The true meaning of group selection

At this rate, you’ll be a socialist (or worse, a Nazi of sorts) before 2019.

Comment on Semi-hereditary meritocracy

Predictions are not preferences. I’d much rather be wrong about this one.

The first (and more salient) reason is that unlike Anonymous Conservative I understand that k-selected phenotypes and the political right only slightly overlap.

The fast strategy manifests high mating effort, risk taking, preference for immediate rewards, high cognitive and behavioral flexibility and, importantly, a generalized ability pattern. The slow strategy is characterized by an emphasis on stability, preference for delayed rewards, willingness to cooperate, high parenting effort, and persistence in cognitive and social niche construction.

The Rhythm of the West

The absurdity of conservatives claiming the moral high ground of K-selection can be seen in their insistance that they are also socially dominant, risk-tolerant, and sexually successful in high school. I attribute the skill to flagrantly redefine terms as their exact opposites to a Frame technique I call “categorical gerrymandering”, which is what it sounds like (and will have a proper descriptive post someday). In practice, most of these Manichaeist profiles are used purely for pathological identity signalling.

In reality, the traits which correlate with fast and slow life history (as defined by Rushton and his spiritual successors) almost exactly follow the Fishtown and Belmont archetypes given by Charles Murray in Coming Apart:

Murray describes several differences he sees forming between and causing two emerging classes—the New Upper Class and the New Lower class—among which are differences in or lack thereof in regards to religiosity, work ethic, industriousness, family, etc. Murray goes on to provide evidence that religiosity, work ethic, industriousness, and family etc. have either remained strong or have weakened minimally in the New Upper Class, whereas these same attributes have either weakened substantially or have become almost nonexistent in the New Lower Class.[1] Much of his argument is centered on a notion of self-selective sorting that began in the 1960s and 1970s, when he argues that cognitive ability became the essential predictor of professional and financial success, and people overwhelmingly began marrying others in the same cognitive stratum and living in areas surrounded largely by others in that same stratum, leading to not only an exacerbation of existing economic divides, but an unprecedented sociocultural divide that had not existed before in America.


To give one example of r/k applications, among many:


Cognitive ability and single motherhood are not correlated with political affiliation at a statistically significant level, but they are strongly correlated with political engagement and social class.

If the sun dims and the pendulum does indeed swing toward k-selection, then the data predicts the opposite of a rural volkgeist revolution crushing the urbanite. Quite the opposite. The data predicts that your family legacy depends strongly on your ability to get your kids into nice private schools in an upper-middle-class area where people talk race idealism but live by race realism. Remember, except in the rare case of group-selected uber-altruistic geniuses the individual reproductive merit of higher cognitive ability is to support higher cognitive dissonance for the purpose of gaslighting your in-group competition.


This brings me to the second reason I don’t like what I’m predicting here. If, in fact, the West can rediscover its libido and survive the reckoning of perhaps four hundred years of apostasy, and it does so without repentance…that is the worst possible outcome. Because that will have convinced us that we don’t need God. Even worse than the worst is if we cynically construct a religion worshiping a metaphysical avatar of biomechanics and this religion works, at least for a little while…because the Lord almighty does not look kindly on nations who construct and worship idols made in their own image.

And so, the only possible good outcome for us, as I’ve been saying for years, is for the rich to invest themselves in the interest of the poor and persist “in cognitive and social niche construction”. This is the burden of leaders and prophets. This is the sacrifice of people who put down roots in their communities and say “here I stand”, fighting on behalf of 90-IQ white neighbors and 120-IQ midwits they can’t even communicate with because the gap is too large.

And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.

1 Cor 13:13

Or, like Jonah and so many other rootless cosmopolitans before you, you could go nation shopping and let the West fend for itself. The first step is to stop running.

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4 Responses to The true meaning of group selection

  1. SirHamster says:

    Or, like Jonah and so many other rootless cosmopolitans before you, you could go nation shopping and let the West fend for itself. The first step is to stop running.

    Deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow Jesus.

    Make peace that you will not survive this, and go forth in glorious battle.

  2. Aeoli Pera says:

    >Make peace that you will not survive this, and go forth in glorious battle.

    That’s the key.

  3. bicebicebice says:

    “The first (and more salient) reason is that unlike Anonymous Conservative I understand that k-selected phenotypes and the political right only slightly overlap.”

    the right and the left are the same homos, “look at how much we are getting beat up/shat on by entity x, oy vey surely this show of strength and force this will rally the normies to our side and don’t forget the optics”. They are not what they think they are, as much fun as it is watching americans beat each other on the streets, if you don’t want commies in your country you do what Breivik did.
    What we see is the same sapes battling over which sheep should lead the other sheep irregardless of ideology. Itz just sapery.

    The best gift sape-society can give you is to put you in the freezer, to distance you from them, then you can grow up to be a Techno-Amish saying “Tex did nothing wrong”, while you either shrug or chuckle as God levels City after City, mumbling something barely intellgible about “sapes, not even once”. You have that freedom to do just that.

    A thard on the other hand will try to rally the normies by acting like an abused girlfriend getting smacked around on the daily by her whacked out cracked out subhuman boyfriend. Not once have I seen true strength projected from the so-called rightoids. If that was the case eric clanton would not be alive, instead the enuchs whine about some globohomo court-ruling. Trump ran against absolute potato-people who are not their 200IQ ancestors, yet could not do like Ike did. He is still yapping on about LEGAL immigration, because then it is not colonization apparently. If you idolize and put other men from foreign cultures above your own, not only do you have zero confidence in yourself and your people but you are also a raging homosexual wanting to be dominated i.e literally and figuratively fucked in the ass by strangers. No wonder the west is falling apart, also explains the globohomo rise and soyboys with the testosterone levels of dead men. Fitting that.

    Itz like when woke NS-race realist lay out the whole enchilada about the ubermensch genome then call dna-test a jewish scam where they spice up your result with a dash of nigger, and how it was just bad luck or brainwash, as a defense on how he spent 10 years fucking other men and adopting niggers and singing along to asian cartoons in the shower bankrupting himself on bing bing deluxe edition and giving away whatever was left to e-whores on social media (which he is against, achtkually, because he is WOKE!). Shit can happen you know. Now we suddenly landed in smug territory. the leftoid has one modus operandim the rightoid will go through the entire spectrum of bullshit excuses avaible, say anything to mask the fact that he is a sape too.
    Real shocker that a socialist is a sape I know.

    “Engineering problem #1: what about the roads?”
    I’m sorry, but not sad, I just want to see these people burn in the hell of their own making that they worked so hard for to share with others who never wanted any part of it. to paraphrase ” I’m sorry, but I simply can’t find the energy to pretend to be either surprised or outraged any longer”

    Neanderthal society stopped when the sapient interaction started, the Melon society was a desperate measure to keep the cattle in their pens, and in modern times we have Mars as the escape fantasy (turning it green and starting over) and /or the other “start things over on Earth”… just don’t be one the receving end of this and you’re winner.

    Real People don’t want to rent others support any more because it just isn’t real.”Oh I like that building in Chiraq and that random ooga booga is so based daddy can we please keep them?!?”. There 4 rabbits on my lawn right now, i don’t want 1000 of them, cute is subjective but irregardless i am not deluded enough to think that i share friendship nor kinship to these critters, having notice many rightards ovalating over the fact that some sape mimcked a shibboleth or the grifter selling ratmeat&coke for 20dollars smiled at him. Itz the same fucking faggotry.

    The West was only great when Westerners did everything themselves. Stealing autistic germans to go to the moon is a dick move but okay because it happened as envisioned, importing 500 million ooga boogas to white land is not okay. Not once in my life did i ever buy le bigmac of mcdonalds, from a cashier in full Cowboy regalia straight from Texas.

    “I’m just going to kill myself and leave a lasting impression of mankinds evilry, this way they will remember what they did to me and sure be shamed into bettering their ways”. Emo-faggotry is a 2000 year old tradition at this point, le woe is me. A penchant for the melodramatic, surely rooted in and of the white man erupting in the fallout of the industrial society, surely can’t be seen as “how did this happen stop with your defeatism!!1111”.

    “why does my daughter keep getting raped when there are sapes around”
    “why does my son keep getting killed when there are ooga boogas around”
    “why doesn’t the news matchup with the reality around me, the nice man with the long nose must have been mistaken yet again but surely tomorrow he will come around and get it right mistake can happen too anyone”
    “why is the system i built suddenly not in my favor after affirmative action hiring of women, non-whites and former insane asylum patitents and convicts”

    The high road? The middle road? Any road? One whipes the ass of the retarded so much so one day whitey dreams of having foreign men come and relieve his burden and wipe his ass too.

    0/10 fake and gay.

    Come home White Man

  4. Ø says:

    >survive perhaps 400 years of apostasy


    More like 60-70 for great majority in America

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