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GUToW organization and plan

The most useful criticisms of GUToW were, IMO, that its organization is something like the book of Proverbs with no organizing principle or abstractymified point. That is, it’s less of a Grand Unified Theory and more like a collection of … Continue reading

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Three Edenic laws of evopolysci

Zeroth law: Politics is war by other means, typically necessitated by a centralized government’s monopoly on force. Because war is a group selection strategy in the Darwinian war of all-against-all for survival, resources, and reproductive success, all political advocacy will … Continue reading

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Request for Asperger’s-specific resources

I’m currently thinking about specific problems facing people with Asperger’s, regarding GUToW implementation. If there are any resources you found helpful, either for clearly defining the problem or solving one of the issues, please let me know. The best one … Continue reading

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Taking the rest of the week off

I probably needed the break, so this is just making it official so my brain will shut up. Shitposting shall reconvene on Saturday.

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A realization

I’d previously used purse dogs as a red flag for girls who are insane and probably on head meds. Later, I learned that they’re literally all on head meds, regardless of purse dogs, big dogs, or no dogs, so it’s … Continue reading

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A study in Luke 12:51

I thought this was a nice, multi-layered illustration. Man Suspected of Attacking Wife with Chain Saw Was Deported 11 Times By BRITTNY MEJIA Los Angeles Times JUL 13, 2018 | 6:25 PM A man suspected of attacking his wife with … Continue reading

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More poastcasting

Patrick explains why robot drones in video games are The Future for Our Children. I need to learn how to do that meme slideshow thing like Boneflour does.

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Churches with shotguns, part 2

The ppl must have their shitposting. We at the AP Media Empire know this. We understand. And we love you all, so we give out of the bounty of our overflowing hearts. Boneflour split this one into two podcasts because … Continue reading

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Requesting negative attitudes about GUToW

After about 8 months or so of blogging, MM has released the 1.0 version of the Grand Unified Theory of Winning. We’re going to record a final podcast on Sunday and then he and I will say goodbye for a … Continue reading

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One of these heads is not like the other ones

Doompony sent me a picture of a group of transsexuals. Click through for larger version. The archaic hairline is particularly interesting. Update: The image was shopped, this is the original.

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