Calls for unity (and against purity spiraling) as k-selection

It’s interesting that we’re seeing the same sort of rhetoric on both right and left calling for loyalty between tenuous allies to pursue shared interests.

H/T Vox:

The possible outcomes this November come down to this: Trump contained, or Trump triumphant.

Democrats, I suspect, will make a victory harder than it should be. A significant number seem to view Trump’s vulnerability as an opportunity to ideologically purify their party. They are actively undermining the job of containing the president by alienating centrist voters they need to turn the House.

Nate Silver
The only way to save the GOP is to defeat it in the House

Yes Nate, punish the defectors! Let the hate flow through you…

This is a sign that group selection factors are beginning to dominate in the political sphere. Liberals have more practice circling the wagons and navigating sociopathic relationships of mutual convenience, as mentioned yesterday, but I suspect the conservative tendency to naive idealism will become an overwhelming advantage in coming years as divisions widen. Idealistic fixations may be pathological for individual competition (and arguably for high-level group selection, say on the continental level) but when there’s a clear “us vs. them” dynamic then it can inspire very low defection rates in societal dilemmas.

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5 Responses to Calls for unity (and against purity spiraling) as k-selection

  1. bicebicebice says:

    “This will be a relatively high-falutin’ way of describing a simple thing, so please bear with me: If we conceive of each person’s economic value as partially dependent on the Metcalfe valuation of their personal and professional networks, and if we expect this to become a stronger factor as specialization and population size increase, then social competitors will also be more and more inclined to pursue their political ends by destroying the networks of their targets. A modern person who is 100% cut off from economic activity is poorer than a caveman because a caveman can at least build a shelter without having it torn down by cops- his economic value is therefore effectively zero or negative.”

    Is this what you had in mind?
    Another thing that makes the dems act this way is that they are copying the alt-right more than the republicucks are/orevenatall (who hate trump and are sort of democrats for Bankid reasons (promote niggers in public pools to sell one bazillion private pools etc house always wins)).

    They see the infighting and muh drumphie “on both sides” and decides to clean house. But is it a ruse or real..?

    If one looks at the average leftoid it is no wonder why socialist leaders throughout history gassed their own, the ideal communist mensch was not a faggot and pride parades did not exist on the red square in moscow. Rightoids on the other hand are limited by thinking so hard about superman they forget to hit the gym and fuels the idealistic thought with even more brawndo, however they are more fit thanks to working physical jobs and having hobbies which is why leftoids usually end up clobbered in the street clashes (where they larp in full “K-gear” which don’t do much if you weigh 50 kilos).

    But again I must say they are the same, we see it most clarly when it comes to the topic of lip service, be “reformed” heil-hitlerian and say you love niggers now and you will be seen as the next coming of lenin, that is how it works in sweden.
    Be “reformed” communist, and you are welcome to speak at the actual heil-hitlerian meetings and rank up, that is how it works in sweden.

    Two paper tigers fighting each other. Unironically this is why you NEVER back down on anything you said, it is basically giving in to toddlers and by god they can not hurt you in the physical world god damnit., not even going to mention the attention span people have these days. No, they wont run your “nigger”-slip story forever, this is narcissism. The west is not isis-land where revolutionaries run around with rifles and force people to swear on a book.

    This is why it is kind of sad and pathetic to see people apologize, and don’t get me started on the magical dox, our times pox if one would believe the functioning-schitzoids. The reason these people get fired is they all work in the same fucking building and someone was gunning for the job, “politics” just made it easy and convenient. 30% of the constructionworkers/masons in sweden support the hitler party, not a single one of them gets fired because LEFTOIDS DONT WORK IN CONSTRUCTION. This is why if you excuse me i don’t shed one single tear nor give more credence to the dox-pox when Lippy “I love hiterl and memes and workout” Mcfaggot gets kicked from his media job in the big city because a leftoid stabbed him, Lippy is sad now and wants to be this weeks flash in the pain and don’t forget to donate to this Gofundme and ONLY with Lippys help can we “expose” the dems, rally the normies and win at winning.

    Nam saying?

  2. Ø says:

    >When you go on Aeoli’s webpage and you’re supposed to be talking about group selection factors but you’re so woke you just have to drop another truth bomb that links to other stuff that Aeoli has talked about in the past (thank you Koanic for posting this on his Gab)

    “This Gnostic religion is something I’ve called the Babylonian Mystery Cult in times past – and yes, it goes back that far.”

  3. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    At this point, I see the midterms getting extremely ugly, uglier than 2016. SJWs may make a lot of noise, they don’t have much real power. While the momentum usually goes against the President, these rabid people will encourage a lot of people to vote opposite to them. As for Canada, I see the General Election of 2019 going against the Liberal Party to the same degree that occurred in the recent election in Ontario. The Liberals lost so bad, they are under the minimum to constitute a Party. England is anyone’s guess.

  4. bicebicebice says:

    Ø says:
    August 17, 2018 at 7:56 pm

    big if true. i hpoe everyone saw that satan statue in america. goes nicely with that satanic celebration of that thing in switzerland. but then again, the 1% hardcore satanist suffer from the same thing any organizaiton does, 99% larpers shitting it up. It all boils down to actual control/organization vs the bunga-bunga people that just want to act like sapes.

    Not an excuse nor an endorsment or a whatyoucallitwhenyouslatesomethingoverwithacherryontop, just facts.

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