Generation Clocktower goes silent (for once)

Vox is doing good work by repeating himself over and over on this point:

The entire USA is gradually going the way of those ruined cities and towns. Western civilization is in full retreat; there is literally nowhere it is expanding. While the Alt-Right is inevitable, the survival of white America as a distinct identity group is not. There will absolutely be a collection of sovereign and rival ethnostates in the territory that was once the USA, there is no longer any question about that. The only question is if there will be any white, or American, ethnostates among them, or if white Americans will go the way of many an American Indian tribe before them, eliminated through genetic adulteration and failure to sufficiently reproduce.

The long retreat

Typically this sort of post would precipitate a discussion about how one lone gunslinger with a high-powered rifle and an angle grinder could finish what Charles Whitman started. But I noted there was exactly one LARP in the first comment, which was quickly shot down, and the usual suspects were conspicuously absent from the thread. That’s a serious culture shift in a very short time enforced by clear, repetitive communication from an authority figure. You can’t solve massive societal problems when everyone around you is convinced the cycle of history will solve them automatically if we all just sit back in our armchairs, crack a beer, and lol. So there might still be a tiny glimmer of hope for this prepubescent nation.

It would be better if the Boomers all got cancer but it’s enough if they can be repressed.

Unfortunately, the cosmopolitan’s curse predicts that Vox will fuck this up by openly displaying his contempt for American whites, and tell them all to kill themselves. This is how he treated the white South Africans recently and, for all that they will probably benefit from a spanking, you can’t build white refugias out of contempt. Keeping the example of the Visigoths in mind as a cautionary tale, the correct white nationalist response is to throw them a life preserver (provided they aren’t going to drown us in the meantime). Then, stick them in an apartment well across town for a while to see if, like a recovering alcoholic brother, they can grow up and learn from their mistakes. (All forms of eustress require a refractory period, ego death especially.) You don’t do this because they deserve it, or because it’s entirely safe, or because you expect a return on investment, you do it because they’re extended family.

If it were me, I’d resettle them in Arizona. They don’t have any historical baggage about Hispanics and they still need to learn how boundaries work.

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8 Responses to Generation Clocktower goes silent (for once)

  1. Mycroft Jones says:

    Scripture distinguishes between kindred nations, who can gain citizenship after 3 generations, and alien nations, who won’t be citizens even after 10 generations. After looking into the origins of the USA and the British Peoples, I can say that the Boers are a kindred nation. In times ahead, Americans will be fleeing TO them, because it will be much worse here.

    How are the Boers a kindred nation? We are all the offspring of Doggerland, genetically close. Norway, Denmark, Western Germany (Saxony), Holland, Frisia, Normandy, Brittany… these are all proper (and historic) members of the British group of nations. The Angles, Saxons and Jutes were Danes. The Frisians and Dutch often crossed the channel, for 300 years Frisia was underwater so they lived in England.

    Bavarians are not kindred. Most Spaniards, excepting the remnant of the Visigoths, are not kindred.

    Julias Caesar labelled the British people the “Belgae”. Common language, common genetics. Yes, they are distinct nations. Even brothers must live in separate houses, and have separate wives and families. But they are still brothers, closer to each other than cousins, definitely closer to each other than aliens.

    HBDChick and Jayman have a lot of good information about the European peoples.

  2. Arakawa says:

    In a divine irony, SA transplant Theo de Raadt subsequently came up in discussions on Vox Popoli as the last wingnut standing with an operating system kernel.

    • Aeoli Pera says:

      He’s not wrong to criticize them as cucks because they are…the mistake is in his conclusion because his Christianity lacks the principle of charity. And since he also has very little in the way of in-group (because he’s a genetic outlier, and a couple of physiognomic reasons), he has no natural feelings of goodwill either.

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  4. MM says:

    >Unfortunately, the cosmopolitan’s curse predicts that Vox will fuck this up by openly displaying his contempt for American whites, and tell them all to kill themselves.

    very good prediction in hindsight

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