Semi-hereditary meritocracy

Status is position in society, one’s value or importance in the eyes of the world. In the west, it’s increasingly tied to financial achievement.

Beyond Rivalry
Notes from Status Anxiety – The Basics

I was making a list of what Americans believe, and categorizing these into what I call “persuasion stacks”, when I realized that it’s no good trying to talk them out of meritocracy. By edenic political analysis, we expect that the top 20% will continue believing in meritocracy up until the bitter end of Western society and the cautionary extinction a few several European races. That is, “If you believe America is not, should not, or will not be a meritocracy, it must be sour grapes because you’re low-status, which means you’re wrong, which means you must be low-ability.” After all, if you had the right ideas you would have already demonstrated this by achieving high-status.

So if social status = financial status and the masses’ opinions are shaped by the strong horse, then in order for a political paradigm shift to occur there must be either a massive shift in wealth or a subtle shift in the cultural value used to determine social dominance. I’ll offer a potential future for the latter possibility.

American values, such as Americans still exist, are profoundly anti-hereditary. It may be possible to shift that value as classes freeze into stable castes, but I suspect that could only occur in the fast burn scenario. If instead we enter the America->Brazil steady decline scenario and whites become a 20% minority hiding away in ethnic enclaves, then we’d expect that nation to be a tumultuous mixture of oligarchy and socialism. In such a case it’s quite likely that the reigning caste of whites would continue spouting liberal talking points about race equality while living as race realists, as white leftists have already mastered this lifestyle in both America and Brazil (i.e. the gradient from one to the other is smooth and well-defined). This would give rise to what I call “Belmont nationalism”, which relies heavily on filtering mechanisms to maintain a level of segregation preferable to whites.

To this end, I predict IQ and academic achievement-based meritocracy will become a leftist position (seemingly overnight), such that talent in the countryside is perfectly brain-drained into Belmont to hasten its ascent into an insulated, gnostic aristocracy of clever sillies. This is entirely consistent with the definition of leftism as a reproductive strategy which favors individual success at the expense of group success. As Molyneux points out, the needs of the few dictate that smart Africans will personally benefit from moving to European countries, but the needs of the many dictate that African nations need their talented tenth to run the place.

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3 Responses to Semi-hereditary meritocracy

  1. aiaslives says:

    At this rate, you’ll be a socialist (or worse, a Nazi of sorts) before 2019.

  2. “I predict IQ and academic achievement-based meritocracy will become a leftist position (seemingly overnight)”

    I think the ‘base’ of the base, heh, will eat the high-IQ cosmopolitans, who as fully matured useless eaters will be ‘let go’. Police priorities. Propaganda requires receptive conscientiousness (of the frontal lobes) to be effective. Academia will have served its purpose. Because-I-say-so with openly authoritarian violence will work better. I don’t see how the leftists will condescend more than they do now on book smarts or academic bona fides. Nor do I see how the LCD does not run the table in dog-eat-dog decline. Maybe I am a melonhead and don’t know it. Back to my bear cave.

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