Don’t trust the recent taint length study

There’s a study I’m seeing pop up in various right-wing places about how taint length correlates with testosterone and sperm count. For reference, here it is at le chateau.

Look…biology is weird, and for all I know this study is correct, but if your first impression is not “this is a psyop to discredit via disinfo and humiliation”, then you don’t understand your enemy. How hard is it to imagine a couple of coasties and roasties in a conference room laughing about how they’re going to manipulate your machismo into bragging about the size of your taint? I’m a highly credible professional physiognomist in a white jacket—I show people my credentials and they’re like, “we can’t believe these credentials, they’re so great, it’s incredible”— and a son of Esau who carries the spirit of Enkudu with a moral compass that always points troo North. And speaking as such an impeccable authority, I’m telling you…just wait a minute on this one.

Like global warming, it could well be true in a local or real sense. It’s the sort of thing that’s plausible in physiognomy and, honestly, my intuition is saying it’s legit. So prima facie it’s more likely true than not. But like global warming, there is another, very plausible explanation for where this push is coming from. So just hold off before you go bragging about how K-selected Republicans have giant taints, the real story will become clear over time.

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2 Responses to Don’t trust the recent taint length study

  1. I’ve always hated the song “Tainted Love,” but now I’m gonna laugh whenever I hear it.

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