Right vs. left, strengths and weaknesses

The Left’s saving grace, if any, is wisdom. They are degenerate, resentful, and impulsive, but smart.

The Right is fractious, complacent, and gullible. Its saving grace, if any, is fidelity.

Know yourself, know your enemy. See also:

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To read my political theory, see here.

To read how these personality dynamics inform the Pyrrhic Cycle, see here.

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2 Responses to Right vs. left, strengths and weaknesses

  1. Trigger alert: Anti-universalism view.

    If the Right would only define itself independently, it would not be t the right. It would be self-centered and in the context of humanity it would rise to the top, as in high culture. But that’s not in the needy Right’s heart (Eph. 6:5-9) to be that. Not any more than independent identity is in the heart of the Left (parasites). However, the self-made political elite above this Hegelian fray think of themselves as autonomous alright (Agenda 21 or at least a destructive agenda of total control is extermination). Could it be that betrayal of one’s enemy is good? Oh, no!

    Did I or anyone not the Left ask for this gas lighting game where openness with truth is guaranteed abuse, misery, and failure? DId I ask to share power with base vermin that can only extract value from others? So then what is betray of the base Left? of human toxicity? It that even a thing?

    Without social standing in one’s mind, betrayal of a thing is really respect for oneself and cleanup of one’s dehumanized and dehumanizing social environment. Emotional attachment to universal social standing/value/morality prevents adequate discrimination and selection of behavior and the underlying basis (genes). There is not a trust problem in the West. The trust discernment is not too low. It may be too high but ot too low. Sincerity is the ‘problem’, or solution, but the intents are what they are, and there is no ‘uncertainty’. There is a lack of cooperative sincerity and in fact capacity to support post-Industrial civilization. Definitive deviation from fidelity is not uncertainly any more than the intent of the Devil is uncertainty in the markets, public perception, a man’s heart.

    tl;dr What’s this we shit.

  2. Fom says:

    It’s more of a Winning Team / Losing team thing I think.
    The same kind of person supports X and X-ists when the evidence they gather from the (cultural, social) environment suggests or assures them X and X-ism are what is winning (what who is winning espouses).
    Turn the situation about, and the same person is a zealous anti-X-ists and loathes, most sincerely (that’s the beauty of it, isn’t it) X.

    They want to win and feel powerful, by association if in no other wise.
    The rest is billions (of printed, now typed-in, words) dozens (of smear-tags and virtue-tags), a lot of noise, fury, vanity, and non-stop rationalizations (mostly borrowed).

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