxicity+start+at+150+ng+(for+monotherapy)%E2%80%93+Jan+2013

    “Most reports suggest that the toxicity threshold is between 250 ug/d(10,000 IU) and 1000 |ig (40,000 IU) of vitamin D per day [26]. It has been assumed that individuals with certain conditions, notably sarcoidosis, tuberculosis, and those treated with thiazide diuretics are extremely sensitive to excessive vitamin D. However, available data does not cast doubt on the chosen NOAEL of 250 |ig/d, (10,000 IU) even in these groups of patients [26].”

  3. kapy53 says:

    Read through most of it. A few thoughts:

    Still fairly disorganized, I realize a lot of it is summarizing other books. Make that more clear, and show how they tie in together better.

    Tips/tricks to cut out distractions like social media, online blogs, 4chan etc. The novelty of such things are truly difficult to let go of.

    Didn’t read the relationship part in detail but advice on how to cope with solitude/monk mode might be useful. Not sure if it there but it’d be good.

    Other than that it’s a great start to something. If anything write in a way that has more adapatation depending on the person.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      Reply from MM:

      Responding To Kapy53

      “Still fairly disorganized, I realize a lot of it is summarizing other books. Make that more clear, and show how they tie in together better.”

      This is the biggest problem, definitely. It’s not going to happen now- doing so will take a lot of work, and I’m going full steam ahead on my own plan.

      In the meantime, I advise ppl who read GUTOW and make an extremely clear plan on what they want out of life (Ch 16) to boil down the information
      based on what THEY personally need.

      “Tips/tricks to cut out distractions like social media, online blogs, 4chan etc. The novelty of such things are truly difficult to let go of.”

      Cutting out distractions is THE NUMBER ONE thing that must be done FIRST. If distractions are not at least greatly reduced, you have no chance of success.
      The larger your goal, the more hardcore you must be in eliminating distractions from your environment.

      Now, on to what to do:

      Block porn sites, and pure distraction sites like 4chan and most social media, with K9 Web Protection. This is 1st layer.

      Use Qustodio Protection as second layer of blocking. If you are STILL going through both layers- then give your Qustodio to someone else!!
      (It can be controlled remotely)
      They will be able to see EVERYTHING that you do and how you spend your time on your computer. And if you need something unblocked you will have
      to ask them.

      Delete all games from your computer, get rid of all gaming consoles and games or store them with someone else, get rid of your anime and stuff if you watch that.
      (This is hardcore mode- I get that. Many of the people here may just want to be a bit better, not to shoot for the moon.
      STILL, I advise you to junk all this crap. You wont miss your porn, anime, and other perpetual childhood time wasting as much as you think! Winning feels BETTER!!!)

      Delete all your social media unless you literally MUST have it for job.(edited)
      Download all videos you may need off of youtube (IE educational vids for college- NOT entertainment!) and then block it.

      Read news headlines every day, 10 mins tops. Realize any monetized source of news is BS but you will generally catch anything
      super super important that happens checking drudge or wtvr you do.
      Unfortunately checking the news is important and should not be 100 percent blocked. THOUGH- if you are a news addict then yes do block it all anyway.

      After, those things it is a question of what is left and how you can even waste your time.
      Yes, I am going to stop reading this blog and block it. I will check in with Aeoli infrequently via other means.
      You can go as far as you want with it. Always make a mental note whenever you are wasting time and what allowed that to occur. Then correct it.

      Again, that’s how I am using GUTOW. Some ppl may want nothing more in life than to have as much free time as possible to goof off and play games.
      Im obviously against that, but hey you can still use this stuff to get your JOB done as quickly as possible and then have more free time.
      Whatever you want.

      “Didn’t read the relationship part in detail but advice on how to cope with solitude/monk mode might be useful. Not sure if it there but it’d be good.”

      If you are isolated, nothing is more important than getting out of that situation ASAP. Isolation destroys your energy and ability to focus.
      Do anything to regain a sense of CONTROL over your life. Go to meetups of ANY group that even borderline interests you (On, or whatever).
      Join any group at all that may have “your kind of people” in them.
      Even if the group is cuck-tier you should be able to find at least a couple of people to pouch from it and add to your social circle.
      After that, don’t let the relationships die. You must get in touch with each of them at least once every two weeks.(edited)

      “If anything write in a way that has more adaptation depending on the person.”

      Could you be more clear with what you mean here? One of the reasons why this version of GUTOW isn’t super tight is because it is supposed to
      be very adaptable and have good advice to be found no matter what someone’s goals are (Within practical limits).

      • kapy53 says:

        Thanks for the advice on blocking sites.

        I suppose I just might be having difficulty defining what it is I really want from life in a very clear way. Maybe tips on how to find something to really focus on?
        It might just be me given that I sepnt the last decade really focused on making it in music and I was on a path to really get what I thought I wanted but saw how destructive and degenerate that path was. (SJW internet drama mixed with multiple music friends dying from drugs)

        I only mentioned that because for the past year I really haven’t been able to take decisive action on anything for fear it may end up hurting me again. So how would I go about finding what it is I should focus on? Pray?

        Other than that I’d add the stuff about blocking sites and whatnot to the guide. Socializing is still tough sometimes. I have difficulty truly relating to people anymore.

  4. Boneflour says:

    Update from Melon Man who asked me to post here since he promised not to:

    Boneflour: “If you need vitamin K or vitamin D will fuck you up, that better be in the GUTOW.
    Super generalized advice needs to be lowest common denominator and with safe as heck defaults imo. I agree vitamin D is good and pretty safe all round.”

    Melon Melon Man:
    “alright alright fair enough

    All Vitamin amounts should be greatly lowered for children, especially for any fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin D.

    10k IU vitamin D might be too much for some people (or not enough for others), but will be safe for the majority of ppl.
    If you are less than 130 lbs or are not a full grown adult do not take 10k IU of vitamin D daily.
    You may even need less than 2000. It really depends on your weight.

    25 lbs or less- UP TO 2000 iu a day.
    50 lbs or less- UP TO 4000 iu a day
    75 lbs or less- UP TO 6000 iu a day
    100 lbs or less- UP TO 8000 iu a day.
    Above 130 lbs- up to 10k IU
    (Take more if you are very large, obese, or have severe difficiency. That being said, to go over 10k IU a day you really should get blood tests to make sure its ok)

    The symptoms of hypercalcemia (Which happens if you are taking a toxic amount of vitamin D):

    Feeling sick or being sick
    Poor appetite or loss of appetite
    Feeling very thirsty
    Passing urine often
    Constipation or diarrhea
    Abdominal pain
    Muscle weakness or pain
    Bone pain
    Feeling confused
    Feeling tired

    If you see these symptoms, stop taking vitamin D and see if you get better.
    If you do get better, then significantly lower your dose when you begin to take it again.

    Also, make sure you get enough vitamin K to enable proper calcium usage (Take probiotics, eat vegetables, eat fermented foods).

    Vitamin D is the most important vitamin to take, so whatever you do after reading this- if you are a normal sized adult get AT LEAST 5k IU daily.
    (Barring the few weird diseases such as Tuberculosis that do not respond well to vitamin D)
    Again, 10k is safe for the vast majority of people reading this, but it was important to give this detailed exaplanation of optimal amount.
    Alright, good criticism Bonelfour, and it has now been dealt with
    PS- if you wouldn’t mind would you paste that^^^^ in reply to your comment at AP so that others can see it (It will be put in gutow health section now too) Im asking because I promised not to comment :/

  5. Boneflour says:

    My future comments on this stuff will probably be in the Discord, since HMHM has promised not to comment here or whatever the situation is:

  6. bicebicebice says:

    Wondered why I woke up much earlier today… should we just post the negative here in the comments?

  7. lflick says:

    ctrl-F for “lift”: “Don’t hold breathe when weight lifting. Bad for heart and cardio system.”

    Bozo bit: flipped. Now I don’t trust any other detail in this disorganized heap of details.

  8. glosoli says:

    It’s from MM, who is a fat gamme guy, born into wealth, who has behaved like a little gamma here on the blog, sniping at Koanic and others, like a little spoiled brat. Some books that guy liked, summarised.

    I confess I have read very little of it, but it’s just new age nonsense, and won’t be of any help in the collapse that lies ahead anyway.

    I found one line that referenced faith in Christ, and it came after a line about having faith in yourself first. Hmm.

    I doubt there is any mention of the ten commandments or obedience to Jehovah, or repentance, or the wisdom in the bible (Proverbs for example). Correct me please if I am wrong.

    Copious quote-mining from Jordan Peterson, who seeks to deceive and is literally mentally ill.

    Tl;dr A waste of time, irrelevant, humanistic, materially focussed, not spiritually focussed, ignores the greatest manual for a successful earthly and eternal life known to man. Good for shit and giggles on Skype though no doubt.

  9. Boneflour says:

    Might have requested constructive criticism on GUTOW, looking back.

  10. aiaslives says:

    The section on children is woefully incomplete.

    Teaching your kids to read is the MOST IMPORTANT thing you will ever do. Make sure they can read and speak more than two languages (can be similar, does not matter). They should also be able to read faster every year. No stuttering.

    Choldren are super-absorbent sponges. You don’t have to teach them for an hour everyday, just showing them something once for twenty seconds everyday suffices, because they are smarter than adults. The easiest way to teach them how to read is to use blocks with letters on it. Associate physical objects with said words and lead them indirectly to rearrange the blocks.

    For example, B A T and C A T both have easy real-world analogues, and only shift one letter. Making a list of such letters and increasing word length in a similarly associative manner will lead to better learning. Making flashcards is also helpful. Like I said, they don’t need much stimulus to process something over a long range of time. Speaking words aloud while moving your finger on the word for a minute everyday ought to suffice. Don’t bore the kid by repeating stuff the next day – do it three days after, or a week after. Gradual duration skips will acclimatize the child to hold it as long-term information. If you know what a dual-n back test is, you know what I’m talking about.

    Kids are intimidated by size – 20 pages look like a day’s work, and a book they can not carry is a book they will not read (in most cases). I think buying them a dedicated e-reader is great if you travel, but nothing trumps paper. Paper increases reading speed by 1.5x.

    Vetting books is also necessary – degeneracy abounds, so buy them older kids’ books. Stay away from fairy tales and the like, they’re scary. Roald Dahl is for kids 6+, the illustrations are scary (imo) and you want your kids to look at drawings or pictures that resemble the real world. Visual dictionaries are great, but I’d recommend ripping out the entire Human Body section and going through the entire thing just in case. Also, teaching your kids to take proper care of books is important – they’re new, so teach them how to properly turn pages without creasing them, teach them to wipe their hands before touching books and maintain a pile (not a vertical arrangement) for books. Ask them to make two piles – one for books they’ve read and one for those they haven’t. Don’t pester them to read one unless they forget for more than a week. Don’t buy stuff online, kids need to see the real world. Take them out to a bookstore and let them buy books they like after judging them by their covers.

    I have a LOT MORE, but I’ll conclude this here. I went way off track. Also should include the Montessori method and unschooling. Also there’s Grace Lleweyn’s book for YAs, I don’t remember the name right now.

    The Sidis Story by Sarah Sidis is very interesting. I made a PDF of it a while ago, I might post a link to it later.

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