Civil engineering solutions to malevolent complexity

This is a microcosm of the problem facing us all.


Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to choose the laundry detergent that won’t alter your biological manhood into something out of H.G. Wells’ nightmares.

I can’t guarantee there’s a correct answer because that would take hours of research that I haven’t done yet. It may be that your only choices in life are to give up on cleanliness and become a smelly MGToW or to accept the reduction in testicle size now in hopes of figuring out the answer in the future. And, let’s be honest, you have to already be in the upper 20% of income for Millenials to care about something so trivial to mere survival as your testosterone count.

This is why I support Koanic’s Cyborganize project, because he’s treating the SCALE problem seriously and attacking it like a research engineer. In fact, despite the need for increased group action I think it’s actually a big white pill that the Alt-Right has a lot of different irons in the fire, any one of which could replace the failing institutions of Twitter, Wikipedia, Microsoft, et al. The real question is: which of us will actually move product?

I think people will come around (if only by group selection) on these estrogenic tragedies of the commons that the internet has been complaining about for years, and there will be a demand for policies based on pre-existing analysis of the sort only spergs can produce. So let’s imagine that fifty years from now the Baby Boomers have all lost lost their white-knuckled grip on life and power and everybody agrees that it’s bad to have birth control in the water turning the frogs R-selected (and our kids). Given dictatorial authority, how would you propose to disincentivize hyper-individualist normies from participating in these tragedies of the commons? Personally, I’m thinking that since water is already a utility you attack this particular problem in the normal way.

But I don’t know how much that would cost, compared to alternatives. And since there are hundreds of little technical problems of this sort (that are actually quite big when you dig into them), and there are likely many solutions for them already out there, there is a huge need for organizing all of this information into a set of civil engineering projects that can be ordered by price and priority.

If the Alt-Right is indeed inevitable and we truly want to live in countries then it’s time to start thinking about what people will have to do to maintain those countries. For example, I’d vote for Andrew Anglin over Richard Spencer to be in charge of water quality because Anglin strikes me as sufficiently autistic to get it right.

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9 Responses to Civil engineering solutions to malevolent complexity

  1. bicebicebice says:

    big if true, the industrial revolution in mass produce mimics the enlightenment revolutions in mass produce; itz just a big r-mass in the end.

    This is also why I never understood the “we need Ogga Booga with 50IQ to mop our floors”. Hello?!? I don’t want street shitters and people living in shit huts in charge of cleanliness, one of the most important “boring” facets of civilisation along with water, sewage and all that good shit.

    I, also, support this man you call “Koanic”.

  2. Jordy LaFrog Peterson's Fully Automated Mecha-Dragonslayer says:


    Banning hormonal birth control would move things in the right direction. I’m a little bit surprised that anyone ever thought that it was a good idea, actually. Usually, this comes from the privilege of having hindsight; however, in this case, the people who approved hormonal birth control were probably stupid or unethical, and we shouldn’t have to endure the consequences of their decisions. (Not that my opinion will change anything or anything.)

  3. Boneflour says:

    What’s the difference between birth control and hormonal sterilization? One of them sounds a hell of a lot worse.

  4. Boneflour says:

    I like this illustration of the problem. The good news is 80% of this can be solved by squats and deadlifts, 30 mins a day of sunshine, and replacing added sugar, grains, soybean/canola oil with vegetables and a good steak.

    I also second Dr. Bronner’s for this specific issue.

    Can also use a Thai deodorant stone

    and/or get an aluminum free deodorant.

    For veggies, Organic is meh, but non-GMO is pretty good. Organic is always non-GMO, at least in the US. (Mostly GMO means they can soak your food in Round-Up, not great)

    For meat, beef is king, switching from organic chicken to regular beef is a YUGE reduction in inflammatory omega-6

    Eat beef and get some fresh salmon when you can afford it. Cook at home more, eat out less.

  5. Aeoli Pera says:

    Dr. Bronner was also the solution I found while bumming around the internet.

  6. Aeoli Pera says:


    I like the 4-in-1, it’s like Neapolitan.

    >Banning hormonal birth control would move things in the right direction.

    Agreed, but I also wonder if there would be a black market for it. There’s no historical precedent for a pill that gives women biological carte blanche to sleep around in a moral context that gives them carte blanche to sleep around.

  7. Aeoli Pera says:

    >big if true, the industrial revolution in mass produce mimics the enlightenment revolutions in mass produce; itz just a big r-mass in the end.


    ” In this corrupted form of democracy, man becomes not a real citizen, but a loose individual, dependent upon authority for direction while fooling himself that he has a say in that authority.

    Because of the easiness of this corruption of democracy—essentially the apotheosis of “the people” as a mass god—what passes as modern democracy is really nothing more or less than bloody, bigoted, and imperialist nationalism.”

  8. Mr. T. says:

    I’ve been having success with the potato diet/hack or the “starch solution” for weight loss.

    The whole modern commercial medicalized environment (money money money!) is a problem for example in weight management, this video tells a story:

    Dr. McDougall – You’re Fired!, “Dr. McDougall was kicked out of the Obesity Medicine Conference. But he’s one of the leading weight loss experts in the world. What happened??” (8 minutes)

    What are the incentives for commercial businesses to deliver simple solutions that work without extras, if they don’t make a lot of money? Money, money, money. Collusion, collusion, collusion.

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