A realization

I’d previously used purse dogs as a red flag for girls who are insane and probably on head meds. Later, I learned that they’re literally all on head meds, regardless of purse dogs, big dogs, or no dogs, so it’s a useless heuristic. Then I realized that when a woman wants to rescue a pitbull by bringing it into her house, she is acting out her suppressed sexual drive to have sex with paroled felons. So when a woman likes big dogs and big animals in general, it just means that she has an unrepressed sex drive. Whereas, when a woman likes small dogs, it’s because she’s pretending to have children and would probably prefer to date a neutered soiboi so she can mother him. And so, what this indicates to me is that I was almost but not quite correct: A purse dog is a signal that a girl is taking birth control pills.

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16 Responses to A realization

  1. Jordy LaFrog Peterson's Fully Automated Mecha-Dragonslayer says:

    Would you ban birth control pills if you had the means to do so?

      • Mycroft Jones says:

        And also hair dye, abortionists, and plastic surgeons who do hymenoplasties. Aggravating to see all these blonde women walking around, then realize they don’t have a drop of European blood in them. Seeing the broad flat nose and coconut shaped jaw when they turn around is quite a shocker. False advertising. How dare they swivel their hips and thrust out their tits while pretending to be mating material for da white menz.

        • Aeoli Pera says:

          Agreed, but on the latter because hair dye is unaesthetic in practice. I’m not against makeup in general but the dye jobs are about as impressive as a weeabo LARP.

  2. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I think that women have been so concentrated on confusing men, that they have managed to confuse themselves.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      I like to think of them as competent but neurotic adults with no concept of loyalty, personal responsibility, or guilt.

      • fuzziewuzziebear says:

        They have agency and could be held to it.

        • Mycroft Jones says:

          It is true, women hate to think in the male modality, but then can when forced to. But first chance they get, they subvert and destroy patriarchy to follow gina tinglez. Easier to treat them like children; acknowledge their agency, but don’t let them get near the levers of power.

          We need loyalty tests to weed out men who are ruled by their wives.

          • Mycroft Jones says:

            Or even worse, men who are ruled by the merest faint hope of pussy, never actually receiving it.

            • fuzziewuzziebear says:

              Every suggestion that I have seen has always put the obligation on men. Let’s try something different. Until they straighten up and fly right, the best they can expect are one night stands.

            • Mycroft Jones says:

              fuzziewuzzie, you are making these assinine recommendations that, if followed, end up with every man being a cuck. Saint Paul said to assign women value (honor) “as to a weaker vessel”. Women are weaker, they must be led or they will devour you like the locust.

      • Boneflour says:

        @fuzziewuzziebear, the solution you just suggested, “pump and dump till the women behave”, puts an obligation on men to not marry/shack up with ill-behaved women. It’s funny how that works.

        • fuzziewuzziebear says:

          While I will allow it puts men under an obligation, it doesn’t require additional effort on their part. After reading Roosh’s most recent post, I have to agree that hypergamy is getting dialed up to where it is out of control. Soon enough, only the top one or two percent men will be seen as attractive. Still, this is a beast that is best staved, not fed.

  3. CuriousGeorge says:

    What about girls who don’t have dogs but have cats? What does that tell us about them, the cat girls?

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